Starting in February 2018-January 2019 Reading the Bible in One Year

If you started the 4th of February you are about 42% done on your reading the Bible journey in one year! (as of 6/28/2018).  That’s where I’m currently at!  Follow me


188 thoughts on “Starting in February 2018-January 2019 Reading the Bible in One Year

  1. 25 June

    Exodus 33-36

    There was a command to leave Sinai. The lord with speak to Moses at the tent of meeting. The Lord promises grace, but says that if you see my face, you will die. Then two tablets of stone were brought up get the 10 commandment written again (after Moses broke the first). More rules were discussed. First born, and rest on third day. The best of the first fruit…Lord wrote on tablets for the covenant. Moses wore a vail except when he talked to the lord. If you work on the seventh day you are going to die. The Lord gave out SKILL to build the sanctuary. Specific design of the curtains for the tabernacle and the tent. God liked blue, purple, and crimson colors & gold and silver.


  2. 26 June

    1 Kings 1-4

    King David could not get warm. The people found a young woman to keep him warm (no sexual activity). Bathsheba (Solomon’s mother) was fooling King David (not Solomon). Celebration for King Solomon, he now sits on Royal Throne. David told Solomon to be strong and follow the Lord, be courageous so you may prosper. David ruled over Israel for 40 years. Solomon started praying for wisdom (thousand burnt offerings). “Give your servant direction”. Keep my statues and I will lengthen your life. The death of the a son. Give me a sword and cut the boy. This showed the judgement of God. Nothing was lacking for Solomon’s rule. He was the wisest!


  3. 27 June

    Psalm 63-65

    Be comfortable in Gods world. The mouth of liars will be no more. Because of their tongue they will be brought to ruin. Praise the earths bounty. You (God) control the mountains, grain, and water.


  4. 28 June

    Proverbs 1

    The proverbs of Solomon: Teach shrewdness to the simple. Has warning against evil companions, do not walk in their way. Love being SIMPLE! The Lord will not answer for those who do not listen in a calamity. Be wise and have the fear of the Lord.



  5. 29 June

    Jeremiah 47-52

    Jeremiah calls for a flood for the Philistines. The Lord is destroying the Philistines. Destruction of Moab. Be like a mild ass in the desert. So if your slack, are you doing the work of the Lord? There are many towns in Moab. Has stopped wine from the wine presses. I have broken Moab like no other says the Lord. Moab magnifies itself against the Lord, till the year of their punishment. Lord talks about punishment of Esau. Edon is going to be bad, no one is to settle there. Damascus is struggling. Much booty to collect. Again the Lord put judgement on Babylon. “My people have been lost sheep”. The shepherds have led them astray. The Lord says he will restore the land for Israel. Babylon has sinned against the Lord. Babylon set a snare for themselves and got caught. The Lord wants to destroy Babylon. Israel is the creators tool. The wall of Babylon has fallen. The time is surely coming. Zedekiah was 21 when he ruled Jerusalem. They had a wall. They took all the goods Solomon had made for God. It was Judean people.


  6. 30 June
    Luke 7-8

    The Centurion declared he is not worth to have Jesus enter his house. Come and heal my slave. Do not trpuble yourself. The slave ended up in good health. John to prepare the way for Jesus. A sinful woman was forgiven and bathed her feet with her tears. “buy the one to whom little is forgiven, loves little”. Mart had seven demons that had gone out. The parable of the sower. The parable is the seed of God, and the devil takes the seed away. Pay attention to what you hear. Jesus was asleep and he calmed a storm. Then he cleaned Legion of his evil spirit. A woman touched Jesus and was healed from her hemorrhages.



