The LCGS Assigned “plots” around the Property

A garden plot:
first meeting was 5/1/19

I just wants to establish a record that:

• We have met (5/1)
• Discussed gardening possibilities (5/1)
• Surveyed gardening spot on churches lot (5/1)
• Marked garden spot (5/7)
• JULIE will inspect (5/8-5/?)
• Will see(???) if we can till & compost (funded by a memorial)
• Next meeting (5/?)
• Report will be submitted for gardening notes for June Rod-n-Staff (5/?)

At this time, no raised beds on the churches property
We are going to focus on the LCGS “new” garden, not gardening at Mercy health.

5/5 first issue:

picture of where the garden will be built


next, we did not think the yard was going to be cut, so our markings for the garden got removed. So next, we need to contact JULIE.

Second issue:

some vandalism on the tulips (more info is needed)….What does God think about hurting his plants???

Additional Church assigned plots to members: