Starting in February 2018-January 2019 Reading the Bible in One Year

If you started the 4th of February you are about 22% done on your reading the Bible journey in one year! (as of 4/16/2018).


131 thoughts on “Starting in February 2018-January 2019 Reading the Bible in One Year

  1. 8 May 2018
    1 Samuel 21-25

    Had five loafs of bread, then Saul went after David. David had bread and Goliaths sword. Saul wanted to disturb David. Was David “very cunning”? David even spars Saul’s life in a cave. Samuel dies in chapter 25. God is to restrain from any vengeance.


  2. 9 May 2018
    Psalm 42-44

    People ask where is your God? He is the rock and he is lookover your life. Help defend me against those who are deceitful. Your right hand gave the victories for David. Are Christians laughing stocks? You have not done us good. We are like sheep for slaughter. Redeem us to show your steadfast love. This Psalm is like a plea to God. Even though the faith is still present, the scriber thinks the readings are asking for a “show me” sign.



  3. 10 May 2018
    Job 29-30

    Job seems bitter, stating all the good things he had done. Then the people he helped they are left outside the land. The Lord has humbled Job. Job calls out for help….no ones there! Days of affliction has come to me.



  4. 11 May 2018
    Jeremiah 12-16

    Why do bad people get good? You have to be like a lion in the forest. Beware of the spoilers. Beware of evil neighbors. The Lord asked Jeremiah to buy and hide a lion cloth. Now punishment is inevitable. What is your destination? Sounds like God has an issue with those worshiping other Gods.



  5. 12 May 2018
    Mark 9-10

    The Transfiguration take place on a mountain (with Moses and Elijah). Jesus healed a young boy.. All this can happen if you believe. Power is OUR prayer. Be at piece with one another. Let the little children com to me (blessing) the kingdom of God. It will be hard for rich people to enter heaven. First will be last!. The son of man came here to serve. “Go, your faith has made you well”.



  6. 13 May 2018
    1 Corinthians 15-16

    Christ has risen from the dead. Do not believe in vain. Is you faith is vain? Bad company destroys good morals. It’s the physical then the spiritual. It’s not the flesh and blood who will inherit life in heaven. The power of sin is the law . All you do, do in love



  7. 14 May 2018
    Exodus 9-12

    The fifth plaque against livestock. The sixth plague was boils.. The seventh was thunder and hail. God did this to show P{haroh his power. Pharaohs heart was again hardened. Next comes the locus. The ninth was darkness. Why does God keep hardening Pharaoh heart? Then ever first born was going to die. The first Passover was instituted. THE PASSOVER OF THE LORD. 10th plague was death to the first born. The slaves had been in Egypt 430 years.



  8. 15 May 2018
    1 Samuel 26-31

    David is hiding in the wilderness. Saul went out to find David. He found him sleeping but didn’t kill him. He is the anointed one. David was then going to battle with the king of Achish. Achish told David that he will be his bodyguard for life. Question: what is a medium? Samuel was brought up from the ground. The Philistines reject David. David was not going to fight in the next battle. David avenges the Ziklag, and rescued his wives. Saul and his son were killed by the Philistines, Saul fell on his own sword.



  9. 16 May 2018
    Psalm 45-47

    For a wedding: God hates wickedness. The princess seem to be showed to the bride???? God rules of all the earth, sing praises to him (our God).



  10. 17 May 2018
    Job 31-32

    See what I have done Lord, and judge me! “If I Have”. My mouth has been clean. Job justifies himself, opinions were shared. The Lord speaks to us when we are sleeping. “Deliver him from going down to the Pit”. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? IS THIS LIKE GOING TO HELL?



  11. 18 May 2018
    Jeremiah 17-21

    In Judah (people of) there possession shall be spoils of war for their sin. Talks about keeping the Sabbath day holy. The word with the potters clay and of Israel. Jeremiah ask is evil what comes from good? The threat from God takes place, this will become the valley of slaughter. All because of stiff necks to the Lord. Does the Lord test the righteous? The Lord says “I will punish you according to the fruit of your doings”, NOW TAKING THIS SCRIPTURE DIRECTLY, WE NEED TO BE AWARE OF OUR DOINGS!


  12. 19 May 2018
    Mark 11-12

    Jesus sent two people to go get a unridden colt to ride into town. He also disrupted the businesses at the temple. Jesus cursed the fig tree which then died. When you pray, forgive others. Parable of the wicked tenants. Sent slaves who were beaten and killed. He sent his son. Do we pay taxes, give to the emperor what is the emperor, give to God what is God.. Scribes like to roam around in long robes. When you give offering, decide if you are giving out of abundance.