  7. 1 July
    Galatians 4-6

    Written by Paul
    W were slaves by under the law. Now because of Jesus resurrection we a children of God. We are children of the promise. Christ has set us free. Circumcision does not mean anything says Paul. Become slaves to one another. Live by the spirit, not by the flesh. He gives the truth of the spirit. Follow the guidance too. Must carry your own load. You reap for what you sow. Circumscison is a means of controlling the flesh



  8. 2 July
    Exodus 37-40

    Making the Ark of the covenant; 2 cubit long and a cubit and a half tall. Made mercy seat and two rings on each side. The covenant was made of acacia wood and pure gold. The alter of incense was also built of acacia wood and pure gold. The alter of burnt offering was also created….made of bronze.. The court of the Tabernacle was also crated (measurements) + the colors. The materials for the arc was discussed. Along with the color a vestments for the priests. The work for the Arc completed (tent of meeting). Finally the tabernacle was erected and all the stuff was installed. Bring in Aaron. The covenant was on the North side of tabernacle (as commanded by Moses). Then the cloud (God) covered the tabernacle


  9. 3 July
    I Kings 5-9

    There was preparation and material for the Temple. Because David could not build a house. Made of cedar and cypress timber. The Lord gave Solomon wisdom. In 480 years after Egypt (release of the Israeli people) the hose was built. The house was 40 cubit lang. Overlaid the house with gold. Talk about the inside of the house. All stones were cut to measure. Solomon made all the vessels in the house. Brought the Arc of the Covenant into the house (in the most holy place). The King blessed the house. Solomon also prayed for dedication of his promise; “Walk before me”. Render forgiveness to others, so all people know your name and FEAR you. Look for repentance of those who have sinned against you. Then Solomon blessed the assembly of Israel. Devote yourself to the Lord. God appears again to Solomon, the Lord says be faithful to me, and do not forsake me. Solomon built the wall of Jerusalem. He also built a fleet of ships


  10. 4 July
    Psalm 66-68

    God praises goodness to Israel. Speak to God in his goodness and good deeds. He doesn’t let us slip, he though has led us into the net. God still has love for me. Let all the wicked perish before God. Look at verse #6. God is our salvation. Sing praises to God


  11. 5 July
    Proverbs 2-3

    Seek for wisdom and find this through the word of the Lord. Wisdom will keep you from evil. WaLK IN TGHE WAY OF THE GOOD. dON’T FORGET MY TEACHING. /follow the lord from you heart. Give to the Lord your first produce. Happiness comes from wisdom.


  12. 6 July

    The deserted city, who is in exile in suffering (Judah) the Lord has made her suffer. Was the Lord angry? The Lord has destroyed /judan, like a flaming fire in Jacob. The Lord destroyed his house, he has ruined his bars. The Lord carried out His threat and made the enemies rejoice over you. But Gods love endures, God will not listen to me! He has filled me with bitterness. Though the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. He will always have compassion. Don’t complain for the punishment of our sins. Asking for pay back to the enemies. The Lords anointed have fallen into the pit of our enemies. Made a pact with Egypt and Assyria to get bread. No respect for our elders. Woe to us, for we have sinned. Lord, please restore us.



  13. 7 July
    Luke 9-10

    The mission of the 12 apostille who got power and authority over all demons and to cure disease. Do not take anything with you. Jesus fed five thousand of food with 5 loaves and 2 fish. They all ate. “Who do they say that I am”. About 8 days later there was a transfiguration with Moses and Elijah present. With Peter. The cloud then came and covered them. When they came down from the mountain Jesus healed a boy from a demon. Jesus then tells about his death. Jesus says follow me, spread Gods word.. The load appointed 70 more people from house to house. Spread the good news. We don’t want the dust of the ground (the non believers) to be with us. The 70 returned and were joyful….Jesus was rejoiceful for even the demons fear us. ITS THIS SPIRIT THING. The parable as the Good Samaritan…everyone is your neighbor. The reading ends with Martha and Mary. Mary was sitting at Jesus’ feet listening to Him.


  14. 8 July
    Ephesians 1-2

    From Paul; Apostle of Christ, named to be holy, and designated by God to follow his lead. Paul prays for the spirit of wisdom for others to whom believes in Christ. You are dead with your trespasses this evil works, but God make us saved through his grace. You are saved by grace through faith (not by works). We are created in Christ Jesus top do good works. We will be treated with a dwelling place for God.


