Theology On Tap

“Framework” Rules of “TOT”

  • The subject for the month will be posted on this site
  • Each person will have an opportunity to speak (max. of 2 min) After each person speaks discussion of that particular subject will be addressed
  • T.O.T. will conclude in about 1 hour. That’s 1 hour of solid discussion.
  • People can stay and continue talk/eating/drinking/etc. after TOT closes.
  • Before we leave the Tap, next months topic will be determined by a majority vote of people present. So bring some “talking points”.

The T.O.T. people approved almost 100%, but one person had an issue of only being able to only talk 2 min.  It was quickly decided that we would amend this rule in certain situations.

DSC04562Question #1 for Jan

  • Is there a God? and why do you think so?

our discussion confirmed that their must be a God, and it’s a God of LOVE.  Total in attendance was 11.



Question #2 for Feb. 27

  • How is Jesus God?

Please come and let’s discuss some questions that I myself have.  A couple talking points for our TOT talk:

  1. why did God created Jesus???? (or did he?)
  2. In the Old Testament….the Messiah was called out  (how doe this relate to the 1st talking point?)
  3. Question, (this is speculation) God knows all.  God sent to flood to eliminate evil, since he promised never to do that again to “wash away” sin, is this how Jesus got his start?
  4. Is the how God is inviting himself to us by positioning himself as a human being (Jesus Christ?)

I think these 4 points are important to have a good understanding to spread the GOOD NEWS.

how is Jesus /god?
T.O.T. at the Olympic

(2 Newbies)

From the Tap;

  1. God created Jesus to take away the sins of the world.  To forgive our sins.
  2. God is with us.  Even though we don’t see Jesus, we pray to Jesus as our Savior.  Jesus is with us every tid me.
  3. The Old Testament is filled with us failing and the New Testament fills us with hope in the fact of Christ.
  4. Jesus is “God with skin on”.
  5. God came to earth as Jesus because God was lonely and wanted the full experience – to be born, hurt, love, feel, stand up for injustice and give himself fully.
  6. God is the greatest.  Jesus came  down to help the world….an change it too.
  7. Jesus, God, & the Holy Spirit are 3 persons in one being.


Question #3 for March 27th

  • facts of the Holy Spirit


12 Attendees  (4 newbies)

From the Tap;

  • The Holy Spirit being with us at all times.  All around us in prayer, in our lonliness, and in our happiness.
  • The Holy Spirit is not always “my friend” as I might like.  S/He often pushes me past where I want to be.
  • The Spirit prods me toward giving/doing more than UI always want to do.
  • The Holy Spirit comes through action; becons of hope for those who feel all is lost.  Emma Gonzales gives a voice to students who live in fear every day.   She is seen as pure goodness, that is working through empowering other to make change.
  • I am a Gentile
  • The spirit fies through me, raising the hair on my arms