  13. 20 May 2018

    II Corinthians 1-3

    It all has to do with Paul, the apostille, gives thanks for all of your afflictions. If you cause pain, it could be applied to everyone. Does Glory lead to justification? “The Lord is the spirit and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.



  14. 21 May 2018
    Exodus 13-16

    The feast of unleavened bread. On the seventh day a feast for the Lord. The firstborn was sacrificed like with pharaoh. The Red Sea was crossed. Egyptians chased the Israelites. STAND FIRM. Was God looking for glory? The Lord saved the Israelites from the Egyptians. GOD LED HIS PEOPLE. The wilderness of sin came to test the people of Israel. Then the gave bread from heaven. When the sun came out, the bread melted. It was called manna, Also the seventh day or Sabbath as a day of rest and salvation. They ate manna for 40 years.



  15. 22 May 2018
    II Samuel 1-4

    David mourns for Saul. Jonathan who killed Saul was “struck down to ground”. David was anointed King of Judah. The battle of the sword took place (in Gibeon). Abner dies – “The Lord pay back the one who does wickedly in accordance with his wickedness”.



  16. 23 May 2018
    Psalms 48-50

    God is walking around Zion? No ransom for life. It’s to costly. God will judge his people. Everything is Gods. Other thanksgiving to the Lord. God will deliver you when you call. God will rebuke you…so bring thanksgiving to God.



  17. 24 May 2018
    Job 33-34

    God is greater than any mortal. More talk of the pit, a ransom was found, and God pays with justification. Be silent and God will give you wisdom. God needs not to take back his breath, if this happen we all go to dust. Are you going to be judged?



  18. 25 May 2018
    Jeremiah 22-26

    Hear the word of the Lord and do good! (In Judah). Don’t throw away the word of God. The Lord says that his sheep has been spread out and he will bring them back to one flock. There are false prophets and they are wicked. He will bring disaster to them. Evil word has been spread throughout the land. The story of good figs and bad figs. People from Judah are the good figs, and the bad people the bag figs. The cup of wrath from the Lord went to all the evil doers countries. FALL AND RISE NO MORE. YOU MUST NOT GO UNPUNISHED. People will be like dung. God is angry. Simple…amend your ways.



  19. 26 May 2018
    Mark 13-14

    Jesus gives the history foretold of the temple. Don’t be led astray Don’t believe of the messiah!. Beware and keep alert…be on the watch, so don’t fall asleep. Then Judas agrees to betray Jesus. This also shows the deginning of communion. All the disciples will desert Jesus. Jesus than prays to God for help. The priest could not find any testimony against Jesus. Peter was there for the cock to crow twice.



  20. 27 May
    2 Corinthians 3-4

    We do not falsify Gods word. Let light shine out from darkness. We are given up to death for Jesus sake. Live by faith, what can’t be seen is eternal. God has given us his spirit to help us. So, boast about Jesus, who died for all. We are ambassadors for Christ.



  21. 28 May
    Exodus 17-29

    Moses ask God fir water, they were testing God. Thus the staff stuck the Rock, which yielded water. Moses staff was held up to win a battle. The Lord is greater than all gods known. Moses sits as judge to the followers. He taught them the statues. Moses choose good man and judged the fellow sheep of the flock. The Lord was going to come in a cloud, from Mt. Sinai. The third day, the Lord appeared, in fire. NO ONE TO GO UP ON MOUNT SINAI. He then gave the people the ten commandments. Se need to honor the sabbath. IS THIS THE TEST FROM GOD?



  22. 29 May
    2 Samuel 5-9

    David gets anointed King over Israel. The blind and the lame were not to enter the city of David. I don’t understand why? The Philistine gave up their idols. David bring the Arc of God to Jerusalem. David was to take care of the Ark of God. God had a covenant with David, make me a house of cedar. I have done good to you, and the Lord will take care of you. David pray praises to God. “The Lord of host is the God of Israel.” David killed many people in Israel. David was kind to Mephibosheth came to David and he gave him land and grace, also ate at David’s table.



  23. 30 May
    Psalm 51-53

    Pray to God and ask for forgiveness, ask for Gods wisdom. Clean and Wash me. Create in me a clean heart, O God. Ask for the Holy Spirit! Sacrifice accepted by God is a broken spirit. Do we love evil more than the good? God has noticed that people are falling away. These evil doer will be in great terror.



  24. 31 May
    Job 35-36

    Are you in the right before God, what to you give to God. Think of what you are doing to other people. God hears your cry. God creates goodness. He is mighty, so serve him. He opens yourself with afflictions. Remember to boast about God, he controls everything. Also remember that God is jealous.



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