Our next T.O.T. meeting will be the 26th of May 2021 @ 7:00pm live (where TBD). (on going tally for the year(s) is shown below). Periodically throughout the next month I’m going to post questions that will initiate our monthly discussion. Please respond to the post.

Discussion #35

In the news/media it’s been documented there is an issue between colored/foreign immigrant and the U.S. police department.  So here’s the discussion; Biblically speaking (referencing the Bible), how do you interpret the use of extreme/deadly force against alleged suspects? 

Time has changed to the 26th of May.  Location TBD

We only had 5 people join our T.O.T./TOZ meeting for the month of April.   Our next discussion will be on Zoom, the 26th of May.  Our topic:  Shown below: