Bible Reading for the Day (“SGG Notes”)

The Template has been established, so there is a bible reading for each day.      Please read and share.  Check out the Bible Reading for the day page (BRFTD).  Now, the SGG notes cover at least “one thing” that interests me in the reading.  If you want to get on the WLFSG bus, select reply at the end of the SGG comments, and share your thoughts!

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  1. 31 January
    Acts 27-28

    This is it, my last blog. the door is closing!

    Paul sails for Rome; Paul head out to Italy (the wind was against us). Paul warns of the danger of the trip. There was a storm at sea. Being ponded by the storm and all the gear was thrown over. Paul declares that there would not be any harm. Paul told the sailors that they need to stay on the ship. They threw the wheat in the sea to save the ship. They found land at the Island of Malta. Paul cured many people on this island by putting his hands on them. Paul Arrives at Rome On the way, they found believers. Paul stayed with a soldier. The Jews wanted to dead, but I asked to see the emperor Paul started preaching in Rome, you will indeed listen, but not understand. This salvation is for the Gentiles..

    Lord, thank you for helping me read the Bible in a year. This will be documented in my book of life!



    1. 2020: Paul, the prisoner was sent by sail to Rome. Paul warned the sailors that there will be danger and heavy loss (not only cargo…but life too). It was winter time., past Crete. The people were without food. An angel appeared to Paul and was told “keep up your courage”. God has granted safely with all the people
      on the ship. It was 14 days without food. Paul took bread broke it. The people ran the ship aground, and swim towards the ground. This island was called Malta. After 3 months Paul arrives in Rome. The believers flocked to Rome. Paul preaches in Rome (about the Holy Spirit) you will listen, but you won’t understand (28:26)


  2. 30 January
    I Kings 1-4

    The Struggle for the Succession When King David was old, the King was granted a little woman to attend his needs. The King got cold frequently. Issues of who was going to be the King of Israel. Had issues with . Solomon became the King. He will put to death any wickedness of his servants. King David said follow the way of God, invite other people at your table. Do what you think is right. David died after ruling for 40 years. Solomon’s Prayer for Wisdom Solomon talked to God asking him to do thing that’s right for the people, not for himself. You will have riches that no other king has or will ever have. He offered burnt offerings of well being and provided a feast for all his servants. Solomon’s Wisdom in Judgment Two prostitutes gave birth in the same house. One baby had died because it was laid upon. Then Solomon asked for a sword to divide the child, thus the real mother was determined. Solomon’s Administrative Officers The tally was given. The people served Solomon all the days of his life. The area lived in peace. Fame of Solomon’s Wisdom God gave Solomon great wisdom, discernment, and breadth of understanding. His wisdom surpassed the wisdom of all people to the east, and Egypt too. He was wiser than anyone else. He composed three thousand proverbs. He also spoke to animals (birds, reptiles too). People traveled from all over the nation to hear his wisdom.



    1. 2020: Adonijah wanted to be the king? Into to Bathsheba (Solomon’s Mom). Solomon was not invited to the party of kingship. With this interruption King David appointed Solomon as king. Solomon rode on king David’s mule. David instructs Solomon. Follow him will all your heart you will succeed. David reigned over Israel for 40 years; Hebron for 7 and Jerusalem for 33. TALK OF ANB ARRANGED MARRIAGE. Anathoth carried the arc of the Lord before David (2:26). Talk about people being “more righteous” than themselves. Shimei was supposed to stay home, but he did not,. Solomon’s prayer for wisdom. He loved the Lord. God asked “what should I give you?” Solomon asked to be able to choose good from evil. Was this a dream? Talk about two woman who had babies and on had died. Solomon said divide the son in half. Judgement was rendered Solomon had 40000 stalls for his horses and 12000horseman. The fame had the most wisdom over everyone. He wrote over 3000 proverbs. People came from all over to hear him speak


  3. 29 January
    Exodus 33-36

    The Lord tells Moses to “leave this place” (Sinai) and go to the place that he swore to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Go to the land flowing with milk and honey. He will draw out the enemies of the land. Everyone who was seeking the Lord went to he tent of meeting. hen Moses went into the tent of meeting, a cloud (God) formed a pillar by the entrance of the door. God spoke to Moses face to face. Moses said, show me your way. But no one can see me and Moses makes new tablets similar to the former ones. The Lord passed by, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. The Covent was renewed You shall not make a covenant with the occupiers of the land. Don’t worship any other God. No one is to comet o me empty handed. Appear to God three times a year. Moses came down with the covenant with a shining face from the Lord. The Sabbath Regulations You should work for six days, and on the seventh it will be a day of rest.. THEN whoever does many work on it shall be put to death. You shall kindle no fire in all your dwelling on the day. Prep for Making the Tabernacle Give offering to make the tabernacle. Offering for the Tabernacle Everyone was bringing an offering to the Lord. The free will offering was started. What people had brought was more than enough. The madew loops for the curains for the tabernacle. Lots of dimensions for the building of the tabernacle frames. Made curtain of blue and purple yarns.



    1. 2020: The Israelites were directed to leave the Sinai.. Moses would talk to the Lord “face to face” in the tent of meeting. Moses says “show me your glory”. The Lord says no one can see my face, if you see it you will die. (34:6) slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness. Moses asks for Gods favor. God is a jealous God. Remember to honor God. God is the God of Israel. Made a covenant on the tablet for Moses and the Israelites. Moses face was shinning because he was talking to God. Now remember to honor the sabbath for the Lord. (35:5) Take an offering to the Lord. (35:20) Offering for the Tabernacle. Anyone can bring anything, as a free will offering, to be used for the tent of meeting and for the Tabernacle services. Bezalel has been filled with a divine spirit (to work gold, teach, etc.) They built or constructed the sanctuary. The people brought more than enough…were asked to stop bringing “stuff”.


  4. 28 January
    Joshua 1-5

    God’s Commission tp Joshua; Joshua came to proceed crossing the Jordon after Moses’s death. God said He will be with the you, He will not fail you. For the Invasion The land promised Moses for the people to posses and occupy. It’s your place of rest. Spies Sent to Jericho
    These spies checking out the land and ended up entering the house of a prostitute. This woman hide these men on the roof with stalks of flax. People chased these spies. She told them that she knows it’s their land since the Lord dried up the water of the Red Sea, ands what happened to the two kings of the Amorites. The Lord your God is indeed God in heaven above the earth. The spies made a “deal” with the prostitute. Created an oath. Israel Crosses the Jordon ; The people were told that once you see the arc of the covenant carried by priests, you should move by following it. This will show you the way. Joshua said select 12 people (one from each tribe). The Jordon was. “blocked” (or cut off) and the people crossed over on dry land. Twelve Stones Set Up at Gilgal; The Lord told Joshua to have 12 men carry a stone (each) from the Jordon. The stones shall be to the Israelites a memorial forever. Over 40 thousand people to cross over. Once the priest carrying the Arc left the Jordon, the water was “unblocked” and was overflowing all its banks. These stones were set up at Gilgal. The hand of the Lord is mighty. New Generation Circumcised
    Thus, the people born in the wilderness, these people were circumcised. Joshhua had a vision by Jericho where he was told to untie your sandals because you are on Holy Ground.


    Lord, in the current generation, what would be Holy Ground?


    1. 2020: Joshua took command after the death of Moses. He took his people over the Jordon. He will be with Joshua just like he was with Moses. Be strong and courageous. Spies were sent to Jericho to search out the land. They stayed with a prostitute.. She hid the spies on the roof. Had a deal with the crimson cord. Israel crosses the Jordon, following the Arc of the Covenant. Select 12 people from each tribe. The people crossed the Jordon on dry land. When the feet of the priest stepped out of the Jordon, the water was in the river. God dried up the water for them to cross over. Flint knives were made to circumcise the people for a second time. For people who traveled 40 years in the wilderness (disgrace in Egypt). Joshua had a vision, the commander of the lords army. “Remove the sandals from your feet, the place you stand is holy”.


  5. 27 January
    Genesis 1-3

    Six Days of Creation and the Sabbath; In the beginning (when) God created the heavens and earth, the earth had no light or volume. Then his wind came and create light. Night ,day, land, sea, and veggies (of every kind) came to be. Along with the sun and stars. God created all the animals on earth and sea (of every kind). God thought that this was good THEN, he created human kind! God put this man in the garden of Eden. It had all the veggie plus the tree of life He had dominion over everything that had a breath of life. God rested on the seventh day. The man was told he could eat from anything in the garden except for the tree of life which determines good from evil. This man gave a name to all the animals. To give the man a helper the man gave up one of his ribs for the creation of his helper (or woman). The First Sin and Its Punishment The serpent appears, he was very crafty, and encouraged the woman to eat from the tree of life. You touch it and you will die. The woman took the fruit and gave some to the man. The serpent tricked me. For the serpent, on your belly you shall move. Your desire shall be for your husband. The ground was then cursed, and was told “you shall eat of it all the days of your life. Eat the plants of the field and by the sweat of your face you shall eat bread until you return to the ground. You were created from dust, thus that’s how you will return. The man called hi wife Eve.


    Lord, is this the beginning of profiling?


    1. 2020: the earth was a formless void filled (?) with darkness with a wind from God. Vegetation happed on the third day. Humankind has dominion over the all living creatures on the earth. IT WAS GOOD! God rested on the seventh day. God put man in the garden of Eden. God created a helper for the mans partner. A River flows out of the garden of Eden, It’s broken up into four rivers. The fourth river is the Euphrates (2:14). The first sin happens in chapter 3. The serpent tricked the woman. They realized they were naked. Man blames the woman. Eve is the mother of all living (3:20). That tree was the tree of life….knowing good from evil.


  6. 26 January
    Revelations 18-22

    The Fall of Babylon; Another angel came a said fallen is Babylon the great. It’s now a dwelling place of demons. Had drinking and practiced fornication and living in luxury with the Queen. Everything your soul longed is gone from you. This is to never be found again. This happened in one hour in Babylon. God has given judgement. All nations were deceived by this sorcery. The Rejoicing in Heaven; Sounds of Hallelujah, the whore has been taking care of. The Lord is to reign. Blessed those who are invited to the marriage supper of the lamb. Worship God! The Rider on the White Horse Heaven then opened up andI saw a horse named Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war. The horses eyes are like a flame of Fire, and his head are many diamonds; inscribing a name that no one knows but himself.. Is clothed in a robe dipped in blood and his name is called the Word of God. His armies of heaven also rode white horses. The Beast and its Armies Defeated Saw an angel standing in the sun, he called out to the birds “come, gather for a great supper of God”. To eat the flesh of Kings, Captains, and the mighty…this was the end. The beast was captured and those with the mark of the beast were burned will sulfur. A Thousand Years; An angel was seen holding the key of the bottomless pit. He seized the Devil and Satan and bound them for a thousand years and threw them into the pit so he wouldn’t deceive more nations. After a thousand years he must be let out for a while. Satan’s Doom; After a thousand years Satin will be release and will deceive all. The Dead are Judged; A great white throne and the book of life was opened and the book of life which has your works documented in it. Then I saw a new heaven, and the sea was of no more. The home of God is with the mortals. God said he is making everything new. He is the Alpha and Omega. Death will be no more. It is Done. The evil people will be in the lake of fire (the second death). The measurement of the new /Jerusalem was 1500 miles square. Glory of God is the light they use. Gods name will be on their forehead. This is all from John. The Lord says “see, I am coming soon, will repay according to everyone’s work. I am the beginning and the end. Have the rights to the tree of life, take the water of life as a gift. Don’t take away from this prophecy or God will take away that person’s share in the tree of life. I am coming soon


    Anxiety! how am I documented in the book of life?


    1. 2020: Babylon is going to fall because its full of demons. The Queen is evil. She will burn! Talk about purple colors. At this time their will be rejoicing in Heaven. Remember that God reigns/ Worship God! The rider of the shite house judges and makes war. He is the Word of God. Birds are going to eat the King. The rider destroyed the beasts by throwing them into the fire that burns with sulfur. Others were killed by the sword, and the birds gorged with their flesh. Angel came with a key to the bottomless pit {20:1). The Devil and Satan were bound for a thousand . Into the pit! Satan’s Doom was thrown into the lake of fire. The dead are judged by seeing if your name is in the book of life. If your name is not in the book of life you will be thrown into the lake of fire. The new heaven and earth came down from heaven [confused???]. Don’t be faithless or a polluter. The city had a measuring rod of Gold, Glory of Go is its light. Had the river of life flowing from the throne of God. (bright as crystal). I am coming soon! Keep the words of this book. You will be repaid for your work.


  7. 25 January
    Songs of Solomon 7-8

    Expression of Praise; How graceful are your feet in sandals. Talk about gazelles again. I am my beloved and his desire is for me.. Lets go out into the vineyard and see if the vines have budded (is the scripture referring the vineyard tour community?). Set me as a seal upon your arm Again, the talk about a gazelle.


    What does this gazelle reference mean?


    1. 2020: Your creation is a gift. How pleasant you are. Talk about the scent of your lips. Talk of the pomegranates being in bloom (what does this mean?). Talk about pomegranate juice (wine). Talk of Solomon’s vineyard (8:11).


  8. 24 January
    Psalm 149-150

    Pray for God’s Goodness to Israel; Sing to the Lord a new song. He takes pleasure with his people and adores the humble in victory.. Let the faithful exult in glory Praise for God’s Surpassing Greatness; Praise God for his mighty deeds. Praise God with trumpet, lute, and harp. Let everything that breathes praise the Lord.


    Are praise with our humility:(


    1. 2020: All about the faithful, God likes his own people. But.. he adores the humble with victory.[don’t understand to “execute vengeance on the nation and punishment on the people”] is this for “non believers”? Keep praising God for his greatness (10:2).


  9. 23 January
    Esther 6-10

    The king asks for the record and data about Mordecai. The gallows were made ready. Queen Esther prepared a banquet for Haman, who threw himself on a couch next to the queen. , and Haman ended up being hanged for this insult. So Haman was hanged in the gallows built for Mordecai. Esther Saves the Jews; The king took the signet ring of Haman. The Queen then writes a note, sealed by the kings ring, to save the Jews to destroy any aggressors. Destruction of the enemies of the Jews. The fear of the Jews spread out from Mordecai. There was more hanging and more killing.. It was the month of Adar (for gladness and feasting). These days the Jews were to celebrate the relief from their enemies. Give food to the poor. Peace and security for all Jews.


    Why are the Jews being saved? Is this because of Jesus (a Jew)?


    1. 2020: Let royal cloths be brought to the man wishes to honor. So the king was honoring Mordecai. Queen Esther asks for her life from her enemy. Haman was hanged in the gallows he prepared for Mordecai. Queen Ester than had an order, sealed by the kings ring, that the Jew were to be saved. The Jews were going to take revenge on their enemies. Jews stuck sown their enemies with the sword. Number was 500 hundred. Ten sons of Haman wee hanged. Talk of the month of Adar. Day of Purim for the Jews (peace and security for the Jews). Mordecai the Jew was next in rank to the King (Ahasuerus) and was powerful among the Jews. He sought the good of his people.


  10. 22 January
    Romans 1-2

    Paul was called to be an apostle. All Gods love to all of you. Paul wants to share something to increase your spiritual growth. Righteousness is all about Faith. The Guilt of Humankind; For the wrath of God will be known through the truth. These people did not serve the creator. List ungodly types of people. When you are passing judgement on others you will be condemned. Thus, fear the judgement day. God shows no partiality. Don’t boast about the law. Circumcision is spiritual and not literal, they will not get praise from others, but from God Himself



    1. 2020: In Jesus name the believers receive grace apostleship to bring about the obedience of faith for all the Gentiles, who belong to Jesus Christ. Paul announces the gospel with his spirit. Encourage each other with your faith. Talk about the power of the gospel (1:16). Don’t serve a creature but serve the creator. People are full of evil. When you a judging someone you are insulting /god and bring wrath and fury. God shows no partiality. Circumcision is spiritual and not literal. It’s all about breaking the law!


  11. 21 January
    Psalms 6-8

    Prayer for recovery from great illness; My bones and soul are in terror!. My eyes are wasting away because of grief, and weak because of my foes. Depart from me all you workers of evil. Plea for help against Persecutors;; I take refuge with my God. Save and deliver me from all my pursuers. If I have not done right and not repaid let the enemy overtake me. The Lord judges all people, and establishes the righteous. I will give to the Lord the thanks due to his righteousness. Your glory God is in heaven. You care for all people, you have given them your works to care for.



    1. 2020: Don’t hurt me in your wrath! Save my life. I have much grief. Make my enemies depart. God saves thee upright in heart from their evil ways. Also, help me from my pursuers. God is my shield (7:10) Now if I have done wrong let the enemy overtake me. Ask for judgement of yourself. . People are full on mischief. Lord, how magical is your name.


  12. 20 January
    Deuteronomy 32-34

    Let the earth hear the words from my mouth, and my teaching drop like rain. I will proclaim the work/name of God. He is the Rock, his works are perfect. His children are not respecting him. The Lord fixed the boundaries of the people.. But Jacob sacrificed to demons, he ignored God who then turned away being jealous (hide his face). They provoked God worshiping idols. He is talking about the book of Revelations Vengeance is mine. There is no God but me! He will repay his enemies. Will repay those who hate him. Moses’ Final Blessing on /sraelThe Lord came from Sinai, was in charge of the law. He asks for blessing for Judah, Benjamin, Joseph, Levi, and to give heed to Judah. Enjoy what comes from the earth. God rides through heaven to help. He is your savior. Moses end up dying and he is buried in Moab. Moses was shown the land that he sore to Abraham to Moses, but was told he could not cross over to this land. The Lord knew Moses face to face.


    Lord, I’m a little confused of why (because of food) the Israelis became slaves? This must be part of your master plan!


    1. 2020: Moses claims “listen to me” (words of a song). Repay to the Lord. He protects you. The Lord guides people (Jacob). Don’t sacrifice to demons. God will seek disasters to all the wicked people. Talk about the grapes are poison. Vengeance is mine! God kills and makes life. This was the song that Moses proclaimed to the Israelites. Moses died before crossing the Jordon river. Moses was in charge of the law. Gad chose the best for himself. Moses was buried in the land of Moab (at the Lords command (120 years old)). The Lord knew him face to face (34:10)


  13. 19 January

    Jude was a servant of Jesus Christ and a brother to James. Peace to all who are called by the Father. We need Faith to abound. We need judgement for false teachers. The arc angel Michael contended with the devil about the body of Moses. Talk about unnatural lust. The Lord rebukes you. This lust could be a blemish against you. They slander what they don’t understand. Enoch appeared, in the seventh generation from Adam, prophesied “the Lord is coming with ten thousand of his holy ones, to execute judgment on all, and to convict everyone of all the deeds of ungodliness that they have committed in such an ungodly way, and all the harsh things that ungodly sinners have spoken against him. These are grumblers. There will be scoffers at the end. Keep yourself in the love of God.


    Lord, if you are a Christian will you face the judgement? Or will everyone be judged?


    1. 2020: Writing an appeal for the faith of those entrusted by the saints to “step up” against the ungodly. These people prevent the grace of God and deny Jesus Christ. Keep straight and don’t live by any lust. These people are like waterless clouds that are carried along by the wind (1.12). Lookout for Enoch, also look out for scoffers (who seek their own ungodly lust) . Keep yourself in the love of God. Have mercy on some who are wavering.


  14. 18 January
    Acts 25-26

    Paul Appeals to the Emperor; The Jews were planning on doing an ambush and be. The Jews had issues with Jesus. Paul has done nothing to be charged for death. Paul defends himself. The issue was also that God raises people from the dead. Paul had seen a light from heaven. He had hearda voice from heaven and Saul was going to be the ambassador for the Gentiles to open their eyes and turn ferom darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God. Repent and do good deeds consistent to your repentance. Paul says become such as I am-except for these chains.


    Paul was one of the first ambassadors 🙂 .


    1. 2020: They were planning an ambush of Paul in travel to Jerusalem to be tried (Festus was in control of Paul).Talk was about religion. So next Paul appeared before king Agrippa. Paul defends himself in front of Agrippa (who knew the Jews religion). Paul was converted with a light from heaven, “why are you persecuting me?”. God will rescue you from the people. Agrippa, after hearing Pauls defense, quickly asked are you “persuading me to become a Christian?”


  15. 17 January
    Revelations 12-17

    The woman was the dragon; closed with the sun. Had crown of 12 stars. Michael fights against satin and the devil. He is the accuser. So rejoice, but the dragon was thrown down to earth. SO WATCH OUT! for those who follow God. The First Beast; This beast had seven heads and ten horns. It was like a leopard, its feet like a bear, with mouth like a lion. The whole earth followed the beast. (for 42 months) The beast has control. The second beast‘ This beast had two horns like a lamb. Makes the earth worship the first beast. It deceives the world. It all goes down to wisdom calculating the number of the beast. It’s number is six hundred sixty six. The lamb and the 144,000; He was standing by mount Zion along with the 144,000 “marked people”. They sing before the four living creatures (maybe the 4 angles on earth). These people have been redeemed from the earth.. They have not defiled themselves with women. These people are fruits for God and the Lamb, no lie in their mouth for they are blameless. The messages of the Three Angels; An angels was flying in midheaven with the /gospel. He said “Fear the Lord and give Him glory. Then another angel folloe saying “fallen, fallen is Babylon the great! She has made all nations drink wine of the wrath of her fornication. The third angel followed them crying whoever follows the beast and its image will receive a mark on their forehead or hands. They will drink the wrath from his cup of anger. Write this: “blessed are the dead who from now on die in the Lord”. Yes says the spirit, they will rest from their labors. rivers and springs of water became blood
    Reaping the Earths Harvest I saw a white cloud was the son of man. It’s time to reap the earth, for the grapes are ripe. The Angels with the Seven Last Plagues; saw seven angels with seven plagues, which are the last, the wrath of God will end. The angels were robed in bright linen. Then one of the four angles gave these seven angels seven golden bowls of the wrath of God. The bowls of God’s Wrath;
    1. became a sore
    2. sea of blood
    3. Rivers and springs of water became blood
    4. On the sun which mad it scorch!
    5. Plunged the kingdom into darkness
    6. Pour bowl in great river Euphrates, and the water dried up. Saw demonic spirits
    7. It’s done (loud voice) violent earthquake
    he is coming like a thief!!
    The Great Whore and the Beast; The whore was drunk hanging out with the beast. Seven heads are seven mountains. There are 7 kings, where 5 have fallen. The beast is the eigth…it’s destruction. The 10 horns are 10 kings who have not received a kingdom. John went with the spirit to the woods and saw the great whore. She was caring her fornication with her. These kings will have power for 1 hour with the beast.


    Wow! this scripture says a lot of what has been. Possible movie script?


    1. 2020: Woman crowned with the sun, a sun who was about to give birth. Michael defeats the dragon. The dragon was looking for the woman who gave birth. The beast came from the dragon and ruled for 42 months. The second beast, makes fire come down from heaven. Talk for the wisdom of the beast marked 666 (14:18). Angels will drink the wine of God’s wrath. Reap the earth’s harvest. The angle had a sharp sickle for the vines, for the grapes were ripe. Angels came out of heaven to reap, the wine press for the wrath of God. There are seven last plagues (angles with bowels from the wrath of God) (see above). Stay awake and be “clothed” He is coming like a thief. John was taken by the spirit to see the whore.


  16. 16 January
    Song of Solomon 5-6

    In the garden, I eat, drink and be drunk in love. . The beloved is solidly built with ivory, gold, and jewels. HGis eyes are like doves, legs are alabaster columns set upon gold.. His speech is most sweet. My beloved has gone down to his garden and looks into the dawn, fair as the moon, bright as the sun. He is checking on his orchard, is this God checking on our works and deeds?


    Lord, as I approach the finishing line for reading the bible in one year, these readings seem a little different from the norm. Help me understand your word.


    1. 2020: Description of the Lord??? Where is He??? Is he in the garden (6:2). Checking out the nut orchard looking for blossoms (don’t understand what this represents?). Is the beloved the Lord?


  17. 15 January
    Psalms 146-148

    Praise for Gods Help; Will praise my God all of my life. He opens eyes of the blind. Brings wicked to the evil. Gods understanding is beyond measure. He likes the people who fear him. Praise God for his universal glory. God made everything. Even all the people in the world



    1. 2020: Praise the Lord as long as you live. Don’t praise some who breaths.. God made earth (146:4). God is gracious. He casts wicked to the ground. He feeds animals.. Everyone (things) praise the Lord. HE IS THE MAN!


  18. 14 January
    Esther 1-5

    Big party with gold and silver for king Ahasuerus. The King was merry with many wine. Had issues with the Queen and the Queen would not obey the kings rules. She was replaced and rule was declared that every man should be master in his own house. So this leads to Esther to become Queen, but she was in competition with other young virgins. Esther was admired by all. She became queen. Haman was promoted to a high position. He was to kill all Jews and plunder their goods. Now Esther agrees to help the Jews The Jews were mourning, and wearing sackcloth and ashes Esther’s Banquet Come to a banquet made from Esther, who saved Mordechai from the gallows. (issue with hanging



    1. 2020: Ahasuerus ruled over 127 provinces. Gave a banquet for all the people lasting seven days. Give honor to the husband of the house. Esther is also named Hadassah. The king loved Esther and made her Queen. Haman was going the destroy all the Jews. (the people of Mordecai). Letter were sealed with the kings ring. Now Esther decided to help out the Jew (set garments etc.). Talk of the golden scepter from the king. Esther had a banquet, she got the golden scepters and was granted by the king (grant the “petition”). Haman constructed a gallows fifty cubits high. Esther wanted Mordecai to be saved.


  19. 13 January
    Deuteronomy 29-31

    The covenant was renewed in Moab; Moses said “see that the Lord has brought you out of the land of Egypt, but to this day the Lord has not given you a mind to understand, or eye to see, or ears to hear. He has led them 40 years in the wilderness (plus their cloths did not wear out). You have not drank wine or strong drink. The Lord is with the Israelites in geo. battles. This is why you need to obey this covenant of the Lord your God. Don’t follow the filthy idels, or he lord will block them out. This would be done because these people have not obeyed the “law” of the covenant. This wrath could bring on curses. God fidelity assured; he will restore you fortunes and have compassion on you. God will put curses on your enemies. If you obey the commandments, the lord will bless you, otherwise you will perish. Choose life so you may live! Joshua becomes Moses’ succssor Moses was 120 years old, and is having difficulties getting around and the Lord told me that that you shall not cross over this Jordon. The Lord will cross over before you and will destroy these nations before you. Joshua will also go over first, and be strong and bold. Have no fear because to Lord is with you. The Lord says “do not fear or be dismayed”. Every seventh year, during the festival of booths, you shall read this law before all of Israel. Moses and Joshua receive God’s charge. The Lord told Moses that his time to die in near, call Joshua to the tent of meeting so I can commission him. The Lord appeared in a pillar of a cloud. The Lord told Moses that “people will begin to prostitute themselves” to foreign gods. They will break my covenant. A song was written. Now God said “I will turn my face to them” if they don’t obey my covenant. Take this law and put it into the arc of the covenant. I will be provoked by anger through the works of your hands.


    This is quite a test on your creation Lord!


    1. 2020: Observe this covenant in order that you may succeed in everything that you do. The Lords anger will blot the name of those who do not follow the covenant from under heaven. The Lord will destroy the land in his anger. Bring wrath and curses. Remember to return to the Lord and he will make amends to you. Thus, you will prosper! Don’t deny me, love the Lord you God. Moses is 120 years old (31.1) and will not cross the Jordon. The “law” which is to be read every 7 year, was placed next to the arc of the covenant.


  20. 12 January
    III John

    Be in good health to the truth. Testify your faith in front of the church. Beloved, do not imitate what is evil, but imitate what is good. Whoever does good is from God, whoever does evil is not from God. Diotrephes is spreading false charges in front of the Lord and refuses to welcome friends. Peace to you.

