Julian of Norwich

  1.  Vision

Crowning with thorn

Contemplate Gods love

  • Know God
    • Know ourselves
    • Humbly know what we ourselves are with our sins and weakness

We suffer from:

  • Fear/despair
    • impatience

life, love, and kindness

have the oneness of all.  Devine love, Gods love is in all creation

Julian had no formal education

Was Julian cured by her faith in Jesus? (be with Jesus in his suffering

She wants the reader of her document to be focused on God.  God is very generous


  • Sloth
  • Despair

There is no anger in God/or evil (p.33)  only goodness from God

  1.  Images of God

Thing will last forever because God made it!

God will show himself to you while showing you the light.

God is close to use in our everyday routine

Universe last because God likes it!

We had nothing to do with creation of Jesus

  1.  Our relationship with God

We look for satisfaction

God wishes to be known

God loves us… he is so curious

In his goodness he tries to help us

Take please and joy in God curiosity.

God thanks us for our suffering as we are young

God shows us everything that we need to know

Failure of love leads to suffering

Sinners deserve blame and anger

We need to pray for everlasting joy!

Our Lord is never angry 

We are protected by grace

We need to understand his everlasting mercy

I love you and you love me says the Lord


Longing:  to know God,  and to fill us with bliss

& pity:  Through failure and mercy

We need to recognize sin. 

Touch the Lord and become clean

God protects us with his courtesy.

There is no anger in God

Without love we cannot live

We rest because God rested.

Resting in God makes us human

Devine love is a mystery

Knowing God is a test to your own soul

There is no anger in God

The Holy Ghost thrives us

Famine and plague is fear from God full of wrath

Walk in a way of faith and hope….be a friend with God

We need to recognize what sin really is…ask God for guidance

Don’t judge yourself to harshly

God is united with us

Julian received visions

Gods love is beyond our own understanding

IV Christs Passion

Christ wanted us to know of his pain

Jesus was Julian’s heaven, he is still suffering with us

Would Jesus suffer more?   I don’t think so…. explain!

Christian’s are  feeling love for other Christians

When we are at peace and love we are totally safe

She thinks that jesus is not suffering again!

All matter is stuck to love

Is God present in all our suffers?

God gives for Joy!

  •  The Trinity

God is God

All by mercy & grace

It’s all about love! 😊

For Father, Son, and H.S.

Human nature is divine???

God has pleasure in human kind

          VI  The Question of Sin

Julian has not seen sin?

God reminded me that I would sin.

As humans we don’t see God

The smallest things shall not be forgotten

Sin keeps us away from God

Sin is suitable….it is necessary

Death and violence will not be

Evil is a vacuum

Sin brings us closer to God

Not trusting in God can make us miserable

Healing comes from God

All will be made well

The end will show Gods Love

          VII Prayer and Faith

Is God hearing our prayers

By the holy ghost

Stored like in a huge DB

God, give me yourself

Because we are weary, we think God is not hearing it

Pray earnestly even if it is means nothing to you

Giving thanks is what the Lord wants

God wants us to have great knowledge

God opens our eyes of understanding

Our faith comes from the natural love of our soul

God loves everything he has made

Prayer is a relationship with God

Pray for a better relationship with God

Your ways are not my ways

Julian felt kindness from the Lord

Faith is the gift of the Holy Ghost by Gods love and mercy

We are all saves saved together

God uses evil to make good through his Mercy!

VIII The Soul

The soul is united when it finds inner peace

Man’s soul is a living creature

God dwells in your soul

God is nearer to us than our soul

The soul is created to see God

The Soul holds divine love

Eternal life lives on with love and kind

There is no anger in God

Our soul is related to Gods generosity

Seeing anger in God is a lack of vision

Love of God knows no end

Created from the earth means an attachment to God

Does our soul abide in God?

          IX Parable of the Lord and the Servant

God does not blame us for our sins

The Father is not a man!

The servant was a gardener…. serving the Lord

The lord is waiting for the servant to serve him.  “brought into his presence”.

Servant is the gardener – relationship with the earth

Christ rejoices for he is the Savior

Sin is from man’s and women’s ignorance

God is not of wrath…he is of love😉

The Soul is like a royal city

          X  The Motherhood of God

“It is I” says the lord   (our true mother)

Jesus feeds us with himself

Jesus is our earthly mother

Mary is the Spiritual mother

God is love

We need to be like a child…wonder and Joy

          XI All Shall Be Well

God wants us to receive heavenly joy

God always shows love….his meaning

This book is for great theology…through Jesus Christ

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