How does (could be Jesus) feeding the people with bread and water have any reference to “Spiritual Growth?” Theology On Tap 25 September (7:00pm) @ the Olympic Tavern (share bible references)

For discussion:

1. Do you think that this hurricane in the Carolinas was water from God? A natural disaster, is God telling us something?
2. From the forum Sunday, it was shared that the water could represent chaos. What do we all think?
3. Most of your body is water…. how does the “spring of living water” fit in?
4. What do you think about the bread…is it the bread of life?

Starting in February 2018-January 2019 Reading the Bible in One Year

Using the spreadsheet Pastor handed out earlier this spring, the Scriber has finished 64% of reading the Bible (on 16th of September).   If you haven’t started yet, pick a date and move forward from there.  OR, you can read my synopsis for the reading of the day (Would recommend reading the scriptures yourself).  This format is going to provide a good foundation (once I finish) for my Spiritual Growth, with the intent to stimulate others and to investigate the GOOD NEWS to share!