    Is this the anti-Christ?


  21. 11 January
    23-24 Acts

    Paul addressed the council (Now the Sadducees say that there is no resurrection, angels, or spirit). As Paul was being accused he was later sent to the barracks. The Lord stood near him and said; Keep up your courage!…. A Plot to kill Paul; Now, the Jews had decided that they were not going to eat or drink until the death of Paul (more than 40 was in this pose). These 40+ people were going to ambush him while he moves from the barracks to the council. Paul sent to Felix the Governor; Paul was saved as a Roman citizen. He was ordered to be under guard in Herod’s headquarters Paul before Felix at Caesarea; After five days the report against Paul was given to the governor Paul’s defense before Felix;; he says there will be a resurrection of the dead. Paul was held in Custody. After two years the Governor had changed, but Paul was still in prison.


    So 2 years is really no big thing!


    1. 2020: Paul was in dispute of “the Law”. Paul was forced to the barracks by the Jews. There were 40 people who wee going to ambush Paul (22:13) while going to the council. After five day Paul’s accuser came to the Governor to present being an agitator of the people. Paul thought he was being charged for the resurrection on the dead. Felix, the Governor, was hoping for money from Paul for his release. Felix had Paul in prison for about 2 years.


  22. 10 January
    Revelations 7-11

    144000 of Israelis are sealed; 4 angels standing on the corners of the earth. Do not damage the earth until we have marked the people who are sealed. The Seventh Seal and the Golden Censer; when the lamb opened up the seventh seal there was silence in heaven for about half an hour. Seven angles stood before God and they were given seven trumpets. An angel with a censor collected all the incense at the golden alter, then he threw the censer on earth. Result was rumbling, fires, and earthquakes. The Seven Trumpets; First trumpet blew and 1/3 of the earth, trees, and grass was burned up. For the second trumpet blew and a mountain was thrown into the sea that became blood. A third of the living creatures in the sea died, along with a third of ships were destroyed. The third angel blew his trumpet and Wormwood (a great star). This fell on a third of the rivers and springs. This water was bitter and many people died. The fourth angel blew his trumpet and a third of sun, moon, and stars. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth. The fifth angel blew his trumpet and a star fell from heaven to earth, was also given the key to the shaft of the bottomless pit. Opening up the shaft smoke arose like a great furnace. Locusts will come out of the shaft and they will torture anyone who is not “marked” (this is for five months). People will want to die, but death will escape them. The King over the bottomless pit is Abaddon. The sixth angel blew his trumpet releases the four angels covering earth who are bound at the Euphrates. These angels were released to kill a third of humankind. Troop size was 200 million.. Humankind was killed by fire o sulfur smoke. The rest of humankind who wasn’t killed by these plagues did not repent of their works. The Angel with the little scroll; A mighty angel coming down from heaven, he gave a great shout and seven thunders sounded. John then ate the little scroll. The two witnesses; John was then given a measuring rod and was told to measure the temple of God, but don’t measure the court outside the temple. Now God will grant two witnesses authority to prophesy for 1260 days. They can use any type kind of plague. The Seventh Trumpet; God now reigns, Your wrath has come, it’s time to judge the dead. After this, Gods temple in heaven was opened and the ark of his covenant was seen within his temple.


    This scripture bring some current speculation to take place (for me) Lord, please help me in direeting my ways


    1. 2020: The angel were holding back the wind. The seal of God will be placed on the forehead. The people in white robs praising God will be hungry no more..They will find the “water of life” (7:17). The golden censor was filled with fire and thrown onto the earth (8:5). First came fire, 1/3 died (wormwood, sun, water, living creatures, ships destroyed. The bottomless pit was open and locust came out. They were to torture people .who aren’t sealed for five months, but not kill them. Their king of the bottomless pit was Abaddon (9:11). The angel were going to kill a 1/3rd of humankind. The two witnesses with the two olive trees and two lampstands, plus measure the temple of God. God’s temple in heaven was open and the ark of his covenant could be seen.


  23. 9 January
    Song of Solomon 3-4

    Loves dream; I will seek the love of my soul. Don’t stir up love until it’s ready. The Brides beauty extolled. Talk about love in his garden and wishes that the fragrance from his garden will be wafted abroad.


    Lord, I don’t understand the meaning of these two chapters….help!


    1. 2020: I called out for the Lord but do not stir up or awaken love until is ready (3:5). Uses a garden to talk about love (which is better than wine). This garden has “living water” with orchards and trees. (4:13). Is the garden the kingdom of God?


  24. 8 January
    Psalms 143-145

    Prayer for deliverance from enemies; Has your enemas crushed your life into the ground? (so is my spirit). Please answer me quickly , Don’t hide your face from me, or shall I go down to the pit?. O Lord, my spirit has failed me, let me hear of your steadfast love you have for me, teach me the way I should go. I have fled to you to escape my enemies. Teach me your will. Let you good spirit lead me on a level path. Please bring me out of trouble , cut off my enemies and destroy all of my adversaries. Prayer for National Deliverance and Security; blessed be “my rock” who is everything to me.. He will even subdue the peoples under me. Mortals are like a breath, a passing shadow. Rescue me from the hands of aliens. The greatness and goodness of God; His word will pass onfromgeneratiom to generation, Slow toAnger and abounding in steadfast love.. His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. The Lord is faithful in all of his words, and gracious in all of his deeds. He raises up all who are bowed down. The Lord is JUST in all of his ways, and kind in all his doings. The Lord is near to all who call him (those who call him in truth). He fulfills the desire of all who fear him. The Lord watches over all who love him, but to the wicked he will destroy.


    I like the thought of mortals being like a breath.


    1. 2020: Please listen to me in your righteousness. Teach me your ways, and save me from my enemies. I am your servant. “Blessed be the Lord, my rock” (144:1). (Asking for protection). The greatness of God is unsearchable. Again. the Lord is good to all! God has done mighty deeds. All the wicked God will destroy.


  25. 7 January
    Nehemiah 10-13

    Lists the history genealogy of Nehemiah. The all gather to follow the covenant and follow the law. A charge was set for working with God. We obligate ourselves to bring the first of all to the priest. This was were the tithes began. Cast lots to see who will live in Jerusalem. There were villages outside Jerusalem (don’t know the importance 😦 ). The had a dedication of the city wall in Jerusalem. he priests offered great sacrifices and thanksgiving to the wall. The people of God (priest, singers, and gatekeepers& the scribe) were given welcome with trumpets, they all rejoiced. The priest (according to the command of David) received their daily portions. Finally foreigners were separated from Israel; It was written that some people should never enter the assembly of God because they were supporting idols. Later the house of God was forsaken. Sabbath reform begins bylimiting goods and services not be available to market. Keep the sabbath holy (keep out commerce). Don’t marry foreign woman.


    Is this the initial organization of the church?


    1. 2020: Lots of people named (they signed and confirmed the Covenant. Follow the law of God. We will not buy food on the holy day. We bring our first fruits to God. The fruit from our trees to the priests. 1/10th of the people lived in Jerusalem. 468 valiant warriors were descendants of Perez. Talk about the cities/villags outside Jerusalem. List of Priests and Levites were stated. The was also a Dung gate! The Temple Responsibilities of first fruits and tithes. Foreigner were separated from Israel. Was the house of the Lord forsaken? (talk of good deeds). Then selling food and drinks of the sabbath. Talk of closing the doors on the sabbath. Mixed marriages were also condemned! Foreign woman made king Solomon weak (made him sin).


  26. 6 January
    Deuteronomy 26-28

    The first fruits and tithes; When you posses a land, take the first fruits and offer the yield to God. You will obey the word of the lord. Keep all the commandments and build a stone alter for God. Offer sacrifices of well being. There were twelve curses, (1)anyone setting up an idol., (2) dishonor you father or mother, (3) moves a neighbors boundary marker, (4) mislead a blind person, (5) cursed be anyone who deprives the alien, (6) anyone who lies with his fathers wife, (7) curse anyone who lies with an animal, (8) lies with his sister, (9) lies with mother in-law, (10) strike down a neighbor in secret, (11) cursed be anyone who takes a bribe to shed innocent blood, and (12) cursed be anyone who does not uphold the words of this law by observing them. You will be blessed if you are obedient; If you obey the word of God, you will be blessed. You will be Gods holy people. If you follow the commandments you will be the head, not the tail. Now if you are disobient you will be cursed for forsaking God. Your life will be like being “crushed You will end up being the tail. The Lord will destroy you.


    Lord, is this a guideline to follow? rules and laws


    1. 2020: Rules of inheritance of the land they now posses. Give the first fruits and give it to the (church talk about aliens). This land flows with milk and honey. Do this for three years. This will be the agreement with the Lord. They needed to cross over the Jordon and build an offer for burnt offerings. The curses were listed…AMEN. You will be blessed if you obey the Lord your God. Keep these commandment and walk in the way of the Lord. The Lord will make you the head…not the tail. If you are disobedient, you will be cursed. You corpse will be food for animals. You might plant a vineyard but you will not enjoy these fruits. The worms will eat the grown grapes, your aliens will overtake you. Don’t be overwhelmed by the Lord. He will take delight in bring you to ruin and destruction. Your heart will take dread to the assurance of your life.


  27. 5 January
    II John

    It’sall about the truth. Jesus Christ the Father’s son, in truth and love. There are many deceivers (or the anti-Christ). Be on your guard, so that you do not lose what we have worked on (to love one another). Everyone who does not abide in the teaching of Christ, but goes beyond it, does not have God. So abide in the Lord’s teaching. To welcome is to participate in the evil deeds of such a person. John looks as though he would like to talk “face to face” than to write with paper and ink

    Does this open the door to MANY antichrist people?


    1. 2020: Truth and love. Let us love one another. Get ready for the full reward by abiding in the teachings of Christ. Only accept the teachings of both the father and the son. These people who teach without the above ae “participating in the evil deeds of such a person”


  28. 4 January
    Acts 21-22

    Paul’s journey to Jerusalem; found a ship and set sail. Paul was instructed not to go to Jerusalem. Now from a profit (took off Paul’s belt, and bound his own feet and hands); Thus said the Holy Spirit, this is the way the Jews in Jerusalem will bind the man with his own belt. Paul replied that he is ready to be bound and die in Jerusalem. Paul then went through a purification procedure. Paul was arrested in the temple. Paul was being beaten. Paul was then put into the barracks, but then he spoke to (the mob became quite) in the Hebrew language, saying “brothers and fathers…I am a Jew….he being zealous of God. Then Paul had a conversion as he was approaching Damascus, when he encountered a great light from heaven. It was Jesus of Nazareth. You are persecuting me. He was told to go to Damascus and was told what to do. Paul was blind from the light, and he was led to Damascus where he sight was restored. Regain your sight. Now get up, be baptized, and have your sins washed away. Then Paul goes to the Gentiles. Paul was praying, andhe fell into a trance and saw Jesus, Paul was told to leave Jerusalem because they will not accept his testimony. Paul was told to go far away to the Gentiles.
    Paul and the Roman Tribute; Paul was then flogged and put into the barracks. He was a roman citizen. The tribune was afraid because they imprisoned (and flogged) a Roman citizen. The next day Paul was released..


    Justice seems fair


    1. 2020: Went to Cos, then Rhodes, and then to Patara. Went to see Philip and evangelist. Paul visits James in Jerusalem. Paul purified the gentiles (the believers). Paul had to be carried by the soldiers into the barracks. Paul addresses the people in Hebrew (crowd became quiet). Paul addresses the crowd about his conversion,. Paul had even lost his sight for a while. Paul saw Jesus in a vision and was directed to leave. Is it OK to flog a Roman citizen (Paul)?


  29. 3 January
    Revelation 1-6

    Showed to show what is to take place. John has the seven churches in Asia, then the seven spirits who are before the throne, along with Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, and the firstborn of the dead,, and the ruler of the kings of the earth. He freed us from sins by his blood. He is coming with the clouds, “I am the Alpha and the Omega”. A vision of Christ; John has the patience and endurance to follow the Lord. John heard a trumpet and heard that he should write in a book what you see (to send to the seven churches). He turned and aw seven golden lampstands along with (like) the Son of Man, clothed with a long robe. His eyes were like flames of fire, feet were like burnished bronze, refined as in a furnace. In his right hand he held seven stars. His face was like the sun (shining at full force). John fell to his feet, His righthand was placed on him and said “don’t be afraid; I am the first and the last”. I was dead, but now I am alive forever. I also have the key of Death and of Hades. The seven stars are thee angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands are the seven churches. The message to Ephesus; You are patient and have tested the unfaithful but now you are unworthy…so repent. You have abandoned the love you had at first. If you don’t repent I will come qnd remove your lampstand. Listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches. For all who listens I will give permission to eat from the tree of life. Thr message to Smyrna Have the synagogue of Satan. you will be teste The message to Pergamum the words of hgim who has the sharp two-edged sword. You are holding fast to my way. Listen to my spirit and repent those who worship idols and practice fornication. If there is no repentance God will make war against them with the sword of his mouth. For everyone that conquers, they will receive a white stones. The message to Thyatira You have done good, but repent if you practice fornication. The message to Sardis I know your works, but you are dead. You need to follow my word and repent to become worthy. Listen to what the spirit is saying to the churches. The messages to Philadelphia They have the key of David. God knows their works. He puts in front of you an open door in which no one can shut. Because of patience and endurance they will stay away from the “test”. Hold fast for what you have. The message to Laodicea: the people are wealth but God says they are poor, blind, and naked. Just repent and open the door, Listen to the spirit and hear what is being told to the churches. The Heavenly Worship; Heavens door stood open. John heard “come up here” (at this tie he was in the spirit. He also saw 24 thrones along with the seven spirits of God. Around the throne there were four living creatures. These creatures had six wings. Worthiness was granted. The scroll and the lamb; John saw, in his right hand, one seated on the throne. This scroll had seven seals. An angel proclaimed “who is worthy to open the scroll and break its seals?”. No one on heaven or earth was able to open the scroll…no one was worthy enough!. More talk of the seven spirits of God. This is when Jesus was found to be worthy. The Seven Seals For the living seals the first two were a white horse. For the third seal a black horse popped out. For the fourth seal, a pale green horse named death appeared.. To ope0n the fifth seal showed the souls of those who had been slaughtered for the word of God. The sixth seal produced a great earthquake (sun became black) the fig tree lost its fruit.


    Lord, it’s confusing of what we are to expect (if we can>)


    1. 2020: Seven churches are in Asia and reference to the seven spirits who are before Gods throne. The Lord is coming in the cloud. Seven lampstands were viewed. The lord ids the first and the last. The seven lampstands are for the seven churches. Seven stars in right hand. The Lord hates Nicolaitans. So repent and get permission to eat from the tree of life. Some will be tested for 10 days by Satan. Listen to the Spirit. Gods eyes are like a blaze of fire. Continue to do Gods work to the end. Jesus will come as a thief. WHATS THE KEY OF DAVID? The Lord is knocking on the door! Talk about the seven spirits of God (4:5) also four living creatures with six wings. The one in the throne, in his right hand, had the scroll with seven seals. No one is worthy to open the scroll????? The seven seals: 1. a white horse. 2. Red horse. 3. black horse 1/4 wheat for a days pay). 4. pale green (death). 5. Souls of the believers. 6. An earthquake came. 7. ????


  30. 2 January
    Songs of Solomon 1-2

    God’s love is better than wine. Was keeping of the vineyard punishment? Solomon compares himself as a rose. He is a lily among brambles. The Lord has brought me into the banquet hall where it was overflowing with love. The Lord is like a gazelle upon the mountains. My beloved friend. Winter has passed and the flowers are appearing on the earth. The fig tree puts forth its figs and the vines are in blossom. My beloved is mine and I am his (male dominate). Are we the foxes and is the Lord the gazelle?


    Lord, does it all star with the fig tree?


    1. 2020: Is this a black person (female?), keeper of the vineyard. Follow the flock. She is a lily of the valley. It’s spring time, flowers are appearing, the fig tree blossoms (gives out fragrance). The little foxes ruin the vineyards


  31. 1 January

    Psalms 140-142

    Deliverance from evildoers. Those who plan evil things in their mind and stir up wars continually and guard me from the hands of the wicked and protect me (personally) against these wicked people. Don’t grant the desires of wicked people. I know the Lord is protecting the needy and executes justice for the poor. Lord preserve me from evil, show me the right path. Keep me away from wicked deeds. Talk about a prayer for deliverance from persecutors. Ask to be saved from your persecutors.


    Evildoers are causing issue with me (help me find the light with/for them)


    1. 2020: Help protect me from evil doers. Guard me from their net and snares. Let evil speedily hunt down the slanderer. Let the mischief of their lips overwhelm them. Oh Lord, come and protect me. Help me stay away from the wicked oil. These people have wicked deeds. I seek refuge in you, do not leave me defenseless. Lord delivery me from my persecutes. NO ONE CARES FOR ME. SAVE ME!


  32. 31 December
    Nehemiah 5-9

    Nehemiah deals with oppression to pay the Kings taxes. He said you should walk in fear of our God. Taken interest from their own people. Next was the generosity of Nehemiah who was elected governor he was looking out for the people. They built a wall around Judah. Wall was set up with doors and gatekeepers, and singers around the city of Jerusalem. Gave a list of peoples names of Israelite people. Tally was also given with money, people, gold, and silver. Review the book of the law from Moses. The people read from the look and understood the Law (this day is holy towards the law). The people were given commandments and great statues.


    Lord, help me understand this reading


    1. 2019: We need grain to eat, and our land has gone to the king. Walk in fear of God. Stop this taking of money. The king agreed and goods were distributed properly. The enemies wanted the work on the wall to stop. When wall was done, all nations around “us”” were afraid. The list of the returning exiles were in the book of genealogy (lists of lots of exiled people…”numbers”). Ezra brings the book of law before the assembly, @ by the Watergate, the joy of the Lord is your strength. People should live in booths (branches of olives, wild olive, palm, and other leafy trees). There was a national celebration toward heaven. Did the people want to return to slavery in Egypt? For 40 years God stayed with them. Our great God keep covenant and steadfast love to us, while we have turned against you.


  33. 30 December
    Deuteronomy 23-25

    List requirements to be in assemble of the Lord (like crushed testicles or cut off penis). Keep your camp around you clean. No interest to another Israelites. You may make a vow to the lord, but don’t postpone fulfilling it. What your lips utter you must fulfill. Writing a bill of divorce. Rules for a newly married man. Be put to death for your own works. Forty lashes has been set for flogging.. Rules of a husbands brother. Talk about cutting off a persons testicles.


    Watch your mouth and control your own testicles!


    1. 2019: Ouch!!!! Not being admitted to the assembly of God. Lots of rules! If dirty wash yourself with water. The use of a trowel to dig a hole after relieving yourself. No interest will be charged to an Israelite. No sickle should be used against a neighbor property. Miscellanies laws was discussed. YOU SHALL NOT…… Parents not put to death because of actions of their children. Talk about seizing his genitals. Don’t act dishonestly.


  34. 29 December
    1 John 4-5 (the scriber likes to test)

    Test the Spirit to see if it’s from God. Others would be from the anti-Christ. Just know that Jesus Christ has come in flesh and is God. Who ever know God, he listens to them. God is love. Love is from God. Thus, we must love one another. There is no fear in love because fear has punishment. Those who love God must love their brothers and sisters too. Everyone who believes in God has been born again. The Spirit is the truth! God gave us eternal life. God does hear us :). Keep yourself from idols.

    From the SGG, help me assist people to increase their faith? Or is this really an issue?


    1. 2019: Interesting that we should test the Holy Spirit! BECAUSE we shouldn’t believe every spirit. Is the Spirit from God? The spirit must confess the values of Jesus Christ. Let us love one another. Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love. We need to love through Jesus Christ. God has given us his spirit. God abides in those who confess that Jesus is the son of God. God is love. Perfect love drives our fear. FAITH will conquer the world. God gave us eternal life through his son. BELIEVE!! Question: (5:19) “the whole world lies under the power of the evil one”. Why does God allow that?


  35. 28 December

    Paul goes to Ephesus where he found some disciples. They were baptized by John. Then his hands on them and gave them the Holy Spirit. Hand handkerchiefs that cured diseases. This help grow the spirit of the Lord. The people who practiced magic burned their books after seeing the works of the of the Holy Spirit. Was a business conflict with Artemis of creating gods with our hands. Will discuss issue if charges are made against Demetrius, otherwise we are in danger of a riot! Paul then goes to Macedonia and Greece. He left his disciples for good in Macedonia. A boy fell asleep and fell 3 stories while listening to Paul. He was picked up dead. Paul went down, took his arm”…for his life is in him”. The boy was taken away alive. Paul speaks to the elders of Ephesian. He declares he is captive to the Spirit, and the Holy Spirit testifies to me that imprisonment and persecutions are waiting for me. Paul just wants to finish his course of the ministry. Speaking the Good News of Gods grace.

    We must all talk about the Good News!


    1. 2019: Paul wanted to know if the believers received the Holy Spirit? There were about 12 believers. Many miracles went threw Paul (the handkerchiefs toughing the skin which made the disease and evil spirits to leave). “I adjure you by Jesus” days Paul. People stopped practicing magic. A silversmith thought his trade you declining because Paul didn’t like gods made by human hands. In Macedonia a plot was made against Paul by the Jews (20:3). This boy fell asleep listening to Paul by the window. Paul wants to testify the grace from God. Paul is a captive to the Holy Spirit. The “good news” of Gods grace. It’s more blessed to give and receive (20:35)


  36. 27 December

    Judgement against Samaria, this is for the sins of Israel. The wounds of Judah are incurable. Make youself bald and cut off your hair. Don’t rise up against my people.. He will gather the survivors of Israel. For the prophets who hate the good and love the evil. People cry to the Lord, but the lord will not listen to them because of their evil ways. Rulers give judgement for a bribe, and priest teach for a price. You will find peace and security through the obedience fulfilled through the Lord. “the mountain” of the Lord. It reads that God will assemble the lame, the Lord will reign over them. Talk about ruling with the sword! The Lord gets serious…has vengeance for hose who are not obedient and in wrath for those who don’t obey. Then, God challenges Israel. Plead your case “to the mountain”. God requires not cattle, burnt offerings, first born, or my body for the sin of my soul. The lord says to , love kindness, and walk humbly with your God. Cheating and violence will be punished. Powerful dictate for what they want, people against people toward the trust in God. God then show his compassion and steadfast love. Show your faithfulness!


    I like “walk humbly with God”


    1. 2019: The Lord hated Esau ????? (don’t understand) while loving Jacob. maybe that’s Edom? Do not offer blind cattle to the Lord. Will he show favor with you? Bring things that have been taken or has blemish. The Lord declare he will author a curse on your blessings. Lips of the priests shall guard knowledge. The Lord hates divorce. Don’t rob God, bring a full tithe to the table. Thus, the soil will be fruitful. Reward of the faithful is coming.


  37. 26 December
    Ecclesiastes 11-12

    Be diligent, prepare yourself for disaster. Observe the wind for sowing and the clouds for reaping. But, you do not know the work of God…so be diligent in his ways. Be ready for judgement! Life could all be vanity. Fear God and keep his commandments. He will bring every deed into judgement (this includes the secret thing including good and evil).

    I Fear for what I’m going to tell to tell St. Peter at the Pearly Gates!


    1. 2019: You don’t know when disaster is going to come. You also don’t know the works of God’s hands. Days of darkness will be many. God will bring you into judgement. Talk about the grasshopper (haven’t seen one in years). Much study is a weariness of the flesh.. Remember to fear God and keep his commandments….it’s the whole duty of everyone.


  38. 25 December
    Psalm 137-139

    There was sorrow over the destruction of Jerusalem, Jerusalem if of the highest joy. David gives thanks and praise to God for his steadfast love and his faithfulness. On the day of David’s call, he was answered. Great is the glory of the Lord. Even though I might walk in the midst of trouble, you will preserve me against the wrath of my enemies. The Lord is inescapable. The Lord knows all. Speaking of hatred for those who rise up against God for evil deeds. It reads that David is asking God to test his heart for any wickedness.


    is this a plea from David?


    1. 2019: Feeling bad by the river of Babylon. People wanted to destroy Jerusalem. The Lord regards the lowly. Even though you walk through troubles, the Lord will protect you from your enemies. THE LORDS STEADFQAST LOVE. The Lord knows everything I do. He is always THERE. Be with the Lord. Do you hate those who hate the Lord??? Serious QUESTION.


  39. 24 December
    Nehemiah 1-4

    Nehemiah prays for the people declaring that they are unfaithful. Give us success. He had “sadness of the face”, he asked for goods from the King to rebuilt Judah. He was going to do work for Jerusalem. He then rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem. They started out re[pairing the Sheep’s gate. They kept making repairs on the wall/towers. Many people were doing repairs on the wall “repairs opposite of their living quarters. When the Arabs heard of the wall being repaired, they became angry, these people plotted together against the people of Jerusalem. They were going to kill the repairers and stop their work! 1/2 of the people started looking over the construction with swords in their hand. Keep weapon in right hand!

    Quite a job protecting/securing the construction/repair of the wall.


    1. 2019: “If you keep my commandments I will gather them from there…” WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? God’s strong hand. Nehemiah had a sad face. The king wanted to know how long it will take to rebuild the city of Jerusalem (gates broken down). He made the decision to rebuild the wall at Jerusalem. God of heaven will give us success. Listed many people who made repair. WHAT IS THE ANGLE THATS DESCRIBED? People were mocking the repair of the wall. The Arabs became angry. They wanted to stop the work. The worker then had one arm carrying a sword.. Weapon was in the “right hand”.


  40. 23 December
    Deuteronomy 20-22

    Rules of warfare: You should not be afraid of an ene0my with a larger army, because the Lord is with you. The leader should talk to his troops before battle. Many options of going’ “back to their house”. Offer a time of peace. You can enjoy the booty of your battle (talking about countries “with other gods”). Destroy trees that do not produce any fruit, If you have a female captive, take her home, shave her head, pare he nails. After a month she will become the wife, but if you are not satisfied, she should be set free. You shall not treat her like a slave. Noe if a man has two wives, one loved and the other disliked, the firstborn from either wife will be in his will. If you have a stubborn child, he should be stoned. Don’t ignore other peoples lost property. A man shall not put on a woman’s garment because it’s abhorrent to the Lord my God. You must honor the land your God gave you. If a man claim his wife is not a virgin and is unhappy, charges could be brought. After trials if this was found to be un true, the man will be stoned. If it’s true, the husband shall stone he to death at the gate of the town. Same thing if a man “rapes” a woman, if captured he will be stoned.


    Lord, tough rules! Be with us as we JUDGE someone who rapes.

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    1. 2019: Do not be afraid of a war against your enemies. The Lord will be with you! If anyone is afraid, they should go back to there house. You may enjoy the spoils of your war. Keep trees that produce fruit. If someone is murdered and a heifer will be used to heal “the blood gilt”. The right of the first born will be given a double portion of your possessions. Evil will be stoned to death. A corpse hung on a tree, under Gods curse, must not remain all night. A neighbors goods need to be helped. Deuteronomy 5: don’t put on a woman’s garment (abhorrent to the Lord your God). Rules were given about sex, and farming. If the woman’s was not a virgin, she will be stoned to death (purge evil from your midst).


  41. 22 December
    1 John 1-3

    The word of life is with the father. God is light…we need to walk in the light with fellowship. If we say that we have no sin, then the truth is not within us. You must obey Gods commandment. You must love another brother or sister. warning of the anti-Christ. This is the one who deigns the father and the son. If you have been sinning, you are the child of the devil (because the devil has been sinning since the beginning. THE SONOF GOD WAS REVEALED FOR THIS PURPOSE, TO DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL. Love one another, the world hates you. Let us love in truth and actions.


    Good words!


    1. 2019: The word of light is the light of the Lord. No darkness is within Him. Christ is our advocate to help us relieve our sins. You need to live in the “light”. Beware of the evil one. The anti-Christ is coming. Don’t deny the Father and the Son. What we will be has not yet been revealed. The Son of God was revealed to protect against the evil one. Love one another. Let us love in truth and action.


  42. 21 December
    Acts 17-18

    Paul is in Thessalonicaat a synagogue for the Jews, and they debated about the Messiah. The Jews became jealous and a mob was formed. The dragged “believers” to court. Paul then went to Athens. He became distressed because the city was full of idopls. He debated with some “Epicurean and Stoic philosophers”. Started telling the Areopagus ” (Athenians) about God….He’s not an unknown god. The world will be judged in righteousness. Paul then went to Corinth. Paulwas a tentmaker, along with Aquila. Paul was trying to convince Jews and Greeks. Many Corinthians were baptized.. Then Paul was then beaten in front of the tribunal. Paul, once again returns to Antioch. in route he stopped by Syria for more debate. Paul traveled to many cities. The ministry of Apollos was discussed about becoming believers.


    What away to minister….could something similar today be done?


    1. 2019: There was an uproar in Thessalonica, where Paul and Silas argued about the scriptures. The Jews were not happy. The word of God has been delivered by Paul. When Paul went to Athens he witnessed many idols. The Lord does not live in anything made by human hands. Thus some “believers” surfaced. Paul then leaves the Jews and went to the Gentiles. Talk about the ministry of Apollos.


  43. 20 December
    Zechariah 8-14

    The Lord said he did not hear? The Lord of hosts will bring his people to live in Jerusalem. He will be their God. So be strong. Their will be a vine of peace. The lord says don’t bring me to wrath. Speak the truth to to ONE ANOTHER and make peace. Do not devise evil in your hearts. Thus, fast with peace. The word of the lord is at rest on Damascus. The king shall perish from Gaza. Rejoice for the coming of OUR king. The restoration of Judah and Israel. The Lord cars for his flock. He has compassion with him. There are two types of shepherds.. One is a shepherd of the flock to have no pity and becoming rich. Will cause them to fall into the hands of their neighbor (shepherd of a flock doomed to slaughter). The two staffs Favor and Unity were taken. Then you have a shepherd that leaves it flock. God will make Jerusalem “a heavy stone”. God pledges he will destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem. A fountain “shall be open” to cleanse the people of Jerusalem from sin and impurity. The Lord of hosts says he will cut off the names of idols in the land along with the unclean spirits. Those who speak lies when they prophecy. Talk about the flock being scattered. In the final war, the night will have light, living water will flow out of Jerusalem. If you oppose Jerusalem you will rot, along with having animal problems.

    Lord, Is this a synopsis of the LAAAAST DAYS 😦 ?



    1. 2019: Jerusalem is now named the Holy City. At this time there was no safety for the people. Do not be afraid. Speak the truth to one another. Have joyful fasting showing gladness. Judgment was made on Israel’s enemies. The Kin comes to you riding on a donkey. He will bring peace. Talk about glorious trees that are ruined. The inhabitants of the earth will have pity from me. Be a Shepard of the flock. WHAT ABOUT THE SHEPHARDS RIGHT EYE? The Lord will cut off the names of the idols from the land. The sheep were scattered. Future warfare will happen and the city will be put into exile. Then, the Lord will be king over all the earth. For some, their eyes will rot. No worship, festival of booths, no rain. Whoooo….Debbie Downer.


  44. 19 December
    Ecclesiastes 9-10

    Take life as it comes. It’s all in the hands of God. The same fate comes to everyone. Eat for enjoyment and drink wine with a merry heart. Whatever your hands like to do…do it, do with your might. This is because no one can anticipate the time of disaster. Wisdom is better than weapons of war. Wisdom superior to folly. Some miscellaneous observations; The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. Whenever fools walk on the road, they lack sense. Whoever digs a pit will fall into it. Wisdom helps one to succeed.


    So true about digging a pit!


    1. It’s all vanity! Same fate is for everyone. Dead flies make your ointment give off a foul odor. Mortals, like birds, are snared at a time of calamity, “when it suddenly falls upon them”. Wisdom is superior to folly. Do rich sit in low places? Fools talk on and on. Feasts are made for laughter, and wine gladdens life while money meets every need. Don’t curse the king (even in your thoughts).


  45. 18 December
    Psalms 134-136

    Bless be the Lords servants of the night (don’t understand). Also praise God forhis goodness and might. Praise theLrd, He is the best. He has struck down many nations. Gods work in creation and history. Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever. Give thanks to the God of heaven.


    Help keep our congregational love we have for YOU and other members


    1. 2019: Lift up your hands and praise the lord, maker of heaven and earth. The Lord is good, gracious, and great! Bless the Lord and praise him. Talk about Gods steadfast love that endures forever.


  46. 17 December
    Ezra 6-10

    King Darius decree about searching for the records from King Cyrus whose decree was the construction of the house of the Lord. These record had dimensions for the temple and the silver and gold that Nebuchadnezzar took from the temple. The governor of the Jews were to be rebuilt. He made this decree; “let it be done with all diligence”. The temple was completed and they dedicated . Once complete people offered bulls, rams, lambs, and a sin offering. Ezra was a scribe, and the granted him everything he wanted. Ezra was going to teach the word of God. Ezra was given the power of the purse, by the King, to be done with all diligence (Ezra knew the Law of the Lord). Whatever is commanded by the God in heaven, let it be done with zeal for the house of God in heaven, or wrath will come upon the king and his heirs. No toll is to be placed on priest, singers, or doorkeepers. A lot of genealogy was discussed. The group then prayed and fasted for protection. They even offered “talents” of vessels for offerings. You should not have mixed marriages (the holy seed). Even though we are slaves, you have always been with us (steadfast love). So do not give daughter/sons and intermarry with the evil doers. The foreign wives and their children were rejected. Marry foreign wives (swore to do right). These people were to send off their wives with a guilt offering. Many descendants were listed.


    Lord, help me understands foreign wives/husbands and immigrants!


    1. 2019: check out the archives, a record of the house of God was found from Kin Cyrus. This was a decree from King Darius. Once complete many bulls and rams were offered to the Lord. Ezra got all he wanted from the King. King Artaxerxes opened up his treasuries for God in his house. Ezra was to assign judges (leaders) for the people. God’s wrath is against all who oppose him. They weighed and counted everything in the house of God. Ezra’s pray and says how lowly he and his people have shown, but his steadfast love has been shown to us, giving us land ans=d allowing us to inter-marry. Issues with foreign wives was discussed.


  47. 16 December
    Deuteronomy 16-19

    The Passover was reviewed, it is to be eatten with unleavened bread. It was like rules. They also had a festival of booths (produce). You will appeare three times a year: festival of unleaven bread, festival of weeks, and the festival of booths. Give to the lord what you are able to give. Seek justice and don’t accept bribes so you can enjoy the land that the Lord has given you. Don’t set up false poles or stone pillars (God hates these). Now you are not supposed to sacrifice any animal with a blemish, and you should stone a man or woman who commits a crime against the Lord (need two witnesses). You must listen to the judge and purge to evil from the land. No influence for either right or left. Magic is prohibited. The Lord will also raise up a new prophet. Laws for the three cities of exile (so blood is not spilled). Requirements of the evil for false witness; So no pity, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, foot for foot, hand for hand.


    I like this no-pity rule….now……but in some circumstance it could be hurtful.


    1. 2019: It’s important to keep the Passover. Rules were set. The Lord will choose where the Passover will be offered. The festival of Booths was also reviewed. Judges and officers are to be selected. No tree should be a sacred pole. Don’t offer an unclean animal to the Lord. Death will be decided by 2 witnesses. The evil will be purged from Israel. The rights of priests were stated. Be loyal to the Lord YOUR God. Three cities are declared for people to find refuge. (so extra blood will not be spread). Keep your neighbors boundary markers. DO ONTO OTHERS, NO PITY, LIFE FOR LIFE, EYE FOR EYE, TOOTH FOR TOOTH, HAND FOR HAND, AND FOOT FOR FOOT.


  48. 15 December
    II Peter

    Peter is an apostle of Jesus Christ. Support your faith with goodness with knowledge, self control with endurance in godliness, mutual affection with love. This is similar to a lamp shining in a dark place. False profits will bring in bad opinions (deceptive words) wait until the day of judgement. Follow the straight road. Don’t be a slave to corruption. The saying “The dog turns back to its own vomit”. In the last days scoffers will come. The Lord is coming! There will be destruction of the godless. 1 day is like a thousand years, and s thousand years is like one day. The Lord is not slow about his promise, but very patient with you, hoping for repentance. The Lord will come like a thief. So as you wait for Him be at Peace, without spot or blemish. Don’t get carried away with the error of lawless. Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and savior Jesus .


    Lord, do we need to anticipate the second coming? [this could be a big debate]


    1. 2019: Simeon Peter is also a servant of Jesus Christ. With Gods power we have the promises to escape lust. You need knowledge of the Lord Jesus. Thus, entry into the eternal kingdom of our Lord will be richly provided to you. Talk about the voice from God on the holy mountain. . Talk about false prophets. Examples of Noah and lot. People slander what they don’t understand! Follow the straight road and don’t go astray. Don’t be a slave to corruption. In the last days, scoffers will come. A thousand years is like 1 day. The Lord will come like a thief. Be at peace without spot or blemish. Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


  49. 14 December
    Acts 15-16

    The word of the council dealing with circumcision (from the law of Moses) stating that you can not saved. Paul (and Barnabas)then was sent to Jerusalem to discuss the question with the apostilles and elders. On the way they converted all the gentiles. The holy spirit is not influence by circumcision. Don’t trouble the gentiles. Just stay away from idols and fornication. Then Timothy enters the scene. Paul had a vision of a man from Macedonia. The conversation of Lydia and were baptized by Paul. One day, Paul and Silas ran into a slave girl, who was a fortunate teller. After a couple of day Paul became annoyed. He said to the spirit: ” I order you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her”….and it did! The owner of the slave girl saw the loss of “money making” opportunities vanish, so both Paul and Silas were seized and brought to the authorities. They were flogged. The an earthquake happened happed and all the chains and locks were open. They did not escape, and told the guard (who was about to kill himself for we are all here) that you need to believe on the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved….. Later the guard was baptized “without delay”. Later to two were set free…go in peace. These Roman citizens asked for an apology.



    1. 2019: Do we need to be circumcised to be saved? To “keep the law of Moses”. Now God has put the Holy Spirit within us. Now don’t disrupt the Gentile believers. Timothy joins Paul and Silas (he got circumcised). Paul had a vision about going to Macedonia (was it God calling?) . Paul and Silas was brought into prison. Earthquake happened and the prison gates were open. The jail guard was baptized.


  50. 13 December
    Zechariah 1-7

    The word of the Lord came to Zechariah where he says that the Lord is not happy and they are following the path their ancestors (Israel people) took with God. The Lord says “Return to me….and I will return to you”. The first vision happened with a horseman. The Lord sent them to patrol the streets. Second vision, the horns and the Smith. The third vision was a man with a measuring line (to measure Jerusalem). To check out its width and length. God declares (by an angel) that he will put a wall of fire around the city and thus, the glory within it.. The Lord appeals to the exiles. The Lords will inherit Judah as his portion of holy land. The fourth vision was with Joshua and Satan. The angel cleans up Joshua an he was supposed to bring people under his vine and fig tree. The fifth vision was a lampstand and olive trees. Lampstand was made of gold. These olive trees are the “two anointed ones” who stand by the Lord of the whole earth. The sixth vision was the flying scroll 20 X 10 cubits in size. This flying scroll is a curse for those who steal or swears (by His name). The Seventh vision was about a woman in a basket (which was wickedness). The Eighth vision was the four chariots; each chariots had different color horses. These color represents the 4 winds of heaven. A coronation of a branch took place so Joshua shall “branch out in place”. He is then going to build a temple for the Lord. The word of the Lord came to Zechariah. When you fast, don’t you eat and drink for yourself? The word of the Lord said don’t oppress the widow, alien, or the poor. Don’t devise evil in your heart against another. The people did not listen, the Lord got angry, and great wrath came from the Lord of hosts.


    v9 Show kindness and mercy to one another!


    1. 2019: Israel was urged to repent. The Lord SAYS “COME BACK TO ME”. Vision of colored horses to patrol the earth. Another vision was that Israel will be like a fire around it (the fire is the Lord). Joshua had filthy cloths standing by an angel (the cloths represent Joshua’s guilt). Joshua even got a clean turban. The fifth vision had the olive tree. These two trees are the two anointed ones who stand by the Lord of the whole earth. The flying scroll is for evil doers (how could a scroll fly…it’s a vision BUT?). The Lords spirit is at rest in the north country. Don’t fake your fasting. Show kindness and mercy to one another.


  51. 12 December
    Ecclesiastes 7-8

    Do we have a disillusioned view of life? Is sorrow better than laughter? Don’t be quick to anger. Wisdom is like protecting money. Now do not be to righteous, not to wise, be too wicked, or do not be a fool. It’s good that you should take hold of one, without letting go of the other, for the one who fears God shall succeed with both. Wisdom gives strength to the wise more than ten rulers that are in a city. There is no one on earth so righteous as to do good without ever sinning. Everything is tested by wisdom. God has made human beings, but they have devised many schemes (both good and evil). Who is like a wise man? Wisdom makes your face shine. Wickedness does not deliver any type of justice (speedily). The human heart is fully set to do evil. Does committing a sin prolong your life? Don’t know, but it all will be well with those who fear God. It will not go well for the wicked.


    Help me escape from the wickedness in my heart and practice wisdom.


    1. 2019: It’s important to have a good name. It’s better to go to the house of mourning than the house of feasting (don’t understand?). Wisdom is more important than a large inheritance. Wisdom gives life to whoever possesses it! Don’t be wicked r be to righteous. Everyone sins and curses others. Have wisdom when asked. Now obey the king and enjoy yourself. Do we have power to control the wind? A human heart is fully set to do evil. So command of enjoyment is given; ear, drink, and enjoy yourself.


  52. 11 December
    Psalms 131-133

    My soul is quiet, I look for you! I will find a place for the Lord before my desires/needs. We need to live together in unity. Thus, in a humble community.


    We need to listen/follow your guidance in YOUR OWN WAYS!


  53. 10 December
    Ezra 1-5

    King Cyrus spirit was stirred up and we was to rebuild the house of the lord (with free will offerings). Listed a little inventory of goods that was to be put into the house of the Lord (silver and gold vessels, goods, animals, and valuable gifts). These people (who King Nebuchadnezzar captured) returned to Jerusalem and Judah. Gave a number of people who returned to their home towns. Included descendants family names. Large tally of people and animals. The foundation was made for the temple made by the people coming from exile. There was some resistant to the construction of the house of the Lord. The people of the land discouraged the people of Judah, and made them afraid to build. A letter was written to King Artaxerxes declaring that the Jews, who came up by you, has gone to Jerusalem. They are rebuilding that rebellious and wicked city. The king did not want the city rebuilt (at this time) and construction stopped until the second year of the reign of King Darius of Persia. Then the restoration of the temple resumed. Letter was sent to King Darius about the reconstruction. This was done by King Cyrus


    Shows the importance of the temple of God


    1. 2019: The end of the Babylonian captivity with King Cyrus of Persia FOR THE WORD OF THE LORD TO BE ACCOMPLISH. To rebuild the house of the Lord. God stirred many peoples spirit. The number of returning exiles was listed “by the house or descendants”. The whole assembly as 42,360. Listed the “asset’s” in numbers. Worship was restored in Jerusalem, and offered burnt offerings to God. There was resistance to rebuilding the Temple. Rebuilding was opposed. Talk about “royal revenue” and possessions.


  54. 9 December
    Deuteronomy 13-15

    If a prophet comes to you by dreams, do not follow them. He is testing you. Don’t worship other Gods. You should stone them to death for trying to take you away from our one GOD. Obey the word of God. We are children of the Lord. You shall not eat any abhorrent things. There are specified animals to eat. You can eat animals that have a hoof cleft in two, chews its cud, along with other animals. Though, you shall not eat the camel, the hare, and the rock badger….they are unclean, along with the pig. You can eat anything from the water that has fins and scales. You can eat any clean bird, but the restriction list was noted. Regulation concerning Tithes was stated. Spend your money (tithes) in the presence of God, and eat and drink with the Lord your God. Do this every 3 years. Now every 7 years your debts should be forgiven, you will lend but not borrow. Open your hand. Don’t have a tight fist. Be ungrudging, your God will bless you in all your work. Send a slave free after 7 years. For your firstborn of livestock, it shall be consecrated to the Lord your God.


    Tough guidelines 🙂


    1. 2019: The Lord will put you to the test. Purge the evil from you midst. Don’t worship other Gods…period! Pagan practices are forbidden. Talk about animals that can be eaten. You should not eat ravens. Rules we set for tithing. Big load (tithe) can turn the tithe into money (every third year). Laws of the Sabbatical Year was given. Don’t entertain a mean “though that the year of remission in near”. Open your hand to the poor and needy. Don’t sacrifice the first born to the Lord which has a defect.


  55. 8 December
    1 Peter 4-5

    Good Stewards of Gods Grace; live by the will of God, not by the standard Gentile way (human desires…like drunkenness and lawless idolatry). It read that you are going to be tested. Enjoy the spirit of glory, which is the Spirit of God within you. Be the example for the flock of sheep. Be humble and discipline yourself. PEACE BE WITH YOU


    Set the example…do what God would do!


    1. 2019: Live by the will of God Stay aware from passion, drunkenness, carousing, and lawlessness. Everyone will be judged in the flesh. Surve one another with what you have. You will be tested being a Christian, so beware if you are ungodly and a sinner. Continue todo good. Be examples in the flock of God. Keep alert, resist the devil. God with all His grace will lead you to His eternal glory in Christ. He will restore, support, strengthen, and establish you.


  56. Ref: This is used in a cadence in the Army. This was copied from the web site Open Bible:
    Matthew 16:18-19 /this is why you will see St. Peter at the pearly gate!
    And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” this goes back to week 6 – column 7


  57. 7 December
    Acts 13-14

    Barnabus and Saul commissioned at the church by the Holy Spirit. They met the magician Elymas (named Bar-Jesus) who opposed them. Saul says, you son of the devil. The Lords hand was upon him and he was blinded for a while. They then went to Antioch, Paul then spoke of the people being brought out of Egypt “not worth to untie the thong of the sandals on his feet”. It was like a synopsis of the Good News. You think (Gentiles) that you are not worthy, but Paul and Barnabus say that’s not true!. This same thing occurred in Iconium, and a great number of both Jews and Greeks became believers. The lord granted some signs stirring up the faith. Paul even healed a a man witrh crippled feet in Lystra. Paul says stand up and walk”. Facing “issues” Paul says we are mortal, just like you, but we bring the good news. Move away from these worthless things to the living God. God does good things! Paul was stoned, but not to death. Follow the command to the grace of God, its the open door of faith for the Gentiles.


    Good quick synopsis!


    1. 2019: Barnabas and Saul were called by God (had hand laid on them). The apostilles preached in Cyprus. They were met by the “Son of the devil. The magician went blind for a while. John declares he can’t untie the sandals of the one who’s coming! Don’t experience any corruptions. Are you unworthy? go spread the word of the Lord to the Gentiles. There was a man crippled from birth, Paul told him to “get up and walk”. Paul ended up being stoned and dragged out of the city…he was not DEAD (in Antioch).


  58. 6 December

    The word of the Lord came to the prophet Haggai. Go up to the hills and rebuild my house. The lord stirred up the spirit of Zerubbabel, Joshua, and all the remnant of the people. They worked on the house. Now the temple is not looking well, they need to restore the house. Haggai was talking about being holy, and clean and unclean people. Haggai spoke to Zerubbabel saying that God is about to shake the heavens and earth, and overthrow the throne of kingdoms. Zerubbabel gets a signet ring to signify that he is the chosen one.

    Lord, help me find direction in this scripture!


    1. 2019: Word o the law came from the Lord that the house of the Lord shall be rebuilt (so God can take pleasure and be honored) (consider how you have fared). The Lord had called for a drought. The Lord stirred up the spirit the spirit of the high priest Jehozadak and all the remnant of the people. They all worked on the house of the Lord. The Lord says my spirit is within you. The Lord declares all silver and gold is mine.. The people did not return to the lord after blight, mildew and hail. Talk about pomegranate!


  59. 5 December
    Ecclesiastics 5-6

    Be humble and guard yourself (steps) when you go into the house of the Lord. Draw near to listen, and don’t sacrifice like a fool. Watch your mouth, don’t be a fool and fulfill your vows (God does not like FOOLS and has no pleasure). Don’t let your mouth lead you to sin. Just fear God.. A lover of wealth or money will not be satisfied. God only gives us a little time on earth. If God gives you wealth (lacks nothing), God does not enable them to enjoy (but a stranger enjoys them). Be like a stillborn child. All human toil is for the mouth, but you appetite is not satisfied. Better is the sight of the eyes than the wandering of desire…this is vanity!


    Good readings for a special day!


    1. 2019: Listening is better than a sacrifice offered by fools. Don’t vow if you can’t fulfill this vow. Don’t have love of money…this is vanity! God gives wealth and possessions to those He enables to enjoy them. Desire leads to frustration. You need to enjoy life. Human toil is for the mouth and vanity (chasing after wind). Know what’s good.


  60. 4 December
    Psalms 128-130

    A happy home is for the faithful. Happy is everyone who fears the Lord and walks in his ways. Fear the Lord and you will be blessed. The Lord has cut the cords of the wicked (because the Lord is righteous).. Talk about waiting for divine redemption. I cry to you oh Lord, please listen. My soul waits for the Lord.

    Our soul just needs to be patient in our waits



    1. 2019: Question? Do we want to live in happiness? Walk the walk with the Lord. You will be blessed all the days of your life. Wait for the Lord, the Lord has steadfast love.


  61. 3 December
    II Chronicles 33-36

    Manasseh was only 12 years old when he began to reign 55 years in Jerusalem. He did evil in Gods eyes. He rebuilt alters at high places, even with wizards! Manasseh was in destress and humbled himself toward the Lord, and he was lifted up and restored. He then believed that the Lord was God. Later he died, his son Amon succeeded hi. Now he did not humble himself in the sight if God, and his servants even killed him. Next, his son Josiah took over (at 8 years old). He reigned for 31 years. He did right in the sight of the Lord. Walked like his ancestor David. He broke down the high places etc. He found the book of the law (gave money to restore the house of the Lord. /the book was from Moses. The money was given to the workers. Pledge to the covenant of God. The arc finds a resting place (Passover duties). Pharaoh Neco fights with Josiah, even though he did ni=ot listen to Nrco. Archers shot King Josiah. Jehoahaz son of Josiah reigned for three months in Jerusalem. He then changed his name to Jehoiakim. The king of Egypt deposed him in Jerusalem (he did evil in the sight of the Lord). Gods wrath came against the people of Jerusalem Then the house of God was destroyed. It was in bad shape for 70 years.


    Help e do right in your sight Lord


    1. 2019: Manasseh did much evil in the site of the Lord. While he was in distress he came back to God. Amon reigned after Manasseh and again was evil in the site of the Lord. Amon was 22 years old when he began to reign. Then reign of Josiah. We was only 8 years old when he began to reign. He was a straight shooter. He broke down the “polls, alters, and cast images. The house of the Lord was rebuilt (people did the work). The law was found (book of the law). The wrath of the Lord is great because our ancestors did not keep the word of the Lord. The Lord wasa very angry and disasters will come to Juda and Jerusalem. Lots of bull, rams, & kids we offered to the Lord. Josiah was in disguise to fight in a battle, he ended up being wounded and thus, died. Jehoiakim did evil against the Lord (he was 25 years old, reigning for eleven years). The reign of Zedekiah who opposed God. Thus the wrath of the Lord brought Israel to defeat. Gods house was burned. Cyrus, King of Persia, “Let him go up”.


  62. 2 December
    Deuteronomy 10-12

    The Lord tells Moses to prepare another 2 tablets to bring up to mountain so he can write on them. An Arc of wood was made for the ten commandments. Moses stayed on mountain for 40 days and 40 nights. Fear the Lord, and walk in his ways. You should circumcise. Worship God and praise him. Rewards for obedience, keep your obedience toward him. This ;land I promised is full of milk and honey. His eyes are always on it. You will be blessed with rain, fruit, and oil. If you love the Lord, God will allow you to control all the land you walk on. The blessing and the curse; if you obey the commandments of the Lord today and follow no other God. When occupying the land you must diligently observe the statues that the Lord set before them. You see there are statutes that must be observed in the land of the Lord. You must demolish all the places where the nations whom you are about to disposes served their gods, on the mountain heights, on the hills, and even under a leafy . You will have a specified area of worship and offer your burnt goods now you are not to eat the blood (should pour it on the ground like water). God will enlarge your territory, and the idea of eating meat was granted. You shall present your burnt offerings, both in meat and in blood, on the alter of the Lord your God. When the Lord your God cuts off before you the nation whom you are about to enter to dispossess them. Don’t inquire about these peoples “other” gods.


    Strict rules to follow getting towards “the promised land”


    1. 2019:: AS I’m TAKING A BREAK FROM “RAIDERS OF THE ARK”. The second pair was made for the ones Moses smashed. The tribe of Levi was supposed to carry and secure the ark. The Lords wants the people to fear him and to obey all the commandments. God loves the stranger. Worship God. Rewards for obedience was shown in the wilderness along with escape from their enemies. Serve God with all your heart. Don’t serve any other God. Put this information on you forehead. Walk in his ways. Everything you walk on is yours. If you. Pagan shrines are to be destroyed, break down their alters. Have a prescribed place to worship. NOW DON’T EAT THE BLOOD, FOR THE BLOO IS LIFE.. A warning was given about idolisms.


  63. 1 December
    1 Peter 1-3

    Peter is an apostille of Jesus Christ. God has given us great mercy through Jesus Christ. You will be tested on your faith. Prepare you mind for actions and prepare yourself to be holy. Keep trusting in God, keep loving each other. The good news lives forever. Rid yourself of bad things but enjoy your spiritual milk while growing into salvation. Be built into a spiritual house. If you stumble it could mean that the word was disobeyed. Once you were not a people, but now you are Gods people, fully receiving Gods mercy. Live as a servant of God. Protect your soul from the desires of the flesh. Be honorable, and through your deeds it will be shown. Because God is coming to judge. Honor everyone, love the family of believers. Do you suffer when you do right? Now Christ committed no sin, He had no deceit was found in his mouth. Jesus turned the other cheek…always. Wives accept the authority of your husband. For husbands honor your wives (weaker sex). Suffering for doing right. Believers have unity of the spirit. do not repay evil for evil. Repay with a blessing. Those who desire life should keep their tongues from evil. Turn away from evil and do good. The eyes of the Lord is on the righteous. Keep your conscious clear.. Noah was saved by water too (8 people).


    Lord you make it tough teaching us to turn the other cheek!


    1. 2019: A living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Talk about having you faith, salvation of your soul, be put to the test. Call to holy living, be holy in all of your duties. All flesh is like grass. Be built into a spiritual house, like a living stone. Live as servants to God and abstain from the desires of the flesh that wages war against the soul. Doing right will silence those who do wrong. Wives accept authority of her husbands. Husbands show honor to the wives. Do not repay evil for evil or abuse for abuse. The eyes of the Lord is on the righteousness. Keep your conscious clean.


  64. 30 November
    Acts 11-12

    Peter reports ti the church at Jerusalem. The believers (circumcised people). He even saw a vision of a large sheet from heaven. It had four footed animals. God said kill and eat. Peter refused because he thought the food would be unclean. Then at Caesarea the spirit asked for Simon (Peter). Remembering the word of the Lord; John baptized you with water, but you will bee baptized by the holy spirit. So God has given to the gentiles the repentance that leads to life. Many people saw the grace of God. Barnabas went to Tarsus to look for Saul. A famine was then predicted over all the world. King Herod had James killed (by the sword). The Jewish people liked this so Peter was arrested and thrown into prison. The people prayed for Peter, then an angel from the Lord came to the prison and set Peter free. Guards were on duty. The angel then left Peter after his escape. Was it Peters angel? Herod was struck down by an angel of God then eaten to death by worms.


    After the escape, the guards died. What did they do wrong?


    1. 2019: Peter was criticized by circumcised people. Peter saw a vision from heaven. The Holy Spirit was there to baptize them. People from Antioch became believes. This was the first time “Christians” were named. Hoed had Peter arrested than thrown into heaven. An angel then released Peter from prison. He was recued from Herod. The Lord brought him out of prison. “Tell this to James and the believers”. Herod put the guards to death. The angel of the Lord struck Herod down who was ten eaten by worms (because he had not given glory to God.


  65. 29 November

    The word on the lord came to Zephaniah. God will make wicked people stumble. Judah will be judged. Don’t be the one who turns away from the Lord, for He will punish those. These peoples wealth will be plundered. The great day of the Lord is near. He will bring great distress among the non believers (The day of Gods wrath). Israel’s enemies will face judgement. Seeks the lord, be humble, seek righteousness, and seek humility. Gaza shall be deserted. The word of the Lord is against the enemies, he will restore the fortunes of those oppressed. The Moab people taunt “my people”. The Lord will be “bad” to his enemies.. The wickedness of Jerusalem. Their prophets are reckless, and have done violence to the law. Wait fpr me says the Lord, he will change the language to one (1) . The king of Israel (Lord) is within the midst.


    I’m looking for “signs” of Gaza being deserted? This shows how some speculators (or half-ass profits) as using scripture for their own gain.


    1. 2019: The Lord says he will “sweep away everything of Judah in his judgement.. Don’t fall back on the Lord. The Lord Did not like violence and fraud. The Lord will bring distress in the day of the Lords wrath. So seek righteousness. People in Jerusalem are wicked. The city is “soiled” and profits a reckless. The Lod wants to assemble nations throughout the world. God will bring you home.


  66. 28 November
    Ecclesiastes 3-4

    Everything has its time, also season. A time to born and a time to die. A time to kill (lists). Gods gift is to eat/drink/and find pleasure in your toil (things to be busy with) . God seeks out what has already gone by. Judgement will come from God. It’s said that God is testing evil doers. Do we want to see the evil doers (vanity) under the sun. Two friends are better than one. Are we chasing after the wind?


    Lord, what really is time? Since the scripture reads that you are viewing “the situation” as a past tense.


    1. 2019: A season for everything. Time to love and a time to hate. Time for war and a time for peace. God seeks out what has gone by. There is also a time for judgement. All is from dust Are the dead more fortunate than the living? Two friends are better than one! Are we chasing after wind?


  67. 27 November
    Psalms 122-124

    Let us go yo the house of the Lord. Go and give thanks. Peace be within you. I will seek your good. Seek mercy from God. Give thanks to the Lord for he has mad the heavens and the earth.



    1. 2019: Asking for mercy. Keep looking to the Lord. Since the lord was on our side, good things happened. to the Israelites. Those who trust in the Lord is like mount Zion. The Lord will lead away with evildoer. OR they would have been swept away. Do good for those who do good (like Karma).


  68. 26 November
    II Chronicles 29-32

    Hezekiah reigned in Jerusalem at 25 years in age for 29 years. He cleansed the temple of the Lord. He turned the people back to the way of the Lord. He wanted to make a covenant with the Lord, sanctify the house of the Lord. Worship God with gladness, bulls, sheep, and rams were offered as a sin offering and an offering of well being. Hezekiah did what was right in the eyes of the Lord and he prospered. Judah was invaded by Sennacherib’s (who stopped all the springs and the wadi that flowed through the land. Hezekiah build up the infrastructure. Then God saved Hezekiah from Sennacherib’s. In Hezekiah’s sickness wrath came upon him because of his proud heart. He humbled himself so the wrath of the Lord did not come upon the people of Hezekiah. Now Hezekiah had great riches and honor, treasuries of sliver, gold, precious stones, and all kinds of costly objects. God had given him great possessions. This was his test.



    1. 2019; Hezekiah seems to be “worthy” honoring God. Take out the “filth” in this holy place. It appears that the wrath of God was shown in Jerusalem to Judah. A sin offering was mad and the temple worship was restored. Much burnt offering there was fat for the offering of well being. People… “don’t be stiff necked”. Talk about the 7 day festival on unleavened bread was discussed. There wasn’t anything like this since Solomon. The Pagan shrines were also destroyed. The people of Israel offered much to the Lord. The Lord has blessed our people. Free will offering to God. Hezekiah prospered! He built a wall, do not be afraid. The Lord is with us to fight our battles. Hezekiah has issues with the king of Assyria. He even propagated the people with letters. Hezekiah had great riches. He prospered in all his works.


  69. 25 November
    Deuteronomy 7-9

    Talk of the chosen people, the land God has promised, you must destroy the other people. You must destroy the “other” people of the land, and destroy their idols. The Lord will turn away all evil that the people had in Egypt. God will give all the nations around you, low but sure. God warns about leaving God in prosperity, God tested the people for 40 years in the wilderness. Keep Gods commandments….don’t exalt yourself. If you don’t honor the Lord you will (or shall) perish. Now, don’t, rebel against God OR the Lord promised the defeat of the Anakim (strong and tall) people. Don’t think it’s because of your righteousness (it’s because they are wicked people….so don’t boast). Remember that you are stubborn people. You have made God angry. Don’t turn away from God. You even provoked our God to wrath by creating the calf idol.

    Lord, I don’t understand what the consequences of rebelling against you (not that I’m going tto challenge you), the reading instruct that you are an awesome God slow to anger. I do understand that it’s not a tit for tat situation



    1. 2019: Don’t forget God in your prosperity! Observe this commandment. His “test” in the wilderness was a test to fear the Lord and being humble. Don’t forget about the Lord. Remember the Lord because he will give you the power to get wealth. Talk about consequences of rebelling against God. These other nations were wicked, they did not get land because they were good. These chosen people are stubborn. The chosen people gave the Lord trouble, put God to wrath. These people were wicked and full of sin. The tablets from God was smashed.


  70. 24 November
    James 4-5

    Find friendship with the world. You spend on yourself, not God. Friendship with the word is enmity with God. Therefore whoever wishes to be friends with the world becomes an enemies of God. We ask wrongly because we ask for . God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble. Resist the devil and he will flee you. Humble yourself before the Lord, and he will exalt you. Now don’t speak evil against one another. Whoever speaks evil against another judges another. Don’t be a judge! There is only one lawgiver. So, what is your life, you are like a mist. If you don’t do something that you think is right, you commit sin. Beware of becoming to rich. You have lived on the earth in luxury and in pleasure.
    did you condemn the righteous one? Be patient until the coming of the Lord, just like a farmer waiting for his crops. Have strength in your patience. You also need to pray; it will save the sick and forgive sins. Also talked about Elijah praying for rain. Talk about saving the sinner’s soul from death.

    I purchased a cordless electric snow blower along with a electric lawn mover to “save the earth”. Am I being friends with the world and an enemy of you? Please help direct me!



    1. 2019: Be friends with the world. Don’t cause trouble to attempt to get things for you. God gives grace, Humble yourself to God. Don’t judge your neighbor! It’s all up to the Lord’s wishes (“for this or that”). All boasting in arrogance is evil. If you know the right thing do and fail, you commit sin. The rich are going to be in trouble for not paying the laborers just. Don’t grumble and thus be judged. DON”T SWEAR. If sick….PRAY for one another.

      Chapter 5: So does bringing ONE persons soul back to “the way” negate your sins? Like a quota???


  71. 23 November
    Acts 9-10

    Talking with Saul (for conversion), he was without sight for a few days. His recover of sight is Gods tool. Ananis was sent to “remove scales” from Saul’s eyes allowing him to see (of course this was with the Holy Spirit). Saul preaches in Jerusalem, proving Jesus was the messiah. Paul wanted to join the disciples. At this time people in this area were living in fear on the Lord and in comfort of the Holy Spirit. Now Petr healed Aeneas, “get up and make your bed”. Peter raised Tabitha. There was a man Cornelius who feared who had a vision, seeing an angel of God. Go find Peter. Get up, kill, and eat. Cornelius sent out a posse to find Peter. God asks us to share the Good News and they were baptized by the Holy Spirit.


    1. 2019: He was going to Damascus looking for any who belong to the way to bring back to Jerusalem. For three days he did not see or eat. Saul is an instrument for Gods word. He them preaches to Jerusalem. He also escape from the Jews. Aeneas was bedridden for eight years. Peter said”….Jesus Christ heals you” Make you bed! Peter brought Tabitha back to life with help from the Holy Spirit. Cornelius fear God. He prayed and offered alms. Peter say visions from God. Peter says preach peace. God shows no partiality. Christ is Lord of all. Preach to all the people. The Holy Spirt was then received by many gentiles and then baptized.


  72. 22 November

    Does the Lord not listen, or save from violent acts. The profit thinks that the law has become slack with justice not prevailing. Why do you make me see wrong doing? The Chaldeans have horses that are swifter than leopards. These people came wqith violence. Are they marked for judgement? God has made people like fish in the sea while the enemy bring them up with hook an into the net. God reply’s write out your vision. Wealth is treacherous, the righteous live by their faith. Do you have enough money, or do you want a little more? Don’t plunder other peoples stuff. What use is an idol, a teacher of lies? How can the Lord express His anger? is it in the rivers, seas, mountains, or the Sun? Are we waiting for calamity? We need to have trust in our everyday “issues” that we are facing.

    I couldn’t remember this book in the bible! Seems to be relevant in todays age.


    1. 2019: Habakkuk was a profit. He even complained asking for God to listen and send help. Does judgement work? The Rock has scheduled the wicked for punishment. Lord told him to write a vision on a tablet! Woes of the wicked for they are to become booty for others. Beware of being judged by contempt. An idol is a teacher of lies. The Lord is to save the anointed. Talk again about the Fig tree.


  73. 21 November
    Ecclesiastes 1-2

    Reflection of a Royal Philosopher (son of David). Everything is vanity! All things are wearisome. Your eyes are not satisfied with seeing, or ears from hearing. People from long ago will not be remembered. The futility of seeking wisdom. God has given an unhappy situation to be busy with (seeking wisdom). The crooked cannot be straight, and what is lacking cannot be counted (the number guy doesn’t like this thought!). Is achieving great wisdom a folly (or like chasing the wind). If you increase your knowledge you will also increase your sorrow. The futility of self-indulgence; A test of pleasure. Help with wine, buildings, gardens, slaves, great possession of flocks, singers…. became great. His please came from all his toil, this was his reward. No wisdom and joy are given to one who pleases God. Wisdom excels folly as light excels darkness. The wise have eyes in their head, but the fools walk in darkness. Is wisdom vanity? Mortal like to eat and drink while finding enjoyment in their toil. This is from the hand of God. Is God the only one to have enjoyment? The reward- one who pleases him God gives wisdom and knowledge and joy. The sinner gets the work of gathering and heaping, only to give to one who pleases God. This is vanity!


    Could this be used in some type of stewardship pitch?


    1. 2019: All is vanity, what do people want? The earth remains forever. What has been is what will be.. People of long ago are not remembered. Are we chasing after wind? Increasing knowledge also increases sorrow. My heart felt pleasure for all I want. For wisdom, we must please God. This vanity is full of pain. Fools walk in darkness. What does mortals get from their toil?


  74. 20 November
    Psalms 125-127

    The security of Gods people was discussed, the Lord surrounds his people. The scepter of wickedness shall not rest in the land of the righteous, so their hand will not do wrong. Do good for those who are good. Don’t follow your own crooked ways. The Lord has done great things for us…so REJOICE. Unless the Lord build the house, it’s useless for those who labor in vain. Unless the Lord guards the city, the guards work is in vain. You will not be put to shame when you speak (or confront) enemies.


    So do we need to work like the TV show “fixer upper?”


    1. 2019: Those who trust in the Lord is like a mountain. The Lord will “lead away with evildoers”.The Lord has done great things for us…so rejoice.. Let your house be build from the Lord, Happy is those who fears the Lord.


  75. 19 November
    II Chronicles 25-28

    Talk of Amaziah, king for twenty-nine years, he did not follow right by God. The lord is not with the Israel army. After battle he started praising some idols. More battle with Judah then they was return to Samaria. Uzziah was 16 years old when he ruled for 52 years in Jerusalem. He built towers and he loved the soil. He followed the word of God and he was helped buy God. Later he became leprous us from God (wanting to make offering towards the Lord). The Reign of Jotham, who did right in the sight of the Lord, but did not invade the temple of the Lord, but the people still followed corrupt practices. He did much building of cities. Ahaz began to reign who did not do what was right in the sight of the Lord. Mny warriors were slain because they did not follow the Lord (talk of booty). King Ahaz was sacrificing to “other gods”.
    I don’t understand all this fighting, was it for economic/property reasons?



    1. 2019: Be put to death by their own sins. God has power to control the results of battle. More killings and booty taken! Has God decided to defeat Amaziah. He sought the Gods of Edom. King Joash ended up defeating King Amaziah who then seized a house full of gold and silver in the house of God and seized the treasuries of the king’s house. Amaziah sons Uzziah (16 years old) began to reign. As long as he sought the Lord, he would prosper.. He became to proud, then the Lord struck him with leprosy. Jotham took reign for 25 years. He reigned 16 years. Ahaz did not follow God. LOTS OF BATTLES WITH MUCH KILLINGS. Talk about the wrath of the Lord. Ahaz shut down the house of God and he worshiped “other gods”.


  76. 18 November
    Deuteronomy 4-6

    Moses asks (commands) obedience so that you can live in the land God has given you. Watch yourself closely and FEAR God. Moses was to teach the people the Ten Commandments. Don’t have any other God. Moses will not cross the Jordon. Our God is a caring God. Slow to anger. Keep Gods statues. Moses set the law for the Israelites. Learn and practice the Ten Commandments: Jealous is God, keep your sabbath day, honor your father and mother, don’t murder, no adultery, don’t steal, bear false witness, covet your neighbors wife, don’t use Gods name in vain, and no idols. Moses became the mediator of Gods word. Don’t turn to the right or left. The great commandment: Love your God (Lord) with all your heat, soul, and might. Caution for disobedience was also discussed. Don’t forget the Lord. Don’t put him to the test! We need to follow this rules and be in the RIGHT! I QUESTION HOW ANGRY GOD CAN GET? OR CAN HE? REMEMBER…DON’T PUT THE LORD TO THE TEST.


    Lord. it looks as though many people are not following your statues. Please help guide me to get on a path of reconciliation for me and others.


    1. 2019: Moses asks the Israelite’s to keep heed of the ordered statues. Now, watch yourself clove God all the days of your life. Don’t be disorient. Don’t serve and animal (that was created by HIM), that’s provoking God to anger. There is no other God. Talk about a free zone for someone who killed another person accidently. The Lord made a covenant (Ten Commandments). (DOCUMENTED). Follow the path that God has directed. Keep Gods statutes and ordinances’

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  77. 17 November
    James 1-3

    written by James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ

    When ever you face trial, considerate nothing but joy, because testing of your faith produces endurance. This will make you mature and complete. Don’t doubt, you will receive nothing from the Lord. Don’t be doubleminded, like the waves on the sea. Endure temptation, by yourself (because God does not tempt you), for temptation will lead to sin! Every gift is from above. Your anger does not produce God’s righteousness. Look at the law of liberty, but be sure to act because they will be blessed in their doings. Now, if you practice partiality. Don’t be judges of evil thoughts (example of rich vs. poor person). You have been judges and of evil thoughts. Don’t show partiality. Mercy triumphs over judgement. Faith without works is dead; by you works, show me your faith. Those who teach will be judged with greater strictness (reference guiding the whole body, or a rudder on a ship) The tongue is like a fire from hell. There are two kinds of wisdom; Shown by your good life that your works are done with gentleness born of wisdom. But if you have bitter envy and selfish ambition in your heart, don’t be boastful and false to the truth. This second wisdom does not come from above. it’s earthly, unspiritual, devilish. The wisdom from above is first pure, then partiality, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits. [18] And a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace for those who make peace.

    This is in the top three of the readings so far this year!


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    1. 2019: James I a servant, enjoy your testing. Don’t be a doubter. We need to endure temptation. Tempting comes from your own desire. Truth is a first fruit. Anger does not bring upon us Gods righteousness. Look fir the law of liberty. Talk about the warning of partiality, evil thought will arise. Don’t dishonor the poor. Don’t be a transgressor of the poor. Can faith save you? Faith by itself without faith is dead. People who teach will be judged at a higher standard. The tongue is a vicious beast. Don’t have envy in your heart….this will lead to wickedness.


  78. 16 November
    Acts 7-8

    Stephen speaks to the council. The talk (or covenant) of circumcisions was discussed with Abraham and Issac. Story about needing foods so Jacob went to Egypt to see his brother (whom he had sold as a slave). Moses was instructed by the wisdom of Egyptian people and was powerful in his words and deeds. Moses defended the opposed men and avenged them too. An angel appeared in a burning bush on Mount Sinai. Moses then needed to takeoff his sandals because he was on holy ground. The Lord said heaven is my throne. Philip started Preaching. ne. Stephen was being stoned and asked that this action is not to be held against them (filled with the holy spirit). [Acts 8] Paul persecutes the church; Philip started to preaching and many evil spirits we caused along with the paralyzed or lame were cured. Philip had practiced magic in the town earlier but now he says the “God is great”. Peter and John then and laid their hands upon them calling for the Holy Spirit to come. “You can’t get the gifts of the Lord through money”. Philip then baptized the Eunuch in a puddle of water by the road. After the baptism the spirit of the Lord snatched away Philip and the eunuch was him no more. Philip, once found, went on spreading the good news.


    Have Faith! 🙂

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    1. 2019: Stephan says “listen to me”. Jacob found grain in Egypt. Told the story of Moses, and talk of the burning bush. Stephen ended up being stoned. Stephan saw heaven open up and the son of man standing .at the right hand of God. Being stoned, Stephan asked for this deed to be forgiven. Phillip healed many people (good news of Jesus Christ). They were all waiting for the Holy Spirit. Gods gift can not be bought for money. The eunuch was baptized by Philip is some water “on the road”. After baptized the spirit snatched Philip away and the eunuch saw him no more.


  79. 15 November

    This book ism a vison of Nahum of Elkosh. Talk about the wrath of God. His wrath is poured out like fire. He will pursue his enemies…Don’t plot evil against the Lord. He brings good tidings. Talk aout a vision of plundering gold and silver along with the lions den being filled with prey (what does this represent). The Lors says “I am against you”. The ruin is inevitable. This is because of prostitutes and mistress of sorcery. Again, the Lord says thar “I am against you”. The Lord says he will “throw filth at you” and treat you with contempt. It was visioned that the people of Nineveh will become drunkards. Fortresses will be like fig trees.

    Lord, help me understand what this vision means?



    1. 2019: takes vengeance against his enemies. The wicked city is destroyed (by the wall?…Nineveh). All faces will go pale. Thus, died bodies without end. He will make the people of Nineveh a spectacle (example?). You are at shame. Multiply yourself like grasshoppers (correlating grasshoppers to guards?)


  80. 14 November
    Proverbs 31

    The teaching of King Lemuels mother: Don’t give strength to women or drink strong drinks. Speak out for those who can’t. Judge righteously and defend the rights of the poor and needy. A precious wife is better than jewels. The heart of here husband trusts her. She is also a gardener who reaches out to the needy. She opens her mouth with kindness. Her works will be praised in the city gate.

    The woman (good) does her husband good…no harm. It seems as though these women are in hiding!



    1. 2019: Kings should not have strong drink. Keep aware of the present. Judge to poor and with kindness. Open yourself to the poor and needy. Keep kindness on your tongue. Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.


  81. 13 November
    Psalms 120-121

    There is even a prayer for deliverance from slanderers, from lying lips. Do not hate peace. God will protect you. The Lord will always protect you. The Lord will keep you from all evil.

    Lord, I see it’s about Trust, Faith, and Peace



    1. I believe that the Lord is my protector. I had an experience when I was on vacation two weeks ago that was my proof. He watches over me.


    2. 2019: Deliver me Lord from the warriors sharp arrows, for I am for peace. Thou, when I speak I’m for war??? (Huh). The Lord is always with me, he is my “keeper”. Help is coming from the Lord.


  82. 13 November
    II Chronicles 21-24

    Announced the Jehoshaphat had died. and his on Jehoram succeeded him. He got the Kingdom because he was the first born. He ruled in Jerusalem. He did what was evil in the sight of the Lord. Yet the Lord would not punish him me because of a covenant he had made with David. Judah was led astray. The lord will bring a great plague. It was problems with his bowels Then came Ahaziah who also walked wickedly in his ways. Went out to make more war. Upraising against the house of Baal, it was torn down along with its alters. They killed the priest. Station gatekeepers at the house of the Lord. Joash repairs the temple (40 year reign) He was determined to reconstruct the temple of the covenant (tax from Moses) they collected much money (in abundance) and the house was then restored. Later they lost the need for the house of the lord, and started serving idols. Well, wrath came upon then while they were transgressing the commandment of the Lord. Then, the death of Joash who was not buried with the other Kings.


    Crowns, weapons, trumpets, destruction


    1. 2019: Jehoram’s reign: The father gave his sons many gifts of silver and gold. He was 32 when Jehoram began to reign. The lord will bring a plague to you because of your wicked ways. He reigned for 8 years. Azariah developed a covenant and 1/3 will be gatekeeper. No one is to enter the house of the Lord.. Jehoiada made a covenant that they shall be Gods people. Joash was seven years old when he began to reign. The money collected was used to restore the house of the Lord. Jehoiada died at age 130. If you forsake the Lord, he will then avenge you too! Don’t abandon the Lord.


  83. 12 November
    Deuteronomy 1-3

    Moses spoke to all Israelites. Saying continue your journey. The Lord will bless you. Don’t be partial to judge people he said to his appointed leaders. The group sent out on a recon patrol to scout out the Amorites (in which is given to the Israelis by God). 12 people from each tribe was part of the pose. The Israelis were in fear of the Amorites. The Israelites did not trust the Lord. The Lord became angry. Then when the Israelites went up to secure their land, they were defeated. Then their was 40 years in the wilderness. All the generation of warriors had died before they crossed the Wadi. King Sihon would not let them pass through the land of Heshborn to get to the land that was promised to the Israelites by God. The King and his people were destroyed with the help from God. The defeat of King Og will be like King Sihon, so they ended up killing everyone, but keep the livestock for “booty”. They took the land “beyond” to Jordon. The Lord your God fights for you.

    Lord, this definitely looks as though by your authority you are defining the outcomes of land, property, and Kingdoms.



    1. 2019: Moses beyond the Jordon, in the land of Moab. He has declared that you have stayed too long at this mountain, so move on and posses the land/I promised to your people. Pick leaders for your tribes, select judges, and God will take any issues that is too tough. Question; “did God hate us?, so he brought us out of Egypt. Talk of the desert years. Don’t interact with Esau, the land is his possession. Also land given to Lott. Talk about the vicinity of GAZA! The heart of King Shihon was hardened by God. King Og handed ove to the Israelites along with towns and people (but kept livestock for booty). The Lord has given to you. Moses views Canaan and was instructed by God that he was not to cross the Jordon. Was instructed that Joshua will “cross over”..and secre possessions of the land that you will see.


  84. 11 November
    Hebrews 11-13

    Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, of things not seen. Things made that are not seen. An example with Enoch, Abel, Abraham, & Noah. Then there was the faith of Moses. Abraham offered his son Isaac He saw faith as being invisible. Walls fell, rivers open, and through faith kingdoms were conquered. justice found. Jesus was set as the Example. Follow his discipline of God. He does this for our good. Pursue peace with everyone. Thanks for a kingdom that can’t be shaken. Be hospital, be content with what you have. God is always with you. Don’t follow other teachings. Don’t neglect to do good and share with others, for such sacrifices is pleasing to God.

    Lord, help me be more humble!


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    1. 2019: Defines the definition of faith, not things that can be seen. World prepared from God. Enoch was taken away. Noah even built an arch. Faithfull of Abraham and Sarah. These people want a heavenly home. Moses was looking ahead to the reward! Faith of even Sampson. With the example of Jesus is the mode of shedding your blood for sin. God is treating you as his child. Disciple is good for us. Pursue peace with everyone. Jesus is the new mediator. Show hospitality with others. Be content for what you have. Jesus Christ is the same forever. Don’t fornicate or commit adultery.


  85. 10 November
    Acts 5-6

    Did Ananias lie to God involving sale in a piece of property? He held back some of the proceeds. When confronted of this deed he then laid down and died. They put the spirit of the lord to the test. (They being Ananias and his wife). When his wife was confronted, she also laid down and died. Satan filled his heart to lie to the Holy Spirit. Later, the Apostles healed many people. The community brought all the sick people to “get in Peters shadow”. Then the high priest arrested the apostles and put them into prison. They escaped and were teaching the Good News to the people. Seven people were chosen to serve, they must have wisdom and good standing (full of the spirit). Chose Stephen. He was full of grace and power. He was then accused of breaking the law (customs Moses handed down).


    Lord, is this the beginning of Stephen ministries?


    1. 2019: Peter knew of this extra money. HOW DID HE KNOW? They put the spirit of the Lord to the test. The apostles healed many. Peter said we must obey God. The apostles were flogged and asked not to speak in the name of Jesus. Seven were chosen to serve. These people are full of the holy spirit. The number of disciple increase greatly in Jerusalem. Stephen was arrested (talking bad about Jesus).


  86. 9 November

    The Lord is coming to the earth for transgression for sin. The wounds of Judah are incurable.. Thus disaster has come from the Lord. God directs all to cut off their hair. The Lord devises against the evil. There will be wicked rulers and prophets…..the Lord will not answer the wicked people. because of their wickedness. Priest are teaching at a price. Peace and Security through obedience. People do not know the rule of the Lord. The Lord state that he will cut off your horses, chariots and cities of the land. Will also throw down all strongholds. Will also cut off our images. The Lord is going to punish those who didn’t obey. God then challenges Israel. God wondered what he did to them? God did great things, he doesn’t want much. Walk humbly with your God. Cheating and violence are to be punished. Are the wealthy full of violence. You shall eat, but not be satisfied. Cheaters might sow, but not reap. Tread grapes, but not drink wine. I will make you a desolation. There was total corruption of the people. These peoples hand seek evil. So, put no trust in a friend!, guard the doors of your mouth. Be with and /trust the Lord. But God has steadfast love. He doesn’t retain his anger forever. He will eventually show compassion.


    Lord, is this book about being led astray?


    1. 2019: Judgement is coming against Samaria. From the word of God. He will take judgement for the transgressions of Jacob. Were instructed to cut off their hairs. People think of evil thing to do against others. Talk about wicked rulers and prophets. People will cry to the Lord, but he will not listen because of their wickedness. Peace is to come through obedience. No more fighting says the Lord. A person from Bethlehem is going to rule Israel (he is a man of peace). God challenges Israel. God has an “issue”. What will please the Lord. He wants us to walk humbly with God. The total corruption of the people and ready to do evil. Confusion is at hand. Enemies are in your own household. The Lord, acting with judgement, will rescue me. Goods compassion and steadfast love will remain and he will cast all (of) our sins into the depth of the sea.


