The God Who Sees by Karen Gonzalez

Interesting book, it was written by an activist, who earlier did not know of the book of Ruth.  I have  few bullet comments.  Wasn’t it written about wisdom Vs. folly?

  • Why is the author working with text to say how bad Abraham did as a immigrant
  • Why do immigrants want to come to the US
  • Talk about the policy of ICE
  • Working on public benefits (assistants)
  • The author did not know what Sarah was thinking
  • Does communion help you find peace?
  • People left because things were not the best for them
  • There was rules for illegal immigration
  • How do laws equal Francisco and Sara equal?
  • War in Guatemala was funded by the US.
  • Not standing for the pledge of allegiance
  • Down against Ronald Reagan

Hagar Chapter 5

  • Talking about being a slave or servant
  • Talk about the God of vision
  • God cared for Hagar
  • She was a foreign thing
  • Treated as a resource not human being
  • You need certification to nursing, carroing etc>
  • All work has meaning
  • Are immigrants is God’s image-bears
  • Were  immigrants a burden?
  • WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? The author asks
  • Need relationships with immigrants
  • God loves the Hagars of the world

Confirmation Chapter 6

  • Want’s to be un-noticed (p. 73)
  • The importance of a Abuelita for church teaching
  • Immirant know no sabbath P.78
  • What’s wrong with picking up garbage?  Is this status?
  • Immigrants room was for sleeping only.
  • Seeing drug deals out of house window
  • Needs are to belong into the community  NEED TO BELONG P.81

Chapter 7  Joseph

  • He was the favorite son
  • Then talking about “immigrants”
  • Joseph was sold as a slave
  • He was handsome…thus he was a foreigner (left his garment)
  • He does not receive do process
  • God suffering is like a foreigners ??????? P86-7
  • They want/need legal discourse
  • Family beaten by thugs make immigrants target of crimes.
  • Talk of the U visa
  • Joseph saves Egypt
  • Joseph guides the Pharaoh
  • Fears have made US not welcoming immigrants
  • Prayer, study, and meditation brings us closer to God P. 92
  • Immigrant with documental access P. 92
  • We need friendship with immigrants

Chapter 8 Anointing the Sick

  • Corner stone is family sponsorship.
  • Authors family had green cards
  • Wanted to plant their own garden
  • Cancer, “the lump”, was put aside
  • We need to “keep the faith”
  • We also need to trust in God

Chapter 9 The Syrophoenician Woman

  • Do what is right, who determine what is right
  • Here’s about Jesus in Mark 7:27) wants Jesus to heal desperate woman
  • Jesus thinks the children is the most important
  • Is this woman unclean who is also a woman?
  • Wanted to be claimed as being an asylum seeker
  • Talking about gangs in the home countries poor
  • MS-13 was formed in LA children of Central America
  • Gang threatened a person’s parents
  • This woman was rapped and was pregnant
  • Violence from Guatemala with her parents
  • Do Christian need to welcome immigrants?
  • Immigrants are good for the local economy

Chapter 10 Reconciliation

  • Sinners reconcile
  • Need for Spanish translations (1st and 2nd type (year) of immigrants)
  • Reality vs. American values
  • What does belonging mean to Americas and Guatemalan’
  • Talk of individualism and serve family
  • Could not reconcile with abulia and God
  • The author became reconciled with  God

Chapter 11

  • Borders took place between 1618 and 1648
  • This caused about a quarter of the people to die???
  • Talk of territorial sovereignty
  • Do borders create violence?
  • How does God look at borders?
  • Think of wisdom vs. folly!!
  • What is hope…REALLY?
  • It’s all about opportunities for immigrants
  • No borders in Gods life.  Remember wisdom Vs. folly
  • Why can’t immigrants stay home

Ideas for Action and Reflection

  • Build a community
  • Immigrants are everywhere
  • It’ all about immigrants
  • Will you stand up for God’s rule?
  • Language differences
  • Immigrant legal services
  • Or look at world relief

On page 148 resources are listed for info on immigration

Don’t like the talk on p.157 that gang problems started in the US (show an example)

Bottom Line:  What’s in it for me?  Wisdom vs. folly  Notes at end of book