Starting in February 2018-January 2019 Reading the Bible in One Year

Using the spreadsheet Pastor handed out earlier this spring, the Scriber has finished 64% of reading the Bible (on 16th of September).   If you haven’t started yet, pick a date and move forward from there.  OR, you can read my synopsis for the reading of the day (Would recommend reading the scriptures yourself).  This format is going to provide a good foundation (once I finish) for my Spiritual Growth, with the intent to stimulate others and to investigate the GOOD NEWS to share!


265 thoughts on “Starting in February 2018-January 2019 Reading the Bible in One Year

  1. 28 September
    Hosea 8-14

    Set the trumpet to your lips, don’t disobey Gods law. No idols should be constructed. The Lord will punish the sins is Israel. Their sacrifices will carry no meaning. Is their spirit mad? Evil came from Gilgal. Israel must bear their guilt. They need to far the Lord, but they don’t…they have their idols. Israel needs to seek the Lord. God was even compassionate towards Israel. The Lord shows bands of love! Israel became under relentless judgement. The people were worshiping idols. He fed the people in the drought. The peas a plea for repentance, return o Israel to the Lord your God. You have stumbled because of you inequity. Assure your forgiveness. Your faithfulness comes from me.

    Lord, what’s the importance of Gilgal?



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