Beyond Maintenance to Mission (Chapter 1)

9.9.19 chapter 1
A Theology of the Congregation
starts out talking about theology & budget/economics
This chapter starts setting the theology of the congregation
Times were different in the early church (1-2 centuries)
had 3 concerns;
1. kerygma: refers to the gospel & to worship. Lead the holy life, create a Christlike lifestyle in the community
2. koinonia is Gods imitative to establish a community with humankind by the power of the holy spirit. This is to create a sense of fellowship (table of friendship). Christians love one another. Now came the Gentiles. Did they have a accept elements of Jewish Law?. Conflict solved by co nfussion of faith and baptism. WHAT ABOUT PEOPLE WHO DON’T FOLLOW JESUS? dO WE ASK FOR FORGIVNESS?
3. diakonia is pledged for service and for healing, reconciling and feeding. Also big on collection and distribution

Most churches use all three

Christians have a pattern of selfless service

in the earlier years, Roman empire (4th century), the Chrisrtqin community and citizenship status started to diminish

Christ wanted disciples of all nations. To do this two (2) tasks are needed:
1. formation of Christian identity
faithfulness to the mission of the gospel
2. Mission is the second task

without mission, are we a social club? (comfort and security with members)
worship is the most important things congregations do.
Congregations must follow: (for identity formation)
1. prayer life
2. Teaching ministry
3. Life in community
4. Stewardship
For mission
1. evangelizing
2. making global connections
3. Building ecumenical partnership
4. engagement of social mission
Each congregation applies these components differently

Need to be “grounded” to the living God.

Above all; the starting point is the worship life


each component exists with a relationship to the other????
talk of “entertains evangelism”
this book strives on the historic liturgy!
this liturgy goes back to the /bible
the book says 4 bible passages needs to be read each Sunday
We need to inform the congregation what God is doing through us as we worship
“what is happening to us when we worship?”

Discussion Questions (talking points)

1. God is working in our church: (3 items)
adapt a plot
meeting area for the community
Beccas closet
2. we have gospel readings every Sunday
we support the community group
prayer chains
3. Our church need to be more pro-active and start doing “stuff”
4. In worship it doesn’t seem apparent if it’s us or God who gets focused on?
5. Other churches uses an alternative style to attack more people.