  87. 8 November
    Proverbs 29-30

    when the wicked rule, the people groan. When the wicked in is authority transgressions will increase. You should discipline you child, this will give you delight in you heart. But, happy are those who keep the laws. Do not be hasty in speech because there is more hope for a foo than anyone like that. Anger will stir up strife. A person’s pride will be humiliation, but one who is lowly inspirit will obtain honor. To be a partner of a thief is to hate one;s own life. The fear of other is your snare, but one who trusts in the Lord is secure. The Lord is one who grants justice.

    Words of Agur:

    1. I am weary
    2. how can I prevail?
    3. I’m to stupid
    4. Do not have a God
    5. give me neither riches or poverty
    6. the leach has two daughters…give…give
    7. There are 3 things the earth trembles
    8. Four things on earth are small but wise

    Pressing anger produces Strife


    Lord, please help me control some of me internal ANGER!


    1. 2019: when wicked rule the people groan. The righteous see the needs of the poor. Wicked = transgressions. Disciple your children. Being a partner with a thief mean you hate yourself. Every word of God is true. Things are never satisfied. GIVE…GIVE…GIVE. Ants are people without strength.. Pressing anger produces strife.


  88. 7 November
    Psalms 119

    The glories of Gods law;

    1. Happy in walking your ways
    2. observe statues
    3. Fix your eyes on your ways
    4. Don’t hide commandments from me
    5. Teach me your law
    6. Don’t let me be put to shame
    7. Lead me
    8. Give me life in your name
    9. I love your commandments
    10. I follow your law
    11. I promise to keep your law
    12. Teach me your statutes
    13. Your word is better than gold and silver
    14. your law is my delight
    15. the lord exists forever
    16. I am yours…..SAVE ME
    17. Your commandments is more than my enemies
    18. Give me life in accordance to your law
    19. I love your law
    20. don’t let the godless oppress me
    21. I am your servant
    22. keep my steps study with your promise
    23. Lord save me!
    24. I will meditate on your promise
    25. Your decrees are forever
    26. ????seven times a day I praise you???




    1. 2019: Happy are those who are blameless, walk in Gods way, and keeping His statues. Asking for guidance. Teach me Lord, keep me away from selfless gain. Teach me your statues. I delight in your law. I’m comfortable with your steadfast love. The Lord exists for ever. Lod, give me understanding. Your law is truth forever. Redeem me!. Let you hand be able to help me. I’m a lost sheep.


  89. 6 November
    II Chronicles 16-20

    The alliance with Aram was condemned. Asa sent much silver and gold to the king of Aram who resided in Damascus. This was so the king of Israel will withdraw from me. Asa’s had a disease in in feet, he didn’t seek the Lord of his healing. Jehoshaphat, son of Asa succeeded him and strengthen himself against Israel. The Lord was looking out after Jehoshaphat (he had great riches and honor).. Now Jehoshaphat said to the king of Israel (who he was going to go to war with) “Inquire first for the word of the Lord”. There were 400 prophets who aid the Lord will be with you. The Jehoshaphat wonders if their is another prophet? (Micaiah so of Imlah). Micaiah claims all of Israel will be scattered like sheep on the mountain, so have each one go home in peace. THEN THE SPIRIT LIED TO ENTICE THE KING OF Israel. The Lord agreed ;( Micaiah was then put in prison. “The Lord has decreed disaster to you”. The king of Israel died (who disguised himself and went into battle). Then a soldier struck the king between the scale armor and the breastplate. He then called for the driver of his chariot to turn around and carry me out of battle. At sunset he died.


    kind of confusing being a prophet eh? I need to read more!


    1. The Treasure of the Lord was raided and this money was stolen. Asa was angry and evil. Arabs gave Jehoshaphat much oxen and sheep. Jehoshaphat was looking for prophets for starting a war. “Go and triumph” Listen to the Lord. You need to influence Micaiah (by the spirit). The King of Israel was wounded in battle an was taken off battle field, he watched the battle for the day, then died at night. Jehoshaphat was going to do battle from the East. Jehoshaphat then sought the Lord. The sword was compared to judgement. Note: the battle is not for you to fight, it’s the Lords battle


  90. 5 November
    Numbers 33-36

    The Israelits left Egypt in military style. Went into the widerness for 3 day, then camped at the Red Sea, and the wilderness of sin. Had many other camp locations (some with no water to drink (1)). Even the anotrher wilderness of sin. There waqs talk about crossing the Jordon and desroying all the figured stones in Canaan. Lorde set the boundaries in the area they occupy. This is the land they are going to inherit. Talk about measurements in cubits. When you cross the Jordon you need to select cities for a refuge. A murderer shall be put to death. Rules of being aa murderer was discussed form the congregation (ordinance for death from God to Moses). Land goes from Lot to the Israelites. (sort of confusing?) This was by the Jordon at Jericho.



    1. 2019: How the Israel left Egypt. Different stages of this journey. God preformed some judgement on his adversaries. Even camped in the wilderness of sin. Aaron was 123 years old when he ites.died. Many stages in which they camped. The were instructed to “drive out” the inhabitants of the land in which God has sent you. (the Lord has given them the land). Talk about the boundaries of the land. Tribal leaders were identified to Moses about the men to acquire inheritance. Cities were developed, from the inheritance, a city for the Levites to live. A city was then authorized as cities of refuge. Now there was talk about being murdered. THEY SHALL BE PUT TO DEATH. Ordnances were to be looked at for some death. It’s a statue. You need at least two references for murder. .


  91. 4 November
    Hebrews 8-10

    Talk about a mediator of a better covenant…from the Lord. Jesus is the mediator of a better covenant. He will put the laws into their minds. He will remember their sins no more. There are both Earthly and Heavenly Sanctuaries. Talk about the first and second tent. When Christ came, he became the perfect tent (not made by their own hands). There was a comparison between the blood of livestock to the blood of Christ. It reads; purifying our conscience from dead works to worship the living God. Reason: he is the mediator of a new covenant. Under law almost everything is purified by blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness on sin. Now Christ’s sacrifice takes away sin. Christ entered into heaven itself…to remove sins for all. There is a feeling of no consciousness of sin since it’s been forgiven. It is written that “you have neither desired nor taken pleasure in sacrifices offerings and burnt offerings and sin offerings (offered according to the law). People still are offering “stuff” for forgiveness of sins. Provoked on another with hope and good deeds. God will be the judge of all. Do you have compassion? You need endurance….live by faith.


    Lord, you say no offerings, but are we using offerings to help provoke hope and good deeds? I kind of see this hope thing with Michael Jordon promoting a NIKE shoe….”Be like MIKE”


    1. 2019: What will the priest offer? Jesus has a better covenant. The Hoy Spirit talks about the 1st tent. Jesus came with his own blood, it’s a new covenant to God. Christ sacrifice takes away sin. Jesus offers himself for all. Gods will to be sanctified by the death of Jesus. He will rembert their lawless deeds no more. Encourage others. Don’t die without mercy. The Lord will judge his people. Remember what has been promised.


  92. 3 November
    Acts 3-4

    When Peter and John were going up to the temple to pray and a man lame from birth was carried in. He asked fir alms, but Peter said what I have come from the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Peter told him to stand up and walk (which he did). People recognized that he was the one who was always laying by the gate. People were astonished! Jesus was tagged as the author of life. So, turn to god and have your sin wiped free. Peter and John were arrested because Jesus was resurrected from the dead. Peter filled with the Holy Spirit. Peter told them his healing was from Jesus Christ whom they had crucified. He said that salvation comes from Him. They speak in boldness. Barnabas sold a field he owned and brought the money to the apostles feet.

    I did not know that Barnabas sold a field he owned. (News to me 😉 )



    1. 2019: Peter heals a crippled beggar at 3:00. He asked for had no gold and silver (alms), but I will give you the spirit from Jesus Christ. He took him by his right hand, his feet and ankles became stronger, and he began to walk (did he believe?). The faith through Jesus helped wipe out his sins and be blessed (turn from your wicked ways). The crippled man was healed by Jesus. Peter and John were ordered not to preach or teach about God. The believer shared their wealth. There was no needed person.


  93. 2 November

    Jonah tries to run away from God. While running away by sea his ship came under a great storm. They through Jonah into the sea to camm the storms, once done…it did! Then the Lord provided a big fish to swallow up Jonah. Jonah was in the belly of the fish for three days. Was this Jonah in “the Pit”. Once the fish put Jonah on dry land he was directed to go to Nineveh, and proclaim the messages of the Lord; “in forty days’, to Nineveh. The people turned from their evil ways, and God changed his mind about the future of the city. Jonah knew that God would not punish. He’s slow to anger. God made a bush for Jonah to provide shade. Jonah being upset for God not destroying Nineveh.


    Lord, I see looking at the big picture, could lead to a better result. “The 6 P’s”


    1. 2019: he wanted to run away from God for him being called to Nineveh. The men through lots to determine who caused the storm. The ship people threw Jonah into the sea. That’s when the fish swallowed Jonah for three days. The fish “spit out” Jonah. The people of Nineveh changed their evil ways. God was graceful and did not destroy Nineveh. Then God assigned a bush that was eaten by a worm. Next round will talk about the worm.


  94. 1 November
    Proverbs 28

    1.When the wicked flee, no one will pursue.
    2. there area lasting order with intelligent rule
    3. Evil people do not understand justice
    4. Those who lead the upright into evil ways will fall into a pit of their own making
    5. the blameless will have a goodly inheritance. the rich is wise in self-esteem
    7. Happy is one who is never without fear
    8. one who hates unjust gain will enjoy a long life
    9. walk with integrity and you will be safe
    10 Following crooked ways will make you fall into a pit.
    11. Those who till will have plenty of bread
    12. Follow worthless pursuits you’ll have poverty.
    13. Though, for a piece of bread you can do wrong
    14. Anyone who robs father and mother is a thug.
    15. Greedy person stirs up strife
    16. Whoever gives to the poor will lack nothing.

    Lord, help me be more understanding and compassionate to others.



    1. 2019: Be righteous and give to the poor. Don’t do evil and fall into “the pit”. Listen and be compassionate (have understanding). Don’t do crooked things (will lead to “the pit”). Bottom line: Trust in the Lord.


  95. 31 October
    Psalms 117-118

    God calls all the people to praise the Lord because His faithfulness “endures” forever. Give thanks to God for he is good. With the Lord on my side, who shall I fear? The Lord is my strength and my might, he has become my salvation. Be with Gods right hand. The Lord has punished me, but has not given me over to death. We need to be righteous and pass through the gate of the Lord. Thus, this is the day the the Lord has made. His steadfast love endures forever.


    Lord, please help me find and follow this “righteous” path!


    1. 2019: Lord calls to all people. His love endures forever. With the Lord on my side I am not afraid. The Lord helps me when I’m falling. WHAT’S THIS ABOUT THE RIGHT HAND? Lord, gives us success! Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good!


  96. 30 October
    II Chronicles 11-15

    Judah and Benjamin was fortified. The Lord said don’t fight against your kindred.. A big defense was created in Judah. Stores of food, water, and wine was added. Rehoboam had 18 wives. Egypt attacks Judah, because they had been unfaithful to the Lord. King Shishak of Egypt took away the treasures along with the shield of gold made by Solomon. But conditions ended up being good in Judah. Rehoboam did evil and his heart did not seek the Lord. Abijah began to reign over Judah, he had 400,000 picked men in his army .. Now Jeroboam had 800,000 picked men. Jeroboam wanted to revolt. They has casts. Do not fight against the Lord. God defeated Jeroboam. They relied on the Lord. Asa was next and he followed the way of the Lord. He cleaned Judah up. The spirit of the Lord is with you, and if you seek him, he will be found in you, If you abandon him, he will abandon you. THEY EVEN WANTED TO MAKE A RULE THAT IF YOU DON’T SEEK HE LORD YOU SHALL BE PUT TO DEATH!

    At the end it looks like capital rule?


    1. 2019: 180,00 people were chosen for battle against Jeroboam. They made their land secure for 3 years. The forces came from Egypt, commanded by Shishak. He took everything from Jerusalem. King Rehoboam was evil. Now the Lord is our God. We burn lampstands to praise the Lord.. The Lord “stuck him down” (Jeroboam). Next was Abijah who took 14 wives. Asa did right in the sight of the Lord. He only had peace. They had peace and prospered. People of Judah carried away much booty from the Ethiopians ((including livestock). People were facing problems for not praising Him. If you don’t seek the Lord…LOOK OUT…DEATH WILL COME.


  97. 29 October
    Numbers 29-32

    Offering at the Festival of Trumpets; No work on the first day of the seventh month. Make burnt offerings. Then more offering on the tenth day of “this” seventh month. Again burnt offerings of pleasing odor. Gives the “Number” for each of the seven days. You shall not work, Celebrate by the “numbers” (livestock) of the sin, drink, and burnt offerings. All animals are to be without blemish. A man should keep his vow to a women. She could be bound by a pledge…bound herself in. The Lord told Moses to avenge the Israelite’s on the Midianites. Moses said “arm up” for battle. After battle they killed all the males. They then took all the “booty”. The booty needs to be passed on by fire. The booty is divided in two parts. One part is for the warriors, the other for the Israelites (then offering to God). Numbers of livestock. Broke down the details of the “booty”. The land is to be given to the people for their cattle. A threat was made that maybe this new generation will be sent into the wilderness an increase the Lords anger against the Israelites. If you bear arms and cross the Jordon you have sinned against the Lord, and your sin will find you out. If you don’t cross over, they shall have possession among you in the land of Canaan (this side of the Jordon).

    Warrior away!


    1. 2019: A holy convocation shall take place. A “number” of what should be offered to the Lord…all for atonement. Discussion of offering for the seven days. Lots of bulls, rams, goats are offered to the Lord. Vows made to woman…all pledges bound by herself shall stand. The husband must act on any unusual vows, or they will be validated. Talk of the “booty” taken from the people of Midian. Troops needed to purify themselves to enter their camp. Booty divided up against warriors and Israelite people. They took people and cattle. Purify yourself if you touched or killed someone. Purification is done by water or fire. Break down of offering from the booty. The count between the warriors and the Israelites.


  98. 28 October
    Hebrews 5-7

    We are instructed that we are put in charge of things pertaining to God and offering gifts and sacrifices for our sins. Christ did not glorify himself as high priest. Being born perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation. There is also a warning against falling away. Remember to establish the practice (and knowledge of) the difference between good and evil. Work towards perfection. Go for the laying on of hands. We are looking for faith through righteousness. Now Melchizedek, King of Salem, apportioned one-tenth of everything “the king of righteousness”. Melchizedek remain a priest forever. This is where “the law to collect tithes” was established. Moses said nothing about priests. Jesus has become the guarantee of a better covenant. It says that their is no need to sacrifice day after day because He sacrificed for all when He offered himself.

    Another knowledgeable reference for tithing.


    1. All priests have been chosen among all mortals…deal gently with the ignorant, and offer sacrifices for your own sins! Don’t fall away. Parable about solid food and milk. “Laying on hands” was discussed. Now, God is not unjust. Be imitators of the WORD. Melchizedek mean king of peace. The talk of a tenth of the spoils. Talk about being perfect through the priesthood. Change in priesthood could mean changes to the law. The law is made for people of weakness.


  99. 27 October

    The promises of the Holy Spirit; speaking of the kingdom of God. He told his disciples not to leave Jerusalem because they will be baptized with the Holy Spirit shortly. The Holy Spirit will come to you. Jesus then ascended to heaven in a cloud with two men in white robes. Jesus will return the same way as he left. Judas fulfilled the scripture by betraying Jesus. The field of blood was established (written in Psalms). “they” prayed and the God asking for an “overseer”. They ended up casting lot and Matthias was added to the other 11 apostles. The coming of the Holy Spirit; the day of Pentecost came and they all started to speak in tongues. With Jesus gone, Peter says repent and be baptized so your sins can be forgiven. Save yourself from this corrupt generation. The believers broke bread prayed and had good fellowship among themselves. Great wonders and signs were done by the apostles. Praise God for having the goodwill of all the people. Thus, the numbers grew for those who were being saved.


    Lord, In todays generation, is bread…bread?


    1. 2019: He appeared to them during the forty days. Be ready for the power of the Holy Spirit. Matthias was chosen to replace Judas.. The crowd was about 120 people. Pentecost came, wind came, and people speaking native languages? Weird! Will see visions and will have dreams with the Holy Spirit. God will give me gladness with his presence. Save yourself from this corrupt generation says Peter. At this time about three thousand person were added (baptized…believers). Awe was with all the believers. Good will of all the people.


  100. 26 October

    The view of Obadiah: About Edom. Get ready to fight the battle. Esau has been pillaged, and you allies have deceived you. The Lord will destroy the wise from Edom. Don’t boast over disaster. Your deeds shall return on your own head. Israel’s final triumph. Even had granted land for the Israelites in exile to posses (along with the exiles of Jerusalem.


    “don’t boast” (in some situations I like too)


    1. 2019: Report from the Lord, your proud heart has deceived you. Edom gets cut off for his violence and slaughter of his brother Jacob. He gloated or boasted over Judah (and looted his goods). As you have done, it shall be done to you! Your deeds will return to you.


  101. 25 October
    Proverbs 26-27

    1. honor is not fit for a fool
    2. don’t answer fools
    3. don’t give honor to a fool
    4. a lazy person is wiser in self-esteem than seven who can answer discreetly
    5. don’t medal in quarrels with others
    6. a lying tongue hates its victims
    7. Let others praise you
    8. Don’t forsaken your friend
    9. Better is a neighbor who is nearby
    10. Be wise
    11. Simple moves on
    12. Know well the condition of your flock
    13. Crucible is for silver
    14. Furnace is for gold

    Excellent guidance!


    1. 2019: “talking points”

      1. Honor is not fitting for a fool
      2. do not answer fool to their folly
      3. Don’t be a fool
      4. like a dog going back to vomit
      5. don’t interfere with quarrel among other people
      6. whoever digs s hole will fall in it.
      7. Wrath is cruel and anger is overwhelming
      8. be wise and please God
      9. give surety for strangers
      10. one person sharpens others


  102. 24 October
    Psalms 114-116

    Praise the Lord, Israel became Gods dominion. God is Awesome. H does what he wants, he is in heaven. Others make their own gods. Trust in the Lord for he is your help and your shield. Praise the Lord, He always listens. He is gracious and merciful. Be precious in the house of the Lord and be his servant. The Lord will bless all who fears Him. The Lord protects the simple.



    1. 2019: Tremble at the presence of God. God does what he pleases. Trust in the Lord for he is your help and your shield. He will bless those who fear Him. He inclined his ears to me. He protects the simple. I will call on the name of the Lord for salvation with a thanksgiving offering.


  103. 23 October
    II Chronicles 6-10

    Solomon had dedication to the temple. The God of Israel, but have chosen Jerusalem. Have my children walk in yours ways as I have. Forgive foreigners so all people will know your name, those who repent…forgive. Lord go toy your resting place. They had observed the dedication of the alter. Lord warns that if he is forsaken his statues and his commandments , he will pluck you up from the land that was given you.the Lord does this if he gets abandoned (adapting to other gods). Various activities: Built many fortified cities. Burnt offering to God was done. Visit of Queen of Sheba, she came to test him. All the spirit was left her. She was impressed with Solomon’s establishment (kingdom).



    1. 2019: Solomon built a temple for God to live forever. The Lord promised that David’s son was going to build the temple. The even put the Arc in the temple. People come to the temple and turn to you, their sin will be forgiven. They get punished??? for not following Gods ways. All the people will know God’s name. There is no one who does not sin. No be clothed with salvation. The Lords glory filled the temple. God appeared to Solomon at night and told him no rain and the locust will devour the land, or send pestilence. He wanted to hear the loyalty of the people. If not, they will be “plucked”. He had 250 chief officers. Festivals of weeks, booths., and unleavened bread. Now Queen of Sheba came and tested Solomon. She was praising him. Solomon gave Sheba whatever she wanted. All of Solomon’s stuff was made of gold. He ruled over all kings in the area. Solomon died after 40 years of ruling Israel. Jeroboam tightened the yoke his father gave to them.


  104. 22 October
    Numbers 25-28

    People from Israel started having sexual relations with the woman of Moab. They bowed down to their gods. The Lord was angry with the people of Israel. Moses said to his judges: “each of you shall kill any of your own people who have yoked themselves to the Baal of Peor”. Total rath of the Lord was passed over. I read this as those who have sexual relations with others and worship other gods will fall under a plague. Aaron then used his sword to get rid of the “plague”??? Over 24,000 died by the plague. A census of the New Generation was taken (over 20 years old). Talk about the “clans” of people. The census was HUGE. This helped the inheritance by Aaron and Moses. Most of the clans died in the wilderness. God had given the Israelites land that was to be divided up (from census). The Lord asked for offering for a pleasing order (rules) Sabbath offerings, monthly offerings, daily offerings, offering at Passover, even a sin offering, offering by fire, offering at the Festival of weeks. No work, the offering should be free of blemish.


    Help me understand why these offering “evolved”. Understand that Jesus changed things, but why? As you know, I’m a Numbers Guy, and I like the census data!


    1. 2019: People were having sexual relations with the woman of Moab. They even brought them to worship THEIR gods. God was not happy. A census was taken to determine all the “clans” that could go to war. The numbers of the census was given to help determine the amount of land these people will inherit. A large tribe will be getting a larger inheritance. Most of the clans people died in the wilderness. At this time the daughters were offered a inheritance from her father. IT BECAME AN ORDANENCE. Talk of a sheep without a shepherd. Talk of offerings to the Lord daily, monthly, sabbath, drink, and burned offering. Lots of rules! This is for every month of the year. Offering is to be by fire. Offering at the festival of weeks to make atonement for you,


  105. 21 October
    Hebrews 1-4

    The talked to his angels by his son. He is the servant of the angels. We must pay greater attention to what we have heard so we don’t drift away from it. Any transgressions will receive a just punishment. Humans are a little lower than angels. The devil has the power of death (14). Jesus is more worthy than Mosses. Don’t fall to sin or have your heart hardened. The rest that God promised. People could not enter the place of rest because of non-belief. The good news is united by faith if you are obedient. The word of the Lord is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing until it divides soul from spirit. Jesus is tested with no sin. Jesus is the high priest passing through the heavens. Jesus has been tested as we are tested. God’s work took a rest when he completed the construction of the earth. God remarks: “They shall not enter my rest”. “do not harden your hearts”. When you enter Gods place of rest you will cease from the labors as God did from his.



    1. 2019: Jesus is the reflection of Gods glory. The Son (Jesus) is superior to the Angles. Angles are for those who are to inherit salvation. We need to pay attention to the Word you have heard. For Jesus God has been given many brothers and sisters. The builder of all things come from God. Don’t go astray in your heart. Don’t be hurt from sin. The good news will lead to rest (kingdom?). Don’t be disobedient!. Jesus is the great high priest. Be bold and find God’s grace.


  106. October 20
    John 19-21

    Jesus is sentence to the dead, Jesus was flogged. Pilate went outside and sat on “The Stone Pavement”. They took Jesus and made him take his own cross to Golgotha (place of the skull). He asked for some soar wine. When dead, his side was pierced (to fulfill the scriptures). Nicodemus helped lay the body to rest. Simon say the linen of Jesus laying lord, on the ground. Mary sees Jesus in the tomb, and she tells the disciples that he is ascending into heaven. Jesus then appears to the disciples “peace be with you….receive the holy spirit”. Then doubting Thomas had his 15min. of fame. “I will not believe”. What about the people who have not seen but still believe…that’s a blessing!. In believing Jesus in the Messiah, the Son of God, you may have life in his name. Jesus appears to Seven Disciples. The disciples went out fishing, cast the net on the other side of the boat and you will catch fish (153 fish for breakfast). Jesus says “follow me” [I’m wondering why Peter asked about who betrayed the Lord, it’s like past tense?]


    Lord, help us spread your GOOD NEWS with your holy spirit.


    1. 2019: Pilate found no case against Jesus. Note of a greater sin. Jesus was then crucified. When dead they split Jesus possessions by casting lots (done by the soldiers). Jesus was pierced, so his legs were not broken. Jesus was then resurrected from the tomb. In the tomb Jesus was there, but he hadn’t quiet ascended into heaven. Jesus then made Thomas believe. The disciples were fishing and was told to cast net on the other side”. Jesus says bring the fish and have breakfast.


  107. 19 October
    Amos 5-9

    A lament to Israel (for their sin). Seek the Lord to live. Bring righteousness to the ground. The Lord knows our transgressions. Hate evil and love good. The Lord will put Israel into exile beyond Damascus. Self-indulgence will be punished. Whose territory is better? They have turned justice into poison. God created locust and fire against Jacobs territory, to eat up the land. God set up a plumb line, the lord said that he will never again pass them by. Amos is no prophet, and was told by the Lord to go prophesy to “my” people of Israel. Amos prophesized bad thing to Amaziah. The Lord showed Amos a basket of fruit. A famine is coming, those who are seeking the word of God. Eyes of the Lord is upon Israel, he will destroy it from the face of the earth- except for the house of /Jacob. All sinners will fall by the sword. The time is surely coming when the fortune of the people of /Israel will be restored They shall rebuild and plant vineyard and drink their wine.



    1. 2019: Don’t trample on the poor. The Lord says he knows your transgressions. The Lord forms locusts in the grass. The Lord set u[a plumb line for the people of Israel. Amos was sent away to Judah. The Lord showed Amos a basket of summer fruit. God said he will not overlook his people. The destruction of Israel was taken place. The Lord will kill many people by the sword, AND control the sea serpents. Bottom line: Seek the Lord and live.


  108. 18 October
    Proverbs 25

    More sayings of Solomon:

    Glory of God is to conceal things
    Glory of king to search things out
    It’s better to be told “come up here” than to be put lower in the presence of a noble
    Argue your case with your neighbor directly
    Do not disclose another’s secret
    A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold of silver
    A gold ring is like a wise rebuke to a listening ear
    louds and wind without rain is one who boasts of a gift never forgiven
    If you find honey, eat only enough for you,, or else, having to much, you will vomit it
    Let your foot be seldom in your neighbors house, otherwise your neighbor will become weary of you
    Don’t bear false witness against a neighbor, it’s like a war club
    Trust in a faithless person is like a “bad tooth”
    sorrow gnaws at the human heart
    If your enemies are hungry give them bread to eat
    the Lord will repay you for your kindness
    Like a city breached, without walls, is one who lacks self-control


    Lord, Help me understand some of your proverbs


  109. 17 October
    Psalms 111-113

    Give thanks for Gods good deeds that he does. Praise God, provides food for those who fear him. He is gracious, merciful, and trustworthy. God has sent redemption to his people. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. All who practice this fear will have good understanding. Happy are those who fear the Lord. Righteousness endures forever. It’s good to be generous and lend, and conduct yourself with justice. The righteous are not afraid of evil things. The righteous gives to the poor. The wicked see this and our angry with gnashing their teeth (the desire of the wicked turns to nothing). So, praise the Lord forever. He raises people from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap.

    Lord, help me to become more generous in spreading your GOOD NEWS!



    1. 2019: Praise God for his wonderous works. Full of honor. Gracious and merciful. He has sent redemption to his people. Happy are those who fear the Lord. Deal generously and lend, this will be remembered forever. Give to the poor. God helps out the needy. He is high above all nation.


  110. 16 October
    II Chronicles 1-5

    Talk of Solomon son of David; He request wisdom from God at the tent of meeting. God gave Solomon wisdom and knowledge to rule over all his people. He also made precious metal more common than stone. He had many chariots and horses. Solomon’s goal was to build a temple for the Lord. He had much money and people to build this temple. IT WILL BE GREAT. He started to recruit workers. Solomon built the house in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah. Solomon liked gold. The temple was furnished with an alter (dim. were listed), many basins, lampstands, table, court of priests, pillars, etc. (flowers, snuffers). He brought in the ark and all the treasuries. The ark was put into the most holy place. The house of the Lord was filled with a cloud.


    Lord, what a great deed! Please help me understand filling the house with a cloud?


