The next Theology on Tap will meet at the Olympic Tavern @ 7:00pm C.S.T. on the 22nd of January 2019

We decided to discuss the theology involved in the “caravan” situation developing in Central America.  Some thoughts: (hints for discussion)

  • what does the bible say about helping other people?
  • why was this caravan formed?
  • what’s the expectation if you are on this caravan?
  • why do these Central American people want to come to the U.S.?  What do they want?
  • what about U.S. security?
  • Does a passport  mean anything?
  • Are these people inspired by law and order?
  • How is the asylum process proceeding for immigrants?
  • Is it OK for the caravan people to be assaulted by their own government?
  • what is the TRUE profile of all caravan riders?
  • what about do onto others as you would have done to you,  what gives?
  • Does being a Patriot out way the bible?
  • So, are we “profiling” the people in this caravan?   Is that right?
  • (more ideas/possible reasons (thoughts might be added)
  • Note for comments:  Please stay away from/or reference any current political “talking points”.  Lets theologize in reference to the “Black Book”.  The Scriber will not post any data that does not have a good (scribers view) reference of a common sample size of the issue being discussed (no cherry picking).  Please use some numbers, remember “the scriber likes numbers”!  Can document ANY verse from the Bible.

Starting in February 2018-January 2019 Reading the Bible in One Year


Using the spreadsheet Pastor handed out earlier this spring, the Scriber has finished 88% of reading the Bible (on the 6th of December).   If you haven’t started yet, pick a date and move forward from there.  OR, you can read my synopsis for the reading of the day (Would recommend reading the scriptures yourself).  This format is going to provide a good foundation (once I finish) for my Spiritual Growth, with the intent to stimulate others and to investigate the GOOD NEWS to share!