  15. 9 July
    Leviticus 1-3

    Burnt offerings (herd) should be a male without blessing. A procedure was discussed. Discussed offering from your own herd or flock. Grain offering is to be of flour. Baked in the oven, there was also a prosses to follow. For well being (of course-with no blemishes).


  16. 10 July
    1 Kings 10-13

    Queen of Sheba came to test Solomon. She did not realize how wise he is. Gave king Solomon a big gift. King Solomon gave Sheba what she wanted. IT WAS TRADING. Solomon was like Trump, everything was made of gold. Solomon did have some errors. Do not marry anyone because they will stir you away to another God. Since he turned away from God, not the whole tribe, will give some to Solomon’s son. Another advisory came up for Israel. Solomon did not walk in my ways. The tribe will be in Jerusalem. Jeroboam made two casts of gold. The people worshiped them (offered incense).


  17. Hi Spiritual Growth Guy!
    I really appreciate your encouragement for all of us to read the Bible daily.
    I am going to start sharing the daily readings on Good Shepherd’s Facebook page, and encouraging people to check them out.
    I am also going to encourage people to read the daily Lectionary readings, if they choose. I linked to both on our church website:


  18. 11 July
    Psalms 69-71

    Prayer for delivery of persecution, I know I can’t hide anything from you. I’m asking for your steqadfast love and rescue me from my enemies. Insults hurt me. I will praise the Lord with a song, and he will be glad. Let those do well who seek your mercy. Don’t let me be put to shame. Rescue me from the wicked. Do not cast me off, for I am weak and humble. I will always praise your righteousness. Do not forsake me.


  19. 12 July
    Proverbs 4

    Listen to your fathers instruction. Don’t forget or forsake me. Get insight. Follow me in the path of wisdom. Turn away from evil doers. Be like the light of dawn. Be attentive to my word. Do not swerve to the left or right, turn your foot away from evil



  20. Read through July. Great summaries of the readings. You’re inspiring me to read the Bible more. Thank you


  21. 13 July
    Ezekiel 1-6

    Starts with visions of the Chariot. Visions of God. It Had four faces and human hands. They had wings, the faces were of oxes and lions. They would proceed as the SPIRIT would flow. The Spirit of the living creatures were in the wheels of the Chariot. Four the vision of the scroll. Go to the Israel people for they are rebellious. Eat what is offered to you, so he ate the scroll and went to Israel to tell the people what was in the scroll, after seven days the word of the Lord came to Ezekiel. Others who you warned not to sin and obeyed will find reward. Others will die. The siege of Jerusalem was prepared. Prophecies against Jerusalem. Cow dung instead of human dung for baking?? Ehhhh! Jerusalem is the evilest, the Lord is going to act judgements upon them. The Lord says you have defiled me! The Lord is speaking from his jealously6. I the Lord have spoken. Lord does not like the idols (of Jerusalem), some will escape my judgement, but they will know that I am the Lord.



  22. 14 July
    Luke 11-12

    The origin of the Lords prayer was when John asked him to pray. Thus the prayer state is set. Whoever ask you will receive. Seek and you will find. Jesus cast out a demon (by a finger of God). The return of the unclean spirit. It will bring seven other spirits to live with the returning spirit. You eyes is your light of your body. The Pharisees has no respect for God. Even the lawyers, have taken away the key of knowledge. Fear the one who will cast you to hell. /whoever blasphemy against the holy spirit will not be forgiven. Story of a person making big barn and save treasure for himself, not for God. Do not worry instead strive for Gods kingdom. Be ready for the son of man. He is coming at an unexpected hour. Note of interpret the time. Settling with your opponent (do the right thing and settle your issue).



  23. 15 July
    Ephesians 4-6

    Follow the calling from Christ and enjoy his gift of grace. So we all mature and by love, build ourselves with love. Don’t be like the gentiles (lose sensibilities)….put away your old sense of life. Renew in the spirit of your mind. Carry yourself in accordance to the likeness of God. Speak the truth to your neighbors, thieves give up stealing, don’t give a home for the devil. Forgive one another. Do not be associated with evil or unfruitful. Everything that becomes visible is light, so wake up!. Be careful for how yo live. Be filled with the spirit. Be good to everyone especially marriage. Love other as yourself. For kids, listen to your parents. Be strong with the armor of God. Keep alert and live in piece. Grace be with you.