    1. 2019: What a request? eh? What a noble request! Thus, he got many riches. He had fourteen hundred chariots. Had business with Egypt. Solomon started building temple on Mount Moriah (the Lord appeared to his father David). The length was sixty cubit and the width was twenty cubits. Height was 120 cubits. Solomon used much gold. He made a motley sea????? Huran made to pots, forks, & shovels. The entrance to the house was made of gold. The Arc was brought into the house. The Glory of God filled the house as a cloud


  111. 15 October
    Numbers 21-24

    The Bronze Serpent appear. The Lord listened to the/Israelite and handed over the Canaanites People were upset about the living condition. So the Lord sent serpents. The bronze serpent was the cure to a serpent bite (jut look at it). There was issues of the Israeli people traveling through the land (Amorites). God defeats the Amorites.

    Moab was in fear of the Israeli’s. So he asked Balaam to but on a curse against the people who came out of Egypt. Balaam was walking with a donkey and saw the angle of the Lord Balaaam instructed to build me seven alters here, and prepare seven bulls and rams for me”. After meeting with the Lord Balaam praise the people Balak wanted him to curse (First Oracle). For his second: He went to a special field (Zophin) and built seven alter, again offering seven bulls and rams. The Lord said to Balaam Return to Balak, God id not human so he shall not lie or a mortal who changes his mind. Balk wouldn’t curse the people. (Third Oracle) Balaam hears the word fourth oracle; s of God. Balak told Balaam that he hired himto put on a curse, but he didn’t. “So be off with you”. Balaams forth oracle; Balaam hears the word of God and sees the vision of the almighty. Edom will become a possession.


    Help me understand your oracle. Does it mean no “cursing” or bad feelings?


    1. 2019 They made a vow with God about destroying the people of Atharim (Canaanites)). Then these people we not pleasant to God. They were impatient. So the Lord sent poisons serpents. The bronze serpent was the cure by looking at it, to cure the poison of the serpent. Moab was in fear of the people who came out of Egypt. God told Balaam that these people are not to be cursed, for they are blessed. (Why didn’t God know these people?) The donkey saw the Lord, the angle of the law said that was struck 3 times. Balak could not influence Balaam. He tried to remove himself from the Angel of the Lord. Balaam wanted seven alter with bull and a ram at each alter. Balak wanted Balaam to curse the Israelites. Now, God is not a human being! Balaam saw it pleased the Lord to praise Israel. Balaam would not take aan “bribes from Balak. Balaam went his own way.


  112. 14 October

    A letter from Paul:

    Philemon has love and faith towards the Lord his GOOD. Paul prays for the sharing of this love with others (thinking of all we can do for Christ). Paul is a prisoner of Jesus Christ and an old man. Paul asks that his child (Onesimus….meaning useful) be taken care, welcome him as your brother. Paul claims that “if he owes you anything”, that deed should be charged to his own account. Paul writes: “I will repay it”. Also, “refresh my heart in Christ”. This looks like Paul’s final letter.

    Help me understand what Paul is saying with his useful child Pnesimus.



    1. 2019: Letter from Paul, a prisoner of Christ Jesus. Keep sharing the faith. Paul is appealing of the basis of love. Welcome Onesimus as being him. He will repay any acquire debts.


  113. 13 October
    John 16-18

    Jesus talks briefly about the “times to come”. Works of the spirit is discussed ,Jesus is going back to the Father, then the spirit will come and will prove the worlds wrong about sin and righteousness and judgment. You will see me no longer. The spirit of truth is to come. He will declare what is to come. Sorrow will turn into joy. Jesus says that you will see me again. What is mine, from the Father, He will give to you. If you follow me, ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be complete. Peace for all the disciples. Jesus has came from the father and is now going back to Him (3 in 1? are they split?). Jesus then prays for his disciples and declares that everything he has come from God. He has asked for forgiveness to all whom He was given to them. He guarded everyone, BUT ONE, and prayed for protection from the EVIL one. What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours. Sanctify them and me in truth….all be of ONE. The disciples and Jesus went to a garden to pray. Judas also knew of this garden ad brought soldiers, police, and high priests looking for Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus responds to them “I am He”. Then Simon Peter struck a slaves right ear. Caiaphas thought it was good to have one person die for the people” (Jesus). Peter denies knowing Jesus. Peter denies Jesus again (cock crowed). Pilate asked Jesus if he is king of the Jews? Jesus is here to testify for the truth.



    1. 2019: Jesus wants to keep us from stumbling. Jesus is saying that He is about to “go away”. The spirit of truth is coming! You will have joy when I return. “ask and you will receive”. Jesus prays for his disciples. Glorify me, what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours.. He asks for protection from the “evil one”. Judas brought people to capture Jesus. Jesus asked for all his followers to be set free. Simon Peter cut off the ear of a “high priests slave”. Better to have one person die for the people – by Caiaphas. Peter then denies Jesus 3 times. (the cock crowed). “Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice”. Jesus is sentenced to death and Barabbas (the bandit) was released by their SOP.


  114. 12 October
    Amos 1-4

    Amos was a shepherd of Tekoa. God has three transgression of Gaza, Tyre, Edom, Teman, Ammonites, Moab, and for Judah. Judah was judged by the Lord. Israel faces punishment from the Lord for their inequities. Tithing and freewill offering was introduced. These people did not return to the lord with the Lords punishment was of fire, sword, stench, fruit, and horses.



    1. 2019: Judgement on Israel’s neighbors. They threshed Gilead. The Lord will send fire 0n the house of Hazel.. Punishment against Gaza. The importance of kinship was discussed. Talk about transgressions and punishment (will not rebuke punishment). Israel’s guilt and punishment: for all of their iniquities. God will punish the alters at Bethel. Don’t oppress the poor and crush the needy. Bring your sacrifices every morning (from Basham). Will take you away with fish hooks. Bring tithes every three days! The Lord controlled the rain per city. The Lord want the people to return to him.


  115. 11 October
    Proverbs 23-24

    Observe what’s in front of you. Don’t wear yourself short to get rich. When your lips speak what is right, yours soul will rejoice. Surely there is a future and your hope will not be cut off. Be wise and don’t get cut off. Buy wisdom. Is a prostitute a thief? Don’t envy the wicked out to be part of them, for their minds devise violence and their lips talk mischief. You need to watch over your soul, and PROTECT IT (along with other people). Do not fret because of evil doers because evil has no future. Judging is not good! The Lord passes a field of lazy gardener, the ground was covered with nettles. He concluded that poetry will come upon the field like a robber (an armed warrior).

    Lord, help me see what’s in front of me while helping me to do the right thing.



    1. 2019: beware of deceptive food! Don’t fruit of the stingy. Disciple your kids. peak what is right in the fear of the Lord. Also buy understanding. A prostitute is lies in wait like a robber. Don’t envy the wicked, their minds devise violence.. The scoffer is an abomination to all.. Wisdom is good for the soul. Don’t fret because of evildoers. Judging is not good. A little sleep, slumber, and folding of your hands to rest will lead to poverty.


  116. 10 October
    Psalm 108-110

    Psalm of David. My heart is steadfast and will continue to praise you. Give victory to those you love. Prayer for vengeance for the wicked people. May his days be few. May his name be blotted out. Deliver me with your steadfast love. Help and save me with your love. The Lord stands with the needy. Lord says be with me until I make your enemies your footstool. Remember the Lord is at your right hand, and his judgement will come at the day of his wrath.

    Lord, help me understand at help the evil people to get on the right path.



    1. 2019: Awake the dawn, and give thanks to the Lord. Give victory with your right hand (what does this mean?). Wicked people reward evil for good. Let the wicked person be tried. May the creditor seize all that this wicked person has. . The wicked person did not like kindness. Are these wicked people be clothed with dishonor. Though God stands at the right hand of the needy. The Lord is at your right hand.


  117. 9 October
    I Chronicles 25-29

    David and the temple musicians all were playing symbols, harps, and lyres to praise the lord .(many sons and brothers were listed). The gatekeepers were also listed. These gatekeepers had duties in the house of the Lord. From North, South, East, and West. The Treasurers, officers, and judges were all named. Booties were set aside for the house of the Lord. They had a list of the military division and the size of the command. The leaders of tribes was also discussed, they were the leaders for the tribe of Israel. Also talk about a person in charge of animals and vines that were grown. Solomon was instructed to build for the temple for the Lord. The lord did not want David to build him a temple because he was a warrior, so he selected Solomon to be the “King” of Israel. This temple was for the arc of the covenant. The Lord will search your mind for your direction (for people building the temple). Be strong and of good courage. All people will be “holy”. David gave much money and goods for the building of the temple. The people of Israel gave free will offering for the construction of his house. Solomon was anointed the King of Israel again.

    Lord, help me understand why you told David to not construct the temple? I don’t understand this “warrior” thing?



    1. 2019: The people were prophesy with the lyre and harps. These people even sang to the Lord. talk about the division of the gatekeepers (what gate is being referred to?). For the treasures, offices, and judges were identified. Gifts from King David for the house of the Lord (dedicated). List of military division. 24,000 soldiers were in each division.. A leader was determined for each of the tribes of Israel. You had to be 24 years old to be counted.. Solomon was instructed to build the temple for the house of the arc. Solomon was noted by the Lord to build a temple. Gave weight of gold and silver for everything to be included in the temple. King David asks for offering for building the temple. He himself gave his own treasure. free will offering from everyone was given to the house of the Lord. The Lord takes pleasure in uprightness. Solomon was anointed him as the Lord’s prince


  118. 8 October
    Numbers 17-20

    The Lord spoke to Moses and get 12 staffs for the tribes of Isreal (this includes the staff of Aaron). The staff of Aaron ending up budding. This was by the tent of meeting and the covenant. Talk about the priest offering from the Lord. People give to the Lord, then thee Lord gives these gifts back to the priests. “a tithe of a tithe” shall be given from the Levites. There was a ceremony of the Red Heifer. Gave the order of the process. Make sure you are clean, this is a purification offering. They need this water of purification to be sprinkled on them. Then, the staff of the Lord brought water out of the rock. This is the waters of Meribah where the people of Israel quarreled. The Israelites wanted to pass through Edoms territory.

    Lord, help me understand “the purification” of water. Does this show life as per fire?



    1. 2019: The Israelites took 12 staffs and put the name of the leader on the staff and positioned in by the covenant in the tent of meeting. I will choose a man and the staff will sprout (it was Aaron’s staff). It bore ripe almonds. Responsibilities of priests and Levites: preform duties to the tent of meeting. The Priest was given the gift of the offering that was set aside to a gift to the Lord. Everything first is yours. This is their payment for work done in tent of meeting. Red Heifers and dung shall be burned. Then everyone working with the heifer will be unclean. If you touch a dead person you will be unclean for seven days. The waters of Meribah for the Israelites who came out of the wilderness. There was no water. So Moses brought water out of a rock. The people were not allowed to move into the land the Lord had promised them. To show his holiness. Edom did not want the Israelites to travel thee kings highway and pass through the land.


  119. 7 October

    More talk about Paul in Crete. Truth of Godliness, in hope of eternal life, who never does lie. Rules for being a bishop for God. It was declared that Cretans are always liars, vicious brutes, lazy gluttons. Help them become strong in faith. “To the pure all thing are pure”. Do not deny God by your works. If you are a young man you need to operate in self-control. Be zealous for good deeds. Speak evil to no one, and avoid quarreling, and be gentle. Avoid stupid controversies. Devote yourselves to good works in order to meet urgent needs. Grace be with all of you.

    Lord, help me understand the relationship of faith vs. works. It sure seems that “faith is dead” without works.



    1. 2019: Titus was left in Crete to appoint elders in every town: someone who is blameless, married only once, and not accused of debauchery. a person who is self-control. Don’t deny by your action. e serious & prudent and sound in faith. Be a model of good works. Maintain good deeds. Be gentle and kind to other people. Is the law worthless??


  120. 6 October
    John 13-15

    Jesus washes his disciples feet. Before festival of the Passover. The devil had already “put” into Judas heart for butyral. His washing the feet is a measure of cleaning “the soul”. You need to wash other peoples feet. Jesus foretells his betrayal. Sign was a piece of bread (to Judas). Love on another just as “I” love you. Peter is told that he will denied him three times. Just believe in God and Jesus. He is the way! Jesus says the Father is also within me The promises of the Holy Spirit.. Keep my commandments Jesus said. The holy spirit will teach you everything. Jesus is the “true” vine, while his father is the vine grower. Love one another just as I love you. Go, and bear fruit. Belong to me and the world.

    Lord, help me be more loving and compassionate.



    1. 2019: Before the Passover Jesus washed the disciples feet. Peter wanted his head and hands washed too. He instructed that these people should wash other peoples feet too. Jesus foretells his betrayal. Satan then entered Judas. LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Believe which is the way to the Father. Jesus is the way to the father. Whoever has seen me has seen the Father. The spirit of truth come from the Father. Those ho love me will keep my words.. Jesus is the true vine and his Father is a vine grower. He will remove every branch that bears no fruit. You are the branch, and I’m the vine, you can get much without me. So, LOVE ONE ANOTHER. servants and no greater than their master.


  121. 5 October

    The swarming locust was eaten and destroyed the land. A nation has invaded my land (says the Lord thru Joel). Everything is dried up. Put a sackcloth and lament. There is no pasture fore the wilderness. The last days are coming. Return to the Lord for he is abounding in steadfast love. The Lord will provide! God’s Spirit is poured out in the flesh of people of Zion. There is no other God. God will make judgement when the time has come. God feels that his precious metals have been stolen. Let the nations prepare for war. Egypt shall be a desolation because of the violence done to the people of Judah. “I will avenge their blood, and will not clear the guilty”.

    Lord, I could not recall this book in the Old Testament. Another book that shows your state of affairs.



    1. 2019: The locust has eaten everything. Wake up a weep, it’s teeth are lions teeth. The field is burned up, they are ruined. Come to the Lord and repent. Call everyone to gather and cy out to the Lord. Fire has destroyed the fields (wilderness) The day of the Lord is near! Come back to me says the Lord, he will forgive. Gather all the children. The Lord had pity and sent grain, wine, and oil for their satisfaction. Soil, pastures, and wilderness as become green. So, rejoice in the Lord your God. God poured his spirit on all flesh. Whoever calls for the Lord will be saved. While restoring the fortunes of Judah. Is judgement coming? Zion is God’s holy mountain.


  122. 4 October
    Proverbs 26

    Don’t answer fools in accordance to their folly, or you will become a fool yourself. Talk much about a fool. Even talks about a lazy people are wiser in self-esteem. Don’t deceive your neighbor. Don’t believe an enemy who speaks graciously, there are abominations concealed within the words

    Lord, what do you think of fools? How did they become foolish? Is it the devil?



    1. Proverbs 22

      favor is better than silver or gold
      the lord is the maker of the rich and the poor
      the clever see danger and hide, simple stands fast
      train children in the right way, getting older, they will not stray
      the borrower is a slave of the lender
      Whoever sows injustice will reap calamity, the rod of anger will fall
      Those who a generous are blessed
      God will watch over knowledge, but overthrows the words of the faithless
      Oppressing the poor in order to enrich oneself will lead to loss
      Trust in the lord
      Know what’s right and wrong
      Don’t give pledges (Proverbs 22:26)



    2. Send message by a fool is like drinking down violence. Fools don’t follow proverbs. A fool is like a dog returning to his vomit.. Wonder about “I’m only joking” phrase. Whoever digs a pit will fall into it.


  123. 3 October
    Psalms 105-107

    Even though the Israelites test God, he is still very faithful. Make known his works, his covenant he made with Abraham. Even said don’t harm my servants.. Turned water into blood, swarms of flies, shattered fruit trees, swarms of locusts who devoured all the vegetation in their land. Stride down the first born. Israel declares “praise the lord”. We have sinned, we did not remember your steadfast love. Now don’t test the Lord, don’t worship an idol. They even provoked the Lord to anger! The Israelis were sacrificing their sons and daughter to the demons of Canaan. They became unclean in their acts and prostituted themselves in their doings. He delivered the people of Israel from many bad things. Bless his everlasting love. Give thanks to the Lord because he is good, so say the people He has redeemed from trouble. God saves his people from distress, delivers from destruction. The Lord calmed the storms, he does good things.

    Are you showing the people of Israel as an example?



    1. Sing praises to God continuously. God protected his chosen ones (Israelites). God produced hail for rain. God brought food from heaven. Happy are those who observe justice. We all have sinned, and did not remember you! The people put God to the test. The people forgot Gods work. Moses, the chosen one, helped turn away Gods wrath to destroy themselves. They did not obey the voice of the Lord.. They angered the Lord and served idols. God remembered his on going covenant. God is good! Some people were sick through their sinful ways. They even loathed any kind of food. The Lord builds the needed from distress. Let those who are wise give heed to these things, and consider the steadfast love of the Lord.


  124. 2 October
    I Chronicles 20-24

    The capture of Rabbbah by Joab. More war and issues with the Philistines. David also killed a giant (six fingers and six toes). David had a choice of three issues (punishment) to work against himself and Jerusalem. David do not want the people to suffer for his sins (his error in counting people). David decides to build a house for the Lord. He tasks Solomon to build a house. David’s son was to build the house. This was for the arc of the covenant. People over twenty years old be assigned to work in the house of God. They are also in charge of tent of meeting.

    Lord, please help me understand this reading:(. Is there a reference that I could use?



    1. The Moabites and Ammonites ready for battle. Jehoshaphat was afraid and sought the Lord. He calls on the Lord, he will all for his help. . The battle is not yours, its Gods. The Lord will be with you.. Give thanks to the Lord. Jehoshaphat was 35 years old when he began to rule. He followed the Lord. Elijah wrote a letter because you have not walked in the way of the Lord, the Lord will start a plague. Judah was led astray. The Lord took out Jerorum bowel out after 2 years.. 1/3 of the people are to be gate keeper, 1/3 at the kings house. Being put to death by the sword. Offering burnt offerings. Joash was seven years old when he began to reign. They even wanted the tax levied by Moses in the wilderness. They collected money in abundance for repairing the house of the Lord. When the army left the Lord, the army was defeated.


  125. 1 October
    Numbers 13-16

    Spies were sent into Canaan, they were sent by Moses. Gave names of these spies. They went to do a little recon of the land. The spies brought back the fruit of the land. Though, the people were strong. The Israelites were not impressed by the sent spies, the land flows with milk and honey (was this the promised land?). These people did not believe in the Lord, they confronted Moses. Remember, the Lord is slow to anger! The Israelites were complaining against the Lord. The congregation learned that Gog was not going to be with the people. More talk about offering by fire (pleasing odor to the Lord). When you eat, you need to give an offering. Don’t disobey the Lords commandments. Note: A person who was collecting sticks on Sabbath was stoned to death. To be cut off from the people. Moses was told by the Lord to stone him to death. (Ouch!) The use of fringes on garmen to remind yourselves of the Lords commandments. Moses was confronted by leaders of the congregation. The glory of the Lord appeared to the whole congregation. Moses was sent to separate the congregation. The earth swallowed the congregation. Moses was told to get rid of the congregation (by a plague). Aaron was told by Moses to take a censer, light it, put incense on it, and make atonement for these people.

    Seems like discipline to me….strict discipline!



    1. 2019: Moses wanted the “know his enemy” (Art of War) note from the Lord.. Joseph was even a spies. The spies had many tasks, gathering much information (spied for 40 days). The land flows with “milk and honey”. The occupants are stronger than we are. nfo was brought to the Israelites. The Israelites were thinking of going back to Egypt. The Lord will also forgive the people of Israel for not listening to Him. God will punish the people 40 years, 1 year for each day. The Arc was still in the Israeli camp. Talk about various offering…like a drink, by fire (it’s pleasing to the Lord). Have donation to the Lord for the “first batch” Talk about unintentional sin offering. The Lord commanded a person who worked on the Sabbath to be stoned to death (WOW!!!) Talk about offering with censors for an offering. God of the spirits of all flesh. Then the earth consumed the Korah people and their goods.. These censors were hammered out to be a cover for the alter. Wrath has coming from God. There were 14,700 people affected by this plague.


  126. 30 September
    II Timothy 3-4

    In the last of time, evil people will flourish (lovers of pleasure…not God). Avoid these people. These people will stir you away from the truth. Paul tells Timothy all of his discretions. Remember salvation through grace. God will judge the living and the dead. Beware of teaching to prompt the teachers desires. Always be sober, Paul has fought the good fight and have finished the race. The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack. The Lord be with your spirit, grace be with you.

    Keep us focused on the Good News



    1. 2019: The will be Godlessness in the last days. Hater of the truth. Continue with your faith in Christ Jesus. Be consistent with the truth. Be sober and carry out your ministry. Do your best to come to the word. The Lord kept his promise with Paul.


  127. 29 September
    John 10-12

    Jesus walk through the gate and calls his sheep because they knew the shepherds voice. He lays down his life for the other sheep. Jesus does works from the father. Believe in the works, for the father is with me. Then their was the illness of Lazarus. He ended up dying before Jesus resurrected him. Lazarus was in ithe tomb for 4 days. Jesus says; whoever in me will not die. Thus, he raises Lazarus was raised from the dead…”Lazarus, come out”. Then there was about killing Jesus, Jesus was then walking “in hiding”. Judas, the common thief, was disrupted by Mary’s purchase of perfume to anoint Jesus’ feet. The Chief priest plotted to kill Lazarus. Jesus then enters Jerusalem on a donkey. The people were now following Jesus. Whoever serves me my father will honor. The world was about to be judged, become children of light. Ended with a summary of Jesus’s teaching.


    Lord, help us believe and share!


    1. 2019: Jesus is the good shepherd. He refers his actions the shepherds talking to huis sheep. If they don’t hear his voice, they will ot follow. He is looking at having one flock…command from his father. “My sheep hear my voice, they have eternal life. Was going to be stoned by blasphemy? The father is with me, and I’m with him. Jesus walks back to the place where he was stoned. Lazarus was dead and Jesus rose him rom the dead. Jesus is the resurrection and life. Jesus raises Lazarus to life. If you believe you will see the glory of God. A plot was then organized to Kill Jesus. Thus, Jesus retreats to the wilderness. Jesus sits om a young donkey. Some Greeks wanted to visit Jesus. Whoever serves me, my father will honor. The Messiah lives forever. Jesus says believe in the person who sent me…the father.


  128. 28 September
    Hosea 8-14

    Set the trumpet to your lips, don’t disobey Gods law. No idols should be constructed. The Lord will punish the sins is Israel. Their sacrifices will carry no meaning. Is their spirit mad? Evil came from Gilgal. Israel must bear their guilt. They need to fear the Lord, but they don’t…they have their idols. Israel needs to seek the Lord. God was even compassionate towards Israel. The Lord shows bands of love! Israel became under relentless judgement. The people were worshiping idols. He fed the people in the drought. The peas a plea for repentance, return o Israel to the Lord your God. You have stumbled because of you inequity. Assure your forgiveness. Your faithfulness comes from me.

    Lord, what’s the importance of Gilgal?



    1. 2019: Be good in God’s eyes. “Like a wild ass walking alone” was used against Israel. Israel punishment against the Lord…they shall not eat or drink clean f00d. All evil started at Gilgal. These people will become wonderers. It’s time to seek the Lord. Bethel was filled with great wickedness. God shows compassion to the Israelites. Talk about oil being “pushed” to Egypt. The Lord says “don’t forget me”. So, return to God, and you will be forgiven. Blossom like the lily, like a garden, If transgress you will stumble.


  129. 27 September
    Proverbs 20-21

    wine is a mocker, strong drink is a brawler
    refrain from strife
    A lazy person does not plow in season
    Don’t be led astray
    You are not pure from your sin
    Honor your father and other
    The human spirit is the lamp of the Lord.
    The way of the guilty is crooked
    The souls of the wicked desire evil
    As a scoffer is punished, the simpler becomes wiser
    Listen to the poor
    who ever loves wine will not be rich
    watch your mouth that would lead you to trouble

    Excellent sharing of wisdom! (So what does this mean about wine?)



    1. 2019: does this Proverb oppose drinking? Is this a judgement if your wise? It talks about sleep and poverty. Correlation? Don’t repay evil, it will be done by the Lord. Doing the right thing is better than sacrifice to the Lord. Be righteous and give. give thought to your ways


  130. 26 September
    Psalms 102-104

    Pray to the Lord when you are in trouble. Lord you are enthroned forever. Your years will have no end. Give thanks for God’s goodness. He redeems your life from the Pit, forgives all of your iniquity, heals diseases, and gives you steadfast love and mercy. Who gives you good as long as you live. He gives justice for all those who are oppressed. He removes our transgressions. Bless the Lord. You ride on the wings of the wind with the clouds as you chariot. You have set up the earth so it will never be shaken. The earth is satisfied with the fruit of your work. Grass is grown for the cattle, plants for the people, and wine to gladden human hearts. Everything seems to have its own place. May the glory of the Lord endure forever. “May my meditation be pleasing to him”. Let the wicked be of no more.


    Help us understand all the good things you have given us.


    1. 2019: Lord, don’t hide your face from me in my distress. I feel like a lowly bird. Help set your ways. Lord, your years have no end. He is slow to anger and will forgive. He has compassion for us. Bless the Lord! God is great, He rides in the wind. He even sets up boundaries????? The earth (no global warming) is satisfied. Even creeping thing find their “good things” The Spirit will be sent fourth for creation.


  131. 25 September
    I Chronicles 15-19

    The ARC of God was brought into Jerusalem to a place David made for the ARC of the Lord. He declared they did not take care of the ARC. He arranged gatekeepers (of tabernacle) for the ARC. It was put into the tent that David created. He said give thanks to the Lord and seek his strength. Remember his covenant. For great is the Lord. The Lord is King. For He is good. God makes a covenant with David. The Lord did not want a house of cedar. King David’s kingdom was well established and was growing. David took victory to wherever he went. He dedicated precious metal to the Lord. There were issues with shaving of beards and humiliation in Jericho. Joab was going into battle with the Arameans. David’s army killed seven thousand Aramean charioteers and forty thousand foot soldiers.


    Help guide us.


    1. 2019: Only the Levites were allowed to carry the ARC. The ARC of the Lord (God of Israel). Before caring the ARC they offered seven rams and seven bulls. The ARC was put into the tent that David created. Seek the Lord continuously. Honor his covenant. Bring an offering. Let the earth rejoice!. David kept offering burnt offerings to the Lord regularly. Evil doers will not rule over the people of Israel.. David prays of his mission that God created for him to lead. “the Lord of hosts” was made. Had this “beard thing” going on with with the Ammonites. Battle tasks were discussed.


  132. 24 September
    Numbers 9-12

    Moses was told by thee Lord to keep the Passover at the appointed time. If you are unclean you still must honor the Passover. All in accordance to the written statutes. The Lord told Moses to make two silver trumpet. When both are blown the “whole” congregation shall assemble. If only one is blown…it’s a call to the leaders. The trumpet is like an alarm to the Lord to tell the Lord you are going to war. The Israel people had the ARC in their tabernacle. They were to head out looking for the place God has promised. On the jouney they had little food, just had mana. The people “wanted meat to eat”. Lord promised that they will have meat to eat for a whole month. The Lord provided the meat. The Lord produced many quails for the people of the camp. It was two cubits deep of quails. Moses wife became leprous.

    Lord, I still feel we are “setting out” on our journey to find our promised land. Keep us steadfast and help us bring “others” on the journey!



    1. 2019: The Lord spoke about a year past the time they came out of Egypt. People were unclean from touching a corpse. They were STILL going to practice the Passover. The cloud over their tabernacle they would stay in their camp (the command of the Lord). Trumpets were to be build for an alarm (talking about burnt offerings). Tribes of Israel were moving out to the land the Lord promised (the tabernacle was taken down). Listed the order of march. The ARC also went with the tribes of Israel. The people were talking of the “veggies” they used to eat. Question: Why did we leave Egypt. The spirit was also present. Aaron was jealous of Moses, now Moses was very humble.


