Theology on Tap has been changed to the 4th of Dec. @ 7:00 CST at the Olympic Tavern because of scheduling “issues”

  • As the Spiritual Growth Guy, this Spirit thing seems very interesting. So on the 4th Tuesday in November (at the Olympic Tavern) we are going the SHARE and discuss “how you personally started to follow Jesus”.
  • Hints for discussion:
    • family upbringing
    • feeling “empty”
    • thinking “what’s next”
    • inspirational Jesus story
    • creation Vs. evolution
    • statistical possibilities
    • being along for the ride (why not!)
    • looking for answers
    • how did I get here
    • what’s next?
    • Am I going to burn in H*** for eternity (fear factor….how hot is it going to be?)
    • etc (just some 5 min. tips that the scriber thought of as he edited the web site).
  • Another question, “what” has brought you to LCGS?

Starting in February 2018-January 2019 Reading the Bible in One Year


Using the spreadsheet Pastor handed out earlier this spring, the Scriber has finished 79% of reading the Bible (on 12th of November).   If you haven’t started yet, pick a date and move forward from there.  OR, you can read my synopsis for the reading of the day (Would recommend reading the scriptures yourself).  This format is going to provide a good foundation (once I finish) for my Spiritual Growth, with the intent to stimulate others and to investigate the GOOD NEWS to share!