  24. 16 July
    Leviticus 4-6

    Lord spoke to Moses, the people should offer to the priest a sin offering to be taken to the the tent of meeting. The process was defined. Offer a bull of the herd (or a goat) for a sin offering. When sin is known to you, your sins will be forgiven by this sin offering YOU WILL BE FORGIVEN. when you come to know your sin, you and now guilty, and you will need to give a sin offering. The priest will make atonement. For the priest you will give 1/5th to the priest. You will also give 1/5th of punishment to your neighbors. THIS SOUNDS ROUGH!



  25. 17 July
    1 Kings 14-18

    The house of Jeroboam had a wife and she was pretending to be someone else. He tore the Israel people away from the house of David.. The Lord will be angry and will destroy the Jeroboam (he ruled over 20 years). His son was not following the Lord. Asa did right in the way of God. He was true to the Lord. Asa has bad feet! There was a lot of killing of the Kings houses (family). There were many Dynasty’s. Elijah wanted some cake (at this point 4). Now Elijah predicts a drought. Elijah was fed by the ravens from the way of the Lord. We also wanted a cake from the widow. God saved the widows son (through Elijah). Message to Ahab that the drought is going to end. There was even profits that were hid. Elijah asks and says either follow God or Baal. , Elijah then built an alter, There was a test. Water was around the alter. Elijah said answer me. The Lord came in fire and the Lord is God.


      1. Thank you for thanking me. The main goal of this web site is to have people talking to other people. Maybe the reading of the day might initiate an experience you have had that you would like to share! The Scriber appreciates your help for spiritual growth for our Congregation.


  26. 18 July
    Psalms 72-74

    Asking for justice for the king, prosperity for all people. He delivers all of the needy. Blessed be the Lord. The wicked threaten oppression and find no fault in them. They increase in riches. The Lord puts these people in slippery places. My desire is with you God. The Lord God is my refuge. Gods foes attacked and burned his sanctuary, burnt all meeting places in this land. The Lord has salvation. Let the poor and needy praise your name.


  27. 19 July
    Proverbs 5-6

    Be attended to Gods word. Keep on a straight path. Praise discipline. Do not go together women. GOD KNOWS! A perverted mind devises yield. Seven things that disturbs the Lord:

    1. haunting eyes
    2. lying tongue
    3.hands that shed blood
    4. heart that devises a wicked plan
    5. feet that hurry to run toward evil
    6. A lying witness who testifies falsely
    7. Those who sows discord in a family

    (The Scriber likes lists)


  28. 20 July
    Ezekiel 7-12

    The end has come and the Lord will punish you for your ways. The time is coming soon. I will punish you for your ways. Rath is coming. He will take refuge of your house. On the sixth year???? year of what? The image of jealousy appeared in Israel. The Lord said he will have no pity. Cut down people who had no mark of jealously in Jerusalem. The story of the cherubim with hands, faces, and many eyes on the wings (“the wheelwork”) these were to living creatures that were seen. There is judgment on wicked counsel. A wicked person will fall by the sword.. God will gather all the people who rifte away from Israel and declared that he will give the country back. The judgement was not postponed because the food and water will be taken away.



  29. 21 July
    Luke 13-14

    Either repent or you will parish (about the Galileans). SOUNDS HARSH EH? Talking about worse sinners, is there a difference? The parable of the baron fig tree and it was “gardened” for a year with intent of producing fruit next year. Jesus see a woman with a spirit that has crippled her for 18 years. Then being cured on the Sabbath. The Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed. Entering the door to the kingdom is narrow. Know and understand God. Eat in the kingdom of God. Jesus heals the man with Dropsy. Jesus healed them on the Sabbath. The cost of being a disciple. GIVE UP ALL YOUR POSSESIONS and follow me!



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