  133. 23 September
    II Timothy 1-2

    Another letter from Paul;

    Be grateful for God enjoying the power he provides us by his laying on off hands. He gave us a power of self discipline. This suffering comes from grace through the Holy Spirit. To be a good soldier of Christ Jesus, be strong in his grace. You compete in accordance to the “rules”. This is where salvation come from (Jesus Christ). Even if we are unfaithful, God will remain faithful through grace. Do not quarrel but be kind to everyone. Maybe God will grant the for the non believers to repent and come to know the truth (escaping the snare of the devil).

    Please show me kindness Lord…..(I could be kinder) 🙂



    1. 2019: Encourage of being filled with Joy. God has given us the power of love and self-discipline. Be with Paul in the suffering of the gospel. Hold true to the treasure that has been given to you. A good soldier of Christ Jesus shares in the suffering. The Lord will give you understanding. If we endure in, we will also reign in him. Gospel of Jesus being raised from the dead. If we deny Him, He will also deny us. Don’t wrangle over words to please God. Stay away from profane chatter. Everyone needs to turn away from evil. Avoid quarrels, but be kind to everyone. Talk about escaping from the snare of the devil.


  134. 22 September
    John 7-9

    The Jews were looking for a chance to kill Jesus (in Judea). This happened at the Festival of Booths. The thought of some was that Jesus was deceiving the crowds. Show your good works. Jesus taught people at the festival. He even healed a person in the sabbath. Jesus did not come alone. The Lord will go where the police can not go. Talk about the spirit. Was Jesus the messiah? The police were impressed by Jesus teaching. A woman was caught in adulty. Moses said to stone this person. Jesus says anyone who has not sinned can throw the first stone. Thus, no one condemned her and Jesus says “neither do I”….go and sin no more. Jesus judging is valid. Jesus foretells his death, other will die in their sins. People did not understand about the Father. “The truth will set you free”. Jesus did not come by himself, the father sent Him. Whoever keeps my word will never taste death. Jesus met a blind mind, Jesus is the light of the world, he spat on the ground and told him to wash at the pool of Siloam. Thus, the blind person could see. Jesus helped him receive his sight. It was done on the sabbath. The Pharisees were disciples of Mosses., but the blind man was a disciple of Jesus. Where did Jesus comes from? Jesus asks the blind person (who now has sight) Do you believe in the son of man.? “If you were blind, you would not have sin”. So what does this mean? Does this mean our eyes are bad? Do we need to remove our eyes?

    Lord help us to remove our sin.



    1. 2019: I am not going to the festival because my time has not come. Jesus went to the festival in secret. His word comes from above. So, are you judging me for healing a man on the Sabbath. The priest was having Jesus arrested. Jesus is going to a place where the people can not find him. The people were confuse????. Jesus cries out “anyone who is thirsty come to me”….. There was not a Spirit because Jesus was not yet glorified. Woman were caught in adultery, was she to be stoned? “Anyone who has not sinned can cast the first stone”. Just go your way and do not sin again. “If you knew my father, you would know me”. “The truth will make you free. BECAUS You are a slave to sin! Jesus says whoever belives in me will never die. A man blind at birth so Gods work can be brought out. Jesus cures the blind beggar (made mud, put on the eyes, and now can see). He was a profit! I was blind but now I see. Jesus came into this world for judgement so those who do not see may see, and those who see may become blind.


  135. 21 September
    Hosea 1-2

    The family of Hosea. Lord instructed to make a family. This was because Israel had forsaken the Lord. The Lord will provide punishment to the house of Jehu. The Lord says that he will no longer have pity on the house of Israel or forgive them. Israel has infidelity, he will show no mercy to her children. The Lord will also put some damage on her vines and fig tree. After the Lord punishes this mother, he vows to be her husband. He has no pity on her children because of whoredom. She was sent out to the wilderness but the Lord will start to allure he back.

    Help me understand this scripture Lord.



    1. 2019: The Lord will not forgive the Israelis (God felt betrayed. Referred to Israel as to the sand on the sea. The women was going to go back to her first husband. Herr lovers gave her “vines and fig trees” as her pay. Israel had high infidelity. God gave her the “treasure” as her pay. The Lord wants her to be her husband for all time???.


  136. 20 September
    Proverbs 19

    Better to be poor and walk with integrity the one who speaks in perversion Desire without knowledge is not good. One’s own folly leads to ruin. Wealth brings many friends but the poor are left friendless. To get wisdom is to love oneself. A liar will not escape and will perish. It’s not fitting for a fool to live in luxury. Those who are of good sense are slow to anger and can overlook an offense. Laziness brings on a deep sleep. Those who keep the commandment will live. Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and will be repaid in full. Discipline your child while there is hope. Listen to advice and accept instructions which will lead to wisdom in the future. It’s better to be poor than being a liar. Loyalty is desire in a person. Strike a scoffer and the simple will learn prudence. A worthless witness mocks at justice. Condemnation is ready for scoffers.

    Lord, please guide our church!



    1. 2019: A false witness will be punished. Many seek the favor of the righteous! Talk about slavery???? An idol person will be punished. Listen to advice and accept instruction. Loyalty is desirable.


  137. 19 September
    Psalms 99-101

    Praise God for his holiness. You are an avenger to wrongdoings. The lover of Justice. Worship the Lord with gladness. His love endures forever. You need to walk with integrity. Look with favor on the faithful.

    Lord, help us find YOUR way.



    1. 2019; How is God holy? He watches the earth quake? God is a forgiver or wrongdoings. Bottom line: praise God, bless his name, Don’t practice deceit, if so you are not welcome in Gods house.


  138. 18 September
    1 Chronicles 10-14

    The Philistines killed Saul. Saul told his armor bearing to kill himself, who refused to, so he fell on his own sword. So Saul died for his unfaithfulness, he did not seek guidance from God. David became king of Israel. The Lord said you are the shepherd of the people of Israel. The Lord of hosts was with David. David was with warriors in the wilderness. The spirit came to the warriors, and David made them officers of his Army. Many armed forces were gathered to make David king. David then brought the Ark from Kiriath-jearin. David became established in Jerusalem and had many wives. He was king over Israel. God gave the Philistines into his hand (David). The Lord brought the fear of David throughout the land.

    Help us share YOUR Good News



    1. 2019: Philistines killed Saul and son. Saul fell on his sword. They took Saul’s armor. Saul disobeyed God. David took the stronghold of Zion which became the city of David. The Lord was with him. The warriors (30) of the Army was listed. They ran like gazelles in the mountains. The spirit came in peace to the thirty warriors. Listed the tribes “numbers” of people supporting David (to make David king. David wanted to carry the Arc of God in his care (maybe the city of David, but issues occurred. Sons of David was listed due to many wives. Little “flanking” movement by David (by Gods will) and stuck down the Philistine army.


  139. 17 September
    Numbers 5-8

    Put outside the camp anyone who had a discharge and is unclean. Confess to the Lord when you sin, and make restitutions to the priest. For an unfaithful wife, those who go astray. he might have the spirit o jealously. The priest will take the holy water of bitterness and make the women take he oath. This water can cause bitter pain, the womb shall discharge, her uterus drops, and she will not be able to have children. But if the woman has not defiled herself and is clean, she will be immune to the water. This is the law of in cases of jealousy. Talk about separating from wine and everything that comes from a vine. They shall not cut their hair except for death. This is the law of the Nazirites. Rules for dead people was discussed. The Priestly Benediction was given. Offering to the alter and/or of well being. Used the measurements of the shekel (of the sanctuary). Detailed offerings from many leaders. All this offering was for the dedication to the alter. The story of the seven lamps, they were made from gold (lampstand).

    Lord, please help me understand this text so I can share



    1. 2019: Don’t be unclean. Moses was command everyone in the cap who is a leprosy.. If you commit a sin, you must make atonement plus 1/5thti the other. For an unclean woman you might have the spirit of jealously. Then you will have the water of bitterness for being unfaithful. The law a jealousy. If you a nazirite you will drink no wine or strong drinks because you are holy to the lord. Offering as a sin, burnt, and well-being
      offering (even a elevation offering?). Offering of the leaders, each had a wagon and oxen, goats, and rams. The offering to the alter was given each day. The offering lasted 12 days, most measured in shekels. More talk about the mercy seat. The lampstands were hammered work. He took the Levites instead of the first born.. Be and do with the Levites in assigning their duties.


  140. 16 September
    1 Timothy 4-6

    Some will honor deceitful spirits and teaching of demons. Train yourself in godliness, keep good values, and set the example. Do not speak harshly to older men. Make some repayments to your parents; for this is pleasing in God’s sight. Some widows like to gossip and some worship idols. Thus, keep yourself pure. Good works are Watch out for understanding and the meaning of words and controversy and disputes. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, some wonder away from faith and pierced themselves with many parts. Fight the good fight of faith! Keep my commandments. Be good with your money God has allowed you to have, do good works, the generous and ready to share,(V19) store up for themselves treasure of a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of the life that really is life. Grace be with you!

    God, help me spread your Good News.



    1. 2019: Everything created by God is good…with thanksgiving. Godliness is saying is sure and worthy. Must teach and set example. The laying on of hands was discussed. Also duties of a believers like helping out family members. If not, it’s as bad as being a non-believer. Do good in every way. Don’t participate in sins of others. True riches comes from knowing God. We brought nothing into this world, so thus, nothing will be taken out. Love of money leads to evil. Fight the good fight of faith. Do not be “haughty” with your riches. Be rich in good works (use this money).


  141. 15 September
    John 5-6

    Jesus even heals on the Sabbath, festival for the Jews. Jesus was than shunned upon because the person who he healed carried his mat away. “Take up your mat and walk”. Whoever follows me and believes in me will have eternal life. , they will not face judgement but will pass from death to life. Jesus feeds the 5,000. He did this (fed the crowd who followed him because of his healing the sick). Philip declared that five months wages would not be enough to feed the crowd. The was a boy who had five barley loaves of bread and 2 fish, Jesus asked for the people t o sit down. They were all fed plus they had 12 baskets of leftovers. Jesus then walks on water in Capernaum. Do not be afraid, it’s me said Jesus. Work for food that will give you eternal life. The bread from heaven gives life to the world. He will raise those who believe in him on the last day. Whoever believes will have eternal life. “Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood have eternal life. The one who eats this bead will live forever. It’s the spirit that gives life, the flesh is useless. Lord, where can we go?

    help us learn!



    1. 2019: Jesus went to Bethzatha which is a place in Jerusalem (by a pool) for invalids, this is where he was cured by picking up his mat and walk. Jesus announces don’t sin anymore. The Son can offer judgement, has the authority from God. Jesus declare that the Father has sent HIM. Can sense the love of God ion other people. n preview of feeding the 5 thousand people. Jesus even tested Philip asking “where are we to buy bread for these people to eat?. Going to Capernaum Jesus was walking on water. Work for the fruit of eternal life. The bread is coming from heaven.. No one can come to Jesus unless God sends him (will rise you in the last day (raise)). Believe and you will have eternal life. The spirit gives life. “You have the words of eternal life”.


  142. 14 September
    Daniel 7-12

    There was a vision of four beasts from the sea. The first was like a lion with eagle wings. The second was like a bear and had three tusks. The third had four wings of a bird and four heads. The fourth beast had iron teeth and was devouring (had 10 horns) they had eyes. A judgement happened by the ancient one. Thus, he should always be worshiped. Interpretation: Four beast, there will be a fourth kingdom on earth and it shall devour the whole earth. For the 10 horns, ten kings shall arise. Words against the most high shall be spoken. Everything, the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven. For the visions of the Ram and a Goat; The male goat came from the West, it broke its great horn. Gabriel interprets: This is for the end of times. For the period of wrath. Involving the king of Greece. Daniel prays for the people of Judah. We have not followed your laws. The Lord our God is always right. Please forgive us. Daniel saw a vision by the Tigress river. Vision of the end of times. More priest in Persia. Great battle for the end of times, the lawless will arise. The king will take action against the holy covenant. At the end, if your name is in the book, only the wise will understand the “time of the end”.

    Lord, this end of the world seems quite scary. Though I do understand that’s the end game. I just want to spread your Good News!



    1. 2019: These visions came in a dream. For the first dream the eagles wings were removed and the eagle stood upright. This was where judgement was preformed. A thousand thousands were inn the service of the man dressed in pure white. The Holy One gained possession of the whole earth A male goat was a vision of the ends on time. Because of wickedness the burnt offerings were taken away from the prince????? QUESTION But the host kept prospering. Gabriel interpreted the vision. Daniel prays to God and calls his people sinners and asked for forgiveness. Talk about fidelity. Save us from your wrath. LOOK AT US, WE ASK FOR TOUR MERCY. Gabriel offers “a holy branch” of understanding. Daniel saw a vision of God’s will by the Tigris river. Talk of a war between North and South (Egypt???). Talk about the royal covenant, worshiping other Gods. Michael, the great prince and protector shall arise. Are you written in the book. At the end of time evil shall increase. The word is to be sealed. Go your way.


  143. 13 September
    Proverbs 17-18

    The Lord test the heart. One who forgives fosters friendship. Those who disputes other will cause alienation to a friend. Evil people seek rebellion. Don’t return evil for good. You need a mind to buy wisdom. The crocked in mind will not prosper. Don’t flog the noble. When wickedness comes, so will content, and with dishonor comes disgrace. It’s not right to have partiality to the guilty. Life and death are at the power of the tongue.

    Be with US Lord as our journey continues



    1. 2019: Be Quiet and wise. The Lord will test your heart. Forgive will bring on friendship. Evil will not depart from your house if you return evil for good. Don’t justify evil. The crooked in mind will not prosper. cheerful heart is good medicine. A fool expresses personal opinion. If you are cool in spirit you will have understanding. Don’t be a “slacker” at work you might be a vandal? Your lips and tongue will bring satisfaction.


  144. 12 September
    Psalms 96-98

    Praise God when it comes to judgement. God is great, He made the heavens. Bring an offereing and come into his presence. The Lord is coming to judge the earth with righteousness and his truth. Think of Gods foundation. All Gods bow down before him. He does not like evil and give thanks to his holy name. The Lord has done marvelous things. Sing praises to our God! The Lord is coming and will judge the earth with righteousness and the people with equity.

    Lord, How do we “measure” our spiritual growth? Please keep help us share your Good Newws.



    1. Sing to the Lord and declare his glory to all. B Come into his courts. God judges in equity. He is coming to judge in righteousness (the foundation of his throne) Bring an offering. The Lord is King. Hate evil, God loves this. God will judge the earth.


  145. 11 September
    I Chronicles 5-9

    The descendants of Reuben was documented along with the descendants of Gad and Levi. God stirred up the spirit. DON’T UNDERSTAND THE “MEANINGS OF THIS CLAN?” Musicians were put in charge of song in the house of the Lord after the arc came to rest in Jerusalem (where Solomon built the house of the Lord). Aaron made offering on the alter of burnt offering and incense to make atonement for Israel. Talk about pasture lands. DID THEY HAVE MANY HERDS? Also the descendants of Issachar and Benjamin (they were warriors who had many wives). Listings of descendants of Naphtali,Manasseh, Ephraim, Asher, and Benjamin. DON’T UNDERSTAND “THE FAMILY TREE” THAT’S DECLARED. Israel was thus enrolled by this massive genealogies that’s written in the book of the Kings of Israel. Some of these people (and clan) lived in Jerusalem. Priestly families were declared, service to the house of God. The gatekeeper of the entrance to the tent of meeting. The family of King Saul was stated.


    Lord, help me and other understand the genealogy of “our ancestors” and help provide meaning.


    1. 2019: Reuben lost his birthright to Joseph.. More talk about the descendants of Levi. More talk about the Pasture lands. The descendants of Issachar was documented along with Benjamin. All had many wives and sons. Also, the total count was given.. Descendants of Naphtali, Manasseh, Ephraim,, & Asher. The number of all the descendants of warriors were given. Lots of genealogy information. [ What does this mean for the Bible?]. Judah was taken into exile because of their unfaithfulness. Listed the Priestly families. Even mentioned the gatekeeps of the camp and the tent of meeting. Guards for the house of the Lord. In charge of the treasures in the house of God.


  146. 10 September
    Numbers 1-4

    Started taking census in Israel, directed to Moses from God. Why? to go to war. Enrolled if you were 20 years old or older. Most enrollments of tribes were over fifty thousands. Thus, gave quantity going into the books of Numbers. Was given the location of each tribe to camp in reference to the tent of meeting. Gave the “numbers” of the clans of Israel. Enroll all the first born of the Israelites as the Lord declared. A census was taken of people between 30-50. WHATS THE STANDARD? Then, the Kohathites might look at a holy thing and die!. Looks like duties were assigned for the tent of meeting and the arc, frames of tabernacle. and etc. Commandment from the Lord through Moses.


    Lord, teach us the “measures” in the book of Numbers.


    1. 2019: The Census was determined in the house of meeting. A person was designate “by tribes” to assist in the collection of the “numbers” of the census. Only people of at least 20 years old. Able to go to war. The whole number of Israelites were 603,500 people. Talk of who the Israeli tribes were supposed to camp.. If you are a Levite the census (registration) started after being born 1 month, total (7,500) people. They were to be in charge of the arc, table, lampstands, the alter, etc. They did service on all this property. The Lord took the evites for the first born of the Israelites. Then the Kohathites were setting up the altar, frame, utensils, the poles, with a blue cloth. They are b=not to touch anything from the tent of meeting. “the Holy Things”. The Levites census was 30-50. All who qualify for working at the tent of meeting.


  147. 9 September

    1 Timothy 1-3

    More talk from Paul; beware of false teachers, beware of speculation. Follow the divine training of faith. Be gratitude of grace through faith. Use your faith to fight the good fight. Prayers are acceptable for all people. There is one God and one intermediate which is Jesus Christ. Talked about rules for women (no fancy cloths…etc.) DON’T KNOW HOW THIS WOULD APPLY IN TODAYS TIME. Rules to become a Bishop, who needs to handle his own “stuff”. They all need to be noble.


    Gracious God, I ask for some dialogue with others to share your Good News.


    1. 2019: Paul, an apostle of Christ says: beware of false teacher who have speculation. It all comes from Love. The law is made for bad people. It’s for the unholy people contrary to the blest God. Christ Jesus came in this world to save sinners. So fight the good fight. There is one God and also a one mediator (Jesus Christ). Woman should be dressed with good works. A Bishop should only be married once. Decans must have a clear conscience, married only once.


  148. 8 September
    John 3-4

    Nicodemus visits Jesus, a leader of the Jews, being born from above. Born of water and the spirit. The son of man must be lifted up again too. For all who does evil hate the light, but those who do truth come to the light. Jesus and John the Baptist, who was in the Judean countryside, was baptized. Whoever disobeys the Son will not see eternal life, but must endure Gods wrath. Jesus disciples were baptizing people in Judea. When Jesus was at Samaria, the women gives Jesus some water. She asks for water for eternal life. He was a prophet. God is Spirit. The reaper is getting eternal life. Jesus heals a son in Cana.. It was learned that Jesus (2nd sign) removed the fever from this boy.

    Lord, help us share! Amen



    1. 2019: Nic. was a leader of the Jews. Is this the origin of being born again. Born from water and the spirit. Born from above. Jesus was talking about “heavenly things”. All that are evil stay away from the light!. No one can receive anything that is not sent from heaven. Gives the spirit that has no measure. Now the issue with a Jew and a Samaritan where Jesus wants a drink. We don’t share!. Then the talk of “living water” arose. Drink L.W. and you will never be thirsty again. The L.W. is a spring of water for everlasting life. Jesus recalls that this women had 5 husbands. Worship the spirit (who is God).. The reaper is gaining food from the harvest (maybe eternal life?). Look around and see the fruits are ready. Jesus then goes to Galilee. He then healed an officials son.


  149. 7 September
    Daniel 1-6

    King Nebuchadnezzar came and besieged Babylon. There was “training” of young men.. There was rations of vegetables. Nebuchadnezzar had a dream about the unsatisfied spirit. The wise men could not impetration of the dream. God them intervened from God about the interpretation of the dream. The interpretation was about gold, and 4 different kingdoms. (of the world to come) Gods kingdom will last forever. Daniel was then worshiped by Nebuchadnezzar and was given a kingdom to rule. God changes times and seasons. Gives wisdom. Daniel saves the wise men. The God in heaven. Gods kingdom will not be destroyed. But, it will be a divided kingdom. Nebuchadnezzar made a gold statue (60 cubits tall) in the province of Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar told people to worship this statue or be put in a furnance of blazing fire. Nebuchadnezzar was “pissed off” and threw people into the fire. There was four people walking in the fire. had no power, and was not hurt. Thus, God is God. Then, the second dream. A tree was grown in the center of the earth, had abundant fruit, it had food for all. Even hosted birds. Then the “Holy Watcher” told me to cut own this tree to its stump. So the King then lost control of Babylon, and he learned the “rule” of God. The king then watches a hand write upon the halls wall. The most high God rules over all, you praise the god of silver and gold. When your Dad was acting proudly he was driven from his kingship. He acted proudly. Daniel declares you have not humbled yourself. Then there was a trap to get Daniel. This was the start of Daniel “in the lions den” (because of him praying three times per day). God saved Daniel from the lions.


    Lord, help us share!


    1. 2019: There were 4 Israelites at Babylon’s court. Daniel was one, and they were to be trained for the kings court. He opposed his rations and ate vegetables. They ended up being on the Kings court. Nebuchadnezzar ordered this servant to tell him his dream! God told Daniel in a “vision at night”. Daniel told the King his dream through God. He talked about a statue of gold, silver, and bronze, was destroyed and was carried away with the wind. It was damaged by a stone. It was interpreted that the kingdom will turn into 4 kingdoms. Thus Daniel became ruler of Babylon. People were told to worship the golden statue or ELSE they will be thrown into a fire. The three people came out of the fire and was saved by God. Nebuchadnezzar had a second dream. He was talking about this great tree, and was told to chop it down. The interpretation was that heaven was sovereign. He was driven away from human society. His kingdom was restored after grazing on grass. A “hand” was writing on the wall. Daniel could interpret the writing because he has a great spirit. Daniel did not want anything for his interproton of the hands writings. There was then a plot against Daniel. Thus, he was thrown into the Lions den. He was saying prayer to God, not the King. God shut the lions mouth because he was quite worthy”{. He works signs of wonders.


  150. 6 September
    Proverbs 16

    The answer of the tongue come from the Lord. Fear of the Lord oppresses evil. A throne is for righteousness. Happy is those who trust in the Lord. Gray hair is a crown of glory.


    Open our hearts for other to follow Lord……Amen


    1. 2019: Plans of the mind is with mortals. Don’t forget…the wicked will be punished. The Lord always provides “the steps”. Wisdom is better than gold. Happy are those who trust in the Lord. Gray hair is the crown of glory. Whoever is slow to anger is better than the mighty. The ultimate decision is the Lord’s alone.

      Lord, please help me spreading your Word….Amen 😉


  151. 5 September
    Psalms 92-95

    Give thanks to God by his own works. All evildoers shall scatter. The righteous shall flourish. The Lord is robed in good. God will have a vengeance. Give to the proud what they deserve. All the evil doers boast. Pit is dug for the wicked. So let us knell down and worship our God.


    Lord, help us SHARE the Good News to others. Amen


    1. Celebrate your steadfast love in the morning , and faithfulness by night to the music. All evil doers flourish, but they shall perish. The righteous flourish like a palm tree and grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Be planted in Gods house. The Lord has established the world. Give to the proud what they deserve, and do the same to the wicked. All the evildoers boast. Evil doers kill the widow and the stranger, they even murder the orphan. The Lord knows are thoughts…don’t head towards the pit. Be called to worship and sent your praise. He has made everything. So, we are is God’s pasture


  152. 4 September
    1 Chronical 1-4

    Enoch shows up and Methuselah gather. Plus all the descendants of many (I mean many) people. The songs of Abraham was Isaac and Ishmael. The clans of Edom. More talk about the Scribes! Also the descendants of David. Finally the descendants of Judah. Even the daughter of Pharaoh. Decendants of Simeon where recorded.


    Would like to Start on Sept. 1st:

    Lord, be with….and help guide the LCGS to spread the Good News to others. Amen


    1. From Adam to Abraham. List the family heritage. The history of most people. I like the names of Shem and Peg leg. Talk about the sons is Israel (many sons). Also, the named Caleb. The sons of David and Solomon was discussed. Talk about the concubines (there were some). More listing of the “clan” (???) of Judah. The Solomon people lived in (like 5 villages). They were out looking for pastures for their flocks


  153. 3 September
    Leviticus 25-27

    A sabbath for the land every seven years where nothing wil be grown, the soil will rest. Then allow the jubilee rights with your neighbors. The Lord says (declares) that the land is mine. You shall support those who are dependent upon you, they shall not be slaves. Treat them well! No one is to rule over others in harshness. Have no idles and I will provide peace to the land. Your reward will come from the field, you will harvest well. If you break my covenant I will punish you up to 7 times (7 fold), will bring sword among you. You will not be satisfied when you eat. If you obey me, you will be at peace. The equivalent was made for an offering. MAYBE A TITHE?



    1. 2019; The Sabbatical year, in the seventh year, it should be the sabbath. Does the years relate to the days of the week? Do not cheat one another. The sixth year will produce three years of harvest. All property will be redeemed by the jubilee. Remember, I am the Lord your God! No one is to rule in harshness. Redemption of the sold price is in relation to the jubilee year. There is a penalty for disobedience; The Lord will bring you terror. He will strike you seven fold for your sins. Cities and your land will be destroyed. Votive offerings will be 50 shekels. Scale with male, female, or age, poor, or rich. The priest will decide. Talk about a 1/5th premium. Everything is holy to the Lord (seeds from the ground)


  154. 2 September
    II Thessalonians

    Letter from Paul: We need to give thanks to God all the time. God will inflict vengeance on all who does know God and on those who do not obey the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please make us worthy. The day of the Lord is already here. The act of lawlessness is already at work. Don’t be alarmed by the spirit! Unrighteousness people will be condemned. God chose us through the spirit that we may be rescued from the wicked and evil people. So pray for us, be faithful. So imitate us, do your own work. “Anyone unwilling to work shall not eat….do not be weary in doing what is right.. Peace be with all of you. Amen.



    1. 2019: Paul, Silvanus and Timothy were together at the church of Thessalonians. Beware of the punishment,
      “vengeance” for not knowing God. God make us worthy in your care. Discussion of a man of lawlessness. Don’t let anyone deceive you. The lawless person comes from Satan.. The unrighteousness will be condemned. We ask to be protected from wicked and evil people. Keep away from people of idleness. So follow and imitate us.


  155. 1 September
    John 1-2

    The word was God and what came into the world was from within God. The light came from God and John was brought to testify to the light. Grace and truth came from Jesus Christ. Then John the Baptist testified in font of Jews and priests. They ask – “who are you”. He replies of being “one crying out in the wilderness”. They also question him of Baptizing if he is not the Messiah nor Elijah, or a prophet. We says “I baptize with water” but the one who is coming after me; I am not worthy to untie the thong of his sandal. John the Baptist declares “Here is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world”. JtB declare the he saw the spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and it remained on him. Disciple Simon was to be called Cephas. Jesus said “COME AND SEE” when talking to Nathanael. Next is the wedding at Cana, the wine gave out, and Jesus change jars of water, for purification, into wine. This is the first sign. Jesus cleanses the temple by removing the “market place” from the temple.



    1. 2019: Gods word became flesh. All things came into being from God. John was one who saw Gods light. John was asked “who are you”. He baptizes with water, but the one is coming will baptize with the Holy Spirit. One of the first disciples was Andrew. The King of Israel. One of the first documented miracles was creating wine at the wedding in Cana. Jesus said “fill the bucket with water” it became wine and the disciples believed.


