Just got done with a coffee discussion on zoom, and it was decided to try to do a Theology on Tap using the zoom platform.  Pastor has the “key” for the account, so shortly the link for our discussion will magically appear.  Topic:  Shifting priorities where people are less religious in general, or they identify themselves as “spiritual but not religious”.  Thus, going to church is unnecessary.  People are weary of “the Church” in general.   So……what’s up with this?


As the host for Theology on Tap meeting at the Olympic the last Tuesday of every month, I would like to suspend our monthly fellowship, thus limiting “our social interaction” until this pandemic is more under control.  Any changes will be posted on this site and/or shared with the church office.  So, no March meeting!   Will keep the same topic for April.


Movie Viewing Club


While attempting to keep our social interaction low, the movie club will not meet in March.  Any changes will be posted or given to the church office


I. SITUATION: It does not appear that the Lutheran Church of the Good Shephard is using “our” property to best share the Good News with others. We own a big building that is only used every Sunday morning. RALM uses the church for a storage and distribution facility (with volunteers) for prom and homecoming dresses. This is all good new stuff. We need to consider all the talents and blessings our church members have and give them the opportunity to share their own blessing. We need people at the LCGS more often. Build the environment…. people might come!
II. MISSION: Our unofficial December Theology on Tap decided that we are going to start a movie “club” that is first going to meet the 25th of January 2020 @ 2:00 (maybe the last Saturday on the month).