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We decided to discuss the theology involved in the “caravan” situation developing in Central America.  Some thoughts: (hints for discussion)

  • what does the bible say about helping other people?
  • why was this caravan formed?
  • what’s the expectation if you are on this caravan?
  • why do these Central American people want to come to the U.S.?  What do they want?
  • what about U.S. security?
  • Does a passport  mean anything?
  • Are these people inspired by law and order?
  • How is the asylum process proceeding for immigrants?
  • Is it OK for the caravan people to be assaulted by their own government?
  • what is the TRUE profile of all caravan riders?
  • what about do onto others as you would have done to you,  what gives?
  • Does being a Patriot out way the bible?
  • So, are we “profiling” the people in this caravan?   Is that right?
  • (more ideas/possible reasons (thoughts might be added)
  • Learned that Father Abraham was also a alien in Cannon
  • Note for comments:  Please stay away from/or reference any current political “talking points”.  Lets theologize in reference to the “Black Book”.  The Scriber will not post any data that does not have a good (scribers view) reference of a common sample size of the issue being discussed (no cherry picking).  Please use some numbers, remember “the scriber likes numbers”!  Can document ANY verse from the Bible.


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