Our next T.O.T. meeting will be the 29th of October @ 7:00pm at the Olympic Tavern (on going tally for the year)

We had 5 people attend our T.O.T. meeting the 24th of September. Please come out to the tavern (10/29) and discuss “what would you like to see get started at the LCGS” (example could be a prayer “chain” or “group” focusing on prayer). Please post your response on this site (it would be nice if author would include “building blocks” to how this could happen!


This post is for the “surfer” of this site to proclaim anything, anything at all, that you are thankful for.  Note: If and only if you attend to comment, the text box is at the very bottom of the page.  So, double click blessing, page down to the end (or strike Ctrl End).