21 thoughts on “February Reading the Bible

  1. Today was all about Isaiah 1-6 and observed that if you are willing & obedient you shall “eat the good of the land”. The scriber has this “Good” issue on this shoulder. (10.10 miles this morning)


  2. Genesis 4-7; Enoch was born and Cain kills Abel, new born were in the likeness of God (human kind), people lived long after Adam. Enoch also walked with God. Where did they go? Was life 120 years. Noah also walked with God. Then the flood comes.


  3. Joshua 6-10 Trumpet keep blowing for 7 days. Bring troubles on Jericho. All precious metals go to the Lords treasury. Take away devoted things . Get ready for an ambush of Ai (hey get to keep booty) the people got slaughtered. …..Lord thru down hail stones??? Joshua meets the 5 King, hung, and put back in cave.


  4. Isaiah 7-11
    Maybe this is where the saying “herds and honey” came from. No glum for those living in anguish. The talk of Jesus is made. Stump of jesses tree. Wolf living with a lamb.


  5. Genesis 8-11
    Here comes the flood! after 150 days. Sent out raven….then the dove….who brought back a leaf. Bring all “the creeping things”. He made covenant with Noah. Not of genealogy of Noah. New language, the Lord confused the language of people in Babel.


  6. Joshua 11-15

    The Kings were held at Gilgal. Joshua destroys the Kings. Stuck them with the sword, but kept booty. The list of what each king was going to get (land). Gave then inheritance (FROM MOSES?). NOT MUCH FORGIVENESS! How important is Gilgal. Does it relate to the New Testament?


  7. Job 5-6

    humans are born to trouble. God does marvelous things. God saves the needy. His hands heal. Job thinks Gods arrows are within him. Maybe Gods wants to crush him? Teach me and tell me what I have done wrong


  8. Psalm 6-8

    Please deliver me, ask God for help from your enemies. The Lord judges you by your righteousness. Sing praises tot he God against all enemies. The Lord is the stronghold of our life. Beware of Gods judgement


  9. Matthew 5-7

    The Beatitudes…what a thoughtful thing with Jesus sitting on a hill. Rejoice and be glad. The city on the hill. Reconcile with you accuser. What’s this thing about losing a “member” Say either yes or no. The Lord’s prayer is stated. Store treasures in heaven. Do not worry about tomorrow. The golden rule is introduced


  10. Romans 7-8

    Law is enforced while THAT person is a live. If no law then no sin. The law is holy. Then you have the law of the spirit. Is this where you find peace? If you live according to the flesh….you will die! If Gods with us…who is against us?


  11. Genesis 11-15

    The “call” OF Abram. Posed as an alien in Egypt. Abram, being well off, told lot they should separate. Lot could chose the land he wanted. Lord promised Abram and offspring all the land they can see.


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