  156. 31 August
    Ezekiel 43-48

    Observance with measurements of the house of the Lord in Israel. Even the measurements of the alter. ITS LIKE BEING AN ENGINEER. I will be also HOLY. Even directions for the placement of the alter. Also a bull or ram for sin offering (or of well being). The gate of the temple needs to shut.. No foreigners shall enter my sanctuary. They shall not serve me. Rules for drinking, judgements, marriage, hair,….etc. was discussed. For the land of inheritance a holy should be constructed with a sanctuary. The most holy place. Put away violence and oppression. Was even told what should be given for atonement for their offering. (one tenth). More talk about sacrificing a bull for purification and for cleansing. MORE BURNT OFFERINGS. Was even shown where the sin offering was to be boiled for the sin offering. Water was flowing from the temple (coming out the South side). The water became a river. Wherever the water goes there will be life. The river will provide fresh water. The Lord divided up the land to the 12 tribes of Israel. Names of the tribes were discussed with their portion of inheritance of the land. WHAT’S A CUBIT??? (MEASURMENT IN METERS).



    1. 2019: Divine glory returns to the temple. The temple is where God will reign forever. The law of the temple was given (starting with the alter). Should be purified with bull, goat, and ram (without blemish). The Lord closes the gate for entrance to the temple. There will be people who are not allowed in the temple. Foreigners are not to reign in the temple. They shall be punished. They are to take care of the sanctuary. Minister in the Lord sanctuary. People are to know the differences between the holy and the common. (How???) The Holy place is in the “inside” of the temple. Note of creating a Holey District. So people do what’s right. Talk about the homer when giving offerings. The gate to the temple should be closed for six days, but opened on the sabbath (offering of 6 rams (without blemish). Leaving the temple you should not go out of the temple through the same gate that was entered. Go out “straight ahead”. A place was shown where the priest was to boil the sin offerings. The water from the river could not be passes. The water, once stopped flowing, will be fresh. Will produce fruit and fish too. THe names and length of the tribes of Israel was given. Talk about 25 thousand cubits square property. The property was divided up into portions (what’s a portion?)


  157. 30 August
    Provers 14-15

    A devious person despises God
    A faithful witness does not lie
    A scoffer seeks wisdom in vain
    Fools do not find words of knowledge
    Fools mock the sin offering
    The simple believes in everything while the clever considers their steps
    One who is quick tampered acts foolishly
    The clever is crowed with knowledge
    the evil bow down to the good
    the rich have many friends
    those who despise their neighbors are sinners
    crown of wise is wisdom
    fear of the Lord is the foundation of life
    the tongue dispenses knowledge, the mouth of fools pour out folly
    A gentle tongue is the tree to life
    the Lord loves the one who pursues righteousness
    Sorrow of heart will break your spirit
    The mind of one who has understanding seeks knowledge
    Those who ar greedy for unjust gain makes trouble for their household
    Those who hate bribes will live
    the mouth of the wicked pours out evil
    good new refresh the body



    1. 2019: those who do devious thing fear the Lord. Knowledge is easy for those who understand. The clever considers their steps.. Happy are those who are good to the poor. Be slow to anger. Those who honor the poor brings understanding.. Lips of the wise spreads knowledge. Folly is joy that makes no sense. The path of life leads upward. The light of the eyes rejoices the heart.


  158. 29 August
    Psalms 90-92

    From Moses; God, you have been our dwelling place. You are God, but you can turn us back into dust. Our years will come to an end. Teach us to count our ways so we can be glad. God will deliver us from harm. You will see the punishment of the wicked. God will answer your call. It’s good to praise the Lord. God is on high always. God is my Rock….ALWAYS!



    1. 2019: Human frailty. You are always God…for eternity. Days of our life is 70 years. Please Lord, satisfy us. Let us prosper! The wicked will be punished to help guard you, that’s what an angel will be. People will see my salvation. The wicked sprout like grass, but the Lord is always my rock.


  159. 28 August
    II Kings 21-25

    Manasseh was evil in front of God, started to reign when he was only 12 years old. He shed innocent blood. Amon was next in power and he did not walk in the way of God. Then Josiah reigned (when he was 8 years old). Found the book of the law and it read that God would bring disaster to their place. After this Josiah had a REFORMATION to God along the inhabitant of Jerusalem and Judea to follow Him and keep his commandments. He opposed all wizards and evil things. He broke, burned, and destroyed all evil things that oppose God. Passover was held in Jerusalem. There was no King ever who practiced reformation to God. Pharaoh Necco did evil in front of the Lord…he also taxed heavily. Judah was run over by their enemies. Zedekiah was 21 years when the started to reign over Judea. Famine became an issue for Judea. Zedekiah was captured and his eyes were removed (OUCH). Jehoiachin was treated kindly and dined with the Kings presence (for whom he was captured)..



    1. 2019: He reigned for 55 years and Manasseh did evil in the sight of the Lord. Manasseh brought the people down the wrong path. God was provoked, and thus they were punished He served idols, not God.. Josiah was eight years old when he began to reign. The workers were going to have control the money distributed to those who took control of the house of the Lord. The Lord is going to bring disaster to the inhabitants of Jerusalem (wrath is going to happen). The Passover was going to happen in accordance to the covenant. Many of the Kings did evil in the sight of the Lord. Also talk about taxes for the Pharaoh. Famine was brought to the city of Jericho??? Talk of the guardians of the thresholds?? Jehoiachin was release from prison of Judah (he even dined regularly in the kings presence.


  160. 27 August
    Leviticus 22-24

    Was instructed on how to use the offerings from the people of Israel. So they don’t profane His holy name. If you come across these offering when you are unclean, you will be “cut off”. You must wash your body and will not be clean until evening. Talk about what is acceptable to God as a free will offering, nothing with a blemish, rules for a slaughter of an offering. Also talked about appointed Festivals like the Sabbath, Passover, and unleavened bread. Sabbath you shall do no work. You also need to bring some of your first fruits from your harvest. Duties for the sacrifice of “well-being”. Now don’t reap to the very edge of the field; you shall leave them for the poor and for the alien. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT ATONEMENT MEANS. Like deny yourself. DO NO WORK. Also, THE FESTIVAL OF BOOTHS??? there IS ALSO A TIME TFOR THE FESTIVLE OF BOOTHS. The Lord asked for pure olives to burn in a lamp “regularly”. It should be a statue forever. On pure gold. For bread you need 12 loaves of bread THIS 12 THING??? Stoning of the blasphemer. Life for life.



    1. 2019: If themes with the offering to the Lord you will be unclean. No one is to eat any sacred donations (A Guilt offering? is this OK?). Talk about an acceptable offering to the Lord….it must be PERFECT. Keep my commandments! Discussion of the first fruit offering and a sin offering too. Also, leave some vegetables in the field for the poor. The tenth day of this seventh month is the day of atonement, thus doing no work (a sabbath of complete rest). A light should be kept burning. This table for the bread is to be made of pure gold. One who kills someone else shall be put to death.


  161. 26 August
    I Thessalonians 4-5

    As Christians we need to live and please God. Follow the will of God, follow Gods way. He called us in the spirit of Jesus Christ. Work with your hands and take care of yourself. There will be a sound of the Lords trumpet. Will meet the Lord in the air. The coming of the day of the Lord will be like a thief in the night. So keep awake. Put on breastplate of faith and love. Encourage and build up one another. Be at peace among yourselves. Rejoice always and give thanks in all circumstances. Paul writes; test everything, hold fast to what is good, but abstain from every form of evil.



    1. 2019: Don’t we want to please God? I know I do! Control your own passion. God called us in holiness. Work with your own hands. Don’t be confused with those who have died. Be awake for the coming of Christ. Don’t repay evil with evil. Abstain from everything that’s evil.


  162. 25 August
    Luke 23-24

    Jesus was then brought to Pilate. He said are you the King of the Jews? Pilate did not think of no wrong doing. The chief priests said away with this man and give us back Barabbas. Jesus was then crucified. Other criminals were also brought to the skull for crucifixion. The messiah should save himself. Jesus has not done anything wrong.. The curtain of the temple was torn and Jesus died. Joseph went to get the body of Christ. The stone was turned away, and after 3 days he was raised from the dead. Then the talk about chief priest and leaders turning over Jesus to be crucified. It was thought that he would redeem Israel. The Lord had risen and he also appeared to his disciples. Look at my flesh, hands, or feet. Jesus also eats fish. Jesus led them as far as Bethany, lifted up his hands and blessed them. While doing this he withdrew from them up to heaven.



    1. 2019: Forbidden the people to pay taxes to the emperor. TAX MAN. Stirs up people by teaching. Pilate and Herod became friend when dealing with Jesus. What evil did Jesus do?. Jesus was crucified with two other criminals. Jesus was being mocked. Jesus died about 3:00 (breathing his last). The first day of the week the woman with spices witnessed the resurrection. Now the people thought that Jesus was going to redeem Israel. THE LORD HAS RISEN INDEED. GO IN PEACE.


  163. 24 August
    Ezekiel 37-42

    Talking about dry bones. The spirit put a person into a valley of dry bones. The bones came together, flesh appeared, and soon after prophesizing the bones started to breath. This was for the people of Israel. Gods pledge to Israel. Dispute with the Gog armies. God willlet the Gog people that he is the Lord God. Speak to the birds and any wild animals. Eat, drink an know that I am the Lord your God. A vision was made of a new temple. Mortal study and learn what you need to tell the Israeli people (including dimensions of cubits). This includes measurement of “gate to gate”, windows, and the number of steps. Also to the North gate and even palm trees, and a place for guilt and sin offering for sacrifice to be slaughtered. Even the size of the temple. Talked about paneling. Plus some civil engineering for structure support for the stairways for the temple. Talk about the table that stands before the Lord. More engineering talk about chambers for the Temple.



    1. 2019: The spirit of the Lord was in the valley of the Lord. Like the song “them bones them bones them dry bones now here the word of the Lord. The bones came together, and the bones started to breath. These bones represent Israel. The spirit will be with them. Gog will come upon Israel to take spoils from them??? Then Gog’s armies are destroyed. They will fall in the open field of Israel. Gog was buried in the valley of Hamon-gog (it took seven months the bury the army (this was to cleanse the land). Eat the prince of the land (birds and animals). Again a vision of the court/temple with gates and pavements, pilasters and vestibules, and the “window all around it”. Their were 8 tables for the burnt offerings. The vestibule of the temple was measured. All measured in cubits. The walls for the temple was six cubits thick. The temple was 100 cubits deep. The length of the court was 100 cubits long. This place was holy, change garments. There was also a separation between holy and common.


  164. 23 August
    Proverbs 13

    A wise child loves discipline. Sin overthrows the wicked while righteousness guards one whose way is upright. Some pretend to be rich but have nothing. Wealth is a ransom for your life. The fool displays folly. Whoever walks with the wise become wise, but the companion of fools suffer harm. Misfortune pursues sinners, but prosperity rewards the righteous. TALK ABOUT DISIPLINING YOUR CHILDEREN.. The belly of the wicked is empty.



    1. 2019: A scoffer does not listen to rebuke. Wealth is a ransom to human life. The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life.. Poverty is for those who don’t follow instructions. Discipline your children.


  165. 22 August
    Psalms 87-89

    Talks about the joy on living in Zion. The Lord loves Zion. It also reads he has REGISTERED people of Zion?? Also, please listen to me…like going to the pit. The Lords wrath is heavy upon us. It has swept over me. The Lord also declare that he will maintain David’s descendants forever. Gods faithfulness surrounds him. Be right and carrying on justice. He will always carry one his steadfast love. But please remember how your servant is taunted!



    1. Zion is the city of God. I cry out for your help…my soul is in trouble with your wrath. Do you do wonders for the dead? I am desperate!. David is God’s chosen one. Happy are those who walk in your ways. Gods faithfulness will be with David…forever. He will not overrule his steadfast love. Who can never see death?


  166. 21 August
    II Kings 16-20

    Ahaz was 20 years old when he reigned over Judah. He did not follow God. Took the silver and gold from Gods house and gave it as gifts. In Ahaz’s 12th year Hoshea reigned over Israel. They made offerings on high places, and even worshiped idols. THEY ARE NOT FOLLOWING GOD! They were stubborn against the Lord and did not follow him. Judah also did not keep the commandments of the Lord. The Lord also sent lions into the people.. Every nations made their own God. THEY NEED TO HONOR THE COMMANDMENTS. Hezekiah stripped goods from the house of the Lord. I DON’T UNDERSTAND ABOUT TEARING OF CLOTHS??? HELP!! Hezekiah prays for Gods forgiveness. Don’t mock the Lord. The zeal of the Lord of host will set the people on track. Hezekiah is on the death bed, then the Lord promises him 15 more years, he will go up to the house f the Lord in three days.
    Hezekiah showed him everything in his house. All this stuff is going to go to Babylon.



    1. 2019: walked in ways of the kings of Israel. Was an alter built in Damascus (bronze alter). Hoshea also reigned after Ahaz and did not walk in the ways of the Lord. They set up idols and poles to worship….they made God angry. They rejected all the commandments., made images of two calves. The Lord struck down 185,00 in the camp of Assyrians,. God was angry with Israel. Every nations made gods of their own. These people do not follow the commandment. Honor our covenant. Hezekiah fell in life with God and wherever he went, he prospered. Then Hezekiah took silver out of the house of the Lord. [Again, talk of the fig tree]. Hezekiah became ill and the prophet tells him that he will die. He then pleas to the Lord. He “negotiates” and will be healed and will live for another 15 years. Nothing that is yours will be going to Babylon for peace.


  167. 20 August
    Leviticus 19-21

    Rituals….You shall be holy. Rules that God has placed on the people of Israel. Be noble and honest. Don’t slander, or even hate. Love your neighbor as yourself. Remember the sin offering! No tattoos. I am the Lord your God. Punishment is: can be put to death, and God will be against them and their family….cut off from the people. If you curse your Mother and Father you will be put to death. Watch out for perversion! Can become childless too. Now the holiness of Priests. For Aaron, beware of a blemish, because of the, don’t come near the alter.



    1. 2019: The Lord is holy. Rules of offering are given. Don’t hate anyone (neighbor). Keep the Lords statues.. If you commit a sin bring a gift offering to the Lord. Don’t practice witchcraft. No wizards aloud. Do not oppress the alien (immigrants). If you violate the holiness of the Lord, the results are listed. Don’t have sex with any animal. DO YOU WANT TO BE PUNISHED? (be childless). A medium or a wizard is to be put to death. Is a prostitute (daughter of a priest) going to be burned to death TOUGH LAW!. Can marry a divorced person (21: ). Rules of having a blemish were listed…it different than the New Testament!.


  168. 19 August
    I Thessalonians 1-3

    Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy hanging out at the church of the Thessalonians: We always give thanks to God. You people are turning away from idols and we become imitators of the Lord. WE SET THE EXAMPLE. Thus, it all came from the Holy Spirit, God wants us to share the gospel of God. Lead a life worthy of God. Satan blocked Paul from visiting the Thessalonians. Though, Timothy declare that the Thessalonian people are worthy.



    1. 2019: God has chosen us, through the Holy Spirit. We speak to please God with our words. Be imitators of the churches of god in Christ Jesus. Paul wanted to check out the faith of the Thessalonians. Go please direct our way to you!


  169. 18 August
    Luke 21-22

    He they talk about the widows offering, giving two small coins. There will be many earthquakes, famine, and plagues. Don’t be lead astray. Beware, Jesus says you will be hated because of my name. The power of the heavens will be shaken. Jesus also spoke of the lessons of the Fig Tree (parable) ….as soon as they sprout leaves, the summer is near….so look around and determine if the kingdom of God is near. Then, Satan entered into Judea, and the Passover meal was eaten with Jesus’s disciples. The beginning of the Lord’s supper; blessing of the cup and bread. Who is the greatest disciple? Jesus then prays on the Mount of Olives, he came back to the disciples and found them sleeping. The police came to arrest Jesus, Peter denied Jesus three times, the cock crowed three times. Jesus was then mocked and beaten. WHO DO YOU SAY THAT I AM?



    1. 2019: Don’t give out of your abundance. Give threw your heart. Don’t prepare your death, not a hair on your head will be in trouble. Your SOUL will be saved. When this happens the kingdom of God is near. DDon’t be caught by surprise. Stay alert! Judas made a “deal” to ID Jesus. The Lord’s supper was created, this the dialogue for communion was established. The dispute about greatness. Who is sitting at the table? The disciples are being sifted like wheat from Satan, Strengthen your brothers. An Angle came to Jesus while he was praying. Jesus was blindfolder and told to prophecy.


  170. 17 August
    Ezekiel 31-36

    Assyria is considered a cedar tree of Lebanon. I had abundant water, it was in the garden of God. Then the tree is fallen, it is turned into death. DOWN TO THE PIT. God will destroy the land of Egypt. Be laid to rest with the uncircumcised. Killed by the sword, and they are in the pit because they caused terror. It was terror in the land of the living. Make sure you warn the wicked. They need to turn away from their wickedness. None of the wicked sins will be remembered if the REPENT. The people of Judah wants their land back. Israel’s had fake shepherd. the sheep’s were scattered. The shepherds are feeding themselves, not the sheep. God will give his sheep justice, will set up one shepherd. Their was a judgement on Mount Seir, God will make the mountain a wasteland. Mountains of Israel hear the word on the Lord God, Give fruit to the people of Israel. God will put the spirit into the people of Israel. The land will then be tilled. BECAUSE I AM YOUR GOD.



    1. 2019; Talk to Pharaoh, talked about the garden of God. All mortal will die. A lamentation over Pharaoh. God is to make the land of Egypt desolate. Edom is in the pit with the uncircumcised. Our transgressions of our sins weigh upon us. You need to trust in your righteousness.. Is the way of the Lord just? Will be judged in accordance to your ways. The Lord is going to make the land a abomination. Israel has false shepherds. The sheep’s became scattered. . GOD IS THE TRUE SHEPHERD. “The shepherd of the sheep” . Mount Seir is to become a desolation. The Lord says he is going to judge you. The Lord will multiple the people of Israel. The Lord had concern for his Holy name. Will put the Spirit within you. The Lord is going to increase the population of Israel like a flock.


  171. 16 August
    Proverbs 11-12

    Beware of a false balance. Righteousness of the blameless keeps ttheir ways straight because riches do not profit in the days of wrath. Wicked falls by their own wickedness. Trustworthy in spirit keeps gossip quiet. Those who are kind reward themselves. The cruel will do themselves harm. The wicked will not go unpunished. Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge. No one finds security in wickedness. Mercy of the wicked is cruel. Root of the righteousness bear fruit. Manual labor has its rewards. Wicked is full of trouble.



    1. Question: what is false balance? Is it wisdom or righteousness? A stranger could bring trouble. Whoever has a wicked life will die.. Those who are righteous will escape wrath. A generous person will be enriched.. A person who seeks good seeks favor, but evil will follow those who search’s for goodness. Fruit of righteousness is the tree of life. No one finds security by wickedness. Advice of the wicked is treacherous.. Tongues of the wise brings healing. Wise people listen to advice. Wickedness brings trouble. A good word cheers up a human heart.


  172. 15 August
    Psalms 84-86

    The joy of worshiping in the temple. It’s kind of like a sparrow looking for a home. Would like be a door keeper in His house. Please show us your steadfast love. Praying to God for his mercy. IS THIS WHAT YOU SHOULD DO? KEEPING THIS IN CONTEXT, THE GOOD NEWS ISN’T APPARENT YET? IT SEEMSLIKE ITS OK TO BE POOR (LIKE THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE). Sound as though they were pleading for Gods mercy because they are poor.



    1. 2019: Happy are those who live in your house. Don’t be in the house of wickedness for your family. Lord, restore us once again for your salvation. In chapter 86, is it a plea for being poor? Teach me your way so that I can walk in your truth. Lord, be gracious to me.


  173. 14 August
    II Kings 11-15

    Orders from Jehoiada (to protect). We see some “assessment” (or taxes) to repair the house of the Lord. The money was given to the workers reairing the house of the Lord. The money from the sin offerings belong to the priests. Elisha had fallen sick, he died. When a man was going to share agrave with Elisha, as soon as he touched the bones of Elisha, he came to life and stood on his feet. WILL BE PUT TO DEATH FOR YOUR OWN SINS. Azariah reigns over Judah at the age of 16. It reads the Lord struck the king. I ASK WHY/



    1. Athaliah reigns over Judah in the house of the Lord. They were to guard the house of the Lord. Gave donations to workers of the house of the Lord. Praise or Sin offering were given to the priest. King Joash did what was evil in the sight of the Lord.. ALL WIOLL BE PUT TO DEATH FOR THEIR OWN SINS. Azariah reigned over Judah when he was 16 years old. He did what was right in the sight of the Lord.. King Azariah did evil in the sight of the Lord. After 50 years Pekahiah reigned (over Samaria) and did evil in the sight of the Lord.


  174. 13 August
    Leviticus 16-18

    Be noble toward the mercy seat, and obey the sin offering and than burnt offering. Bring incense through the curtain to the mercy seat. For the uncleanness’s of the Israel. Talk of blood from the goat and bull into the tent of meeting. It’s quite a process that Aaron needs to follow. Talk about dung again! Be clean before the Lord. The Lord put a process of slaughtering animals. They need to be offered as sacrifices of well-being. THIS IS WHAT THE LORD COMMANDED. otherwise you are committed to bloodshed. LIFE FROM THE FLESH COMES FROM THE BLOOD. Do not follow the statues as in the land of Egypt. Follow my statues. Do not uncover the nakedness of any family member. Beware of any sexual relation with other and/or animals. The Lord says be holy, keep my sabbath, don’t turn to idols. THIE IS LIKE THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, No witchcraft, and no tattoos.. An alien should be treated well. Keep all my statues.



    1. The Lord spoke to Moses to tell his brother Aaron to not come into the temple by the mercy seat (ark) or he will die. He is to bring a sin offering and burnt offering. Lists a specific procedures, if not “he will die”. This is to make atonement for all the people of Israel. He is to bring a goat who is then let go into the wilderness (many procedures). This is a statue forever. The slaughtering of an animal you must bring the animal as a sacrifice of well being to the Lord…statute forever. BLOOD MAKES ATONEMENT. Sexual relations…keep my statutes. Don’t uncover the nakedness of any family member.


  175. 12 August
    Collisions 3-4

    A new life in Christ, set your mind to what’s above. Get rid of greed and wrath. Cloth yourself with love. Let the word of Christ be with you. Make sure you obey your parents. Fear the Lord. Treat each others with justice, and treat them fairly.



    1. 2019: If you are raised in Christ shop on the “upper shelf”. Don’t be disobedient. Don’t lie to one another. You must also forgive to do what God has done to your sins. Do not provoke one another. Devote yourself in prayer. Have your speech also be gracious.


  176. 11 August
    Luke 19-20

    The Lord hosted Zacchaeus. The parable of the ten pounds where you find out about investing in GOOD things. To all those who have money, more will be given, for those who have nothing, even that will be taken away. Then a colt was untied for the Lord. Jesus weeps over Jerusalem because they did not see the Lord. The authority of Jesus was questioned. Then a parable about a tenant at a vineyard. They killed the owners son. Now a question about taxes? whose head is on the denarius? Give to the emperor what is his, and do the same for God!. Question about the resurrection. Even when the scribes get denounced from Jesus who liked to be respected in the marketplace and wear long robes…they will receive the greater condemnation.



    1. 2019: Zacchaeus was a sinner and a tax collector (he was rich). He was short and climbed a sycamore tree. He will give 1/2 of his wealth to the poor, He called 3 slaves to find out what they did with their pound. Talk about a bank and interest. Even if you have nothing, even that will be taken away….WOW! (what does that mean?). Jesus wanted peace in Jerusalem. Gods temple is a house of prayer. The parable of the wicked tenant. The heir of the vineyard was killed, and the vineyard became a corner stone. Talk about paying taxes from the emperors. Those in the resurrection are children of God and will not have to be married.. Scribes want the best seats in the house.


  177. 10 August
    Ezekiel 25-30

    Say to the Ammonites to hear the word of the Lord. The Lord promises judgement, vengeance, and wrath. IT SEEMS GOD IS LOOKING TO PUNISH THE ISRAEL PEOPLE. The Kings fall. TALK ABOUT THE PIT. Talk about trading goods of jewels, cloths, and spices. Thus, the King of Tyre: you gathered stuff for your wealth. The lord is going to send king Tyre to the pit. The fire turned you to ashes. Blessing for Israel: When he brings his scattered people back to the soil he gave to Jacob, houses and vineyards will be made. Was to prophesy against the Pharaoh and Egypt. THE LORD IS MAKING A THREAT AGAINST PHARAOH…..ALL BECAUSE THE PHAROAH SAID THE NILE IS MINE. THE DAY OF THE LORD IS NEAR. Those who support Egypt shall fall. He will destroy all the idol. He threatens his judgement, will execute acts of judgement.



    1. 2019: Prophesy against the Ammonites, the Lord will create their city to plunder and will destroy you with his stretched out hand. God shows his wrath. Will bring King Nebuchadnezzar to enter your gates o Tyre. Talk about trembling from the fear that they create. Talk about going into the o=pit and not living. Tyre was destroyed coming to an end. The king of Tyre thinks he is a god. He has become wealthy so the Lord is going to bring very bad people to destroy him and be sent to the pit. A proclamation was made against Egypt. Be against the Pharaoh, all the fish and yourself will be flung into a fil (will bring sword against him) Will make Egypt a desolation., Though after 40 years, he will restore the nation. Keg Nebuchadnezzar will get all the spoils from Egypt. God will destroy the idols. The Lord will break the arms of the Pharaoh.


  178. 9 August
    Proverbs 10

    Sayings of Solomon that appeal to me:
    1. Treasure gained by wickedness do not profit, but righteous delivers death.
    2. Slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.
    3. The wise of heart will heed commandments….
    4. Whoever walks in integrity walks securely……
    5. whoever winks the eye causes trouble….
    6. Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses.
    7. The poverty of the poor is their ruin
    8. the wage of the righteous leads to life, the gain of the wicked to sin.
    9. Lying lips conceal hatred
    10. The tongue of the righteous feeds many, but fools die for lack on sense.
    11. Whoever utters slander is a fool
    12. The fear of the Lord prolongs life
    13. Hope of righteousness leads to gladness, but hope of expectation of the wicked comes to nothing.
    14. The perverse tongue will be cut off.
    15. The lips of the righteous know what is acceptable.




    1. 2019: Be diligent…it will provide. The wage of the wicked is sin (10:16). Wise conduct is a pleasure for those with understanding. What the wicked fear will come upon them. The righteous are established forever!. Don’t be lazy.


  179. 8 August
    Psalms 81-83

    In distress, the Lord saved the people of Israel. But they still don’t listen to me. You won’t submit to me. JUST WALK IN MY WAYS. Give justice to the weak, orphan, and maintain the right of the lowly and destitute. Deliver them from the wicked. Oh God; judge the earth for it all belong to you.. There is a prayer for judgement on Israel foes. The evil doe are making a covenant against you. They want to take the pastures of God for their own. Make these evil does know that you are “the most high over all the earth”.



    1. 2019: God works for appeal to the Israeli people. Listen to God. “open your mouth, and I will feed you”. People want to take Gods possession for their own. Beware of Gods judgement. Hands of the wicked have “neither knowledge or understanding, and they are walking in darkness. All the nations belong to God.


  180. 7 August
    II Kings 6-10

    The prophet said to Elisha that they tto go to the Jordon to cut down trees in order for them to build a place for themselves., and thus their tool floated. Elisha was going to be seized and he prayed and a mountain was full of horses and chariots. DUNG AS A CURRENCY Eating sons Ehhhhhh? Leprous people were sitting at the gate. The sounds of a big army occurred. The Arameans. More talk of a shekel. The woman and he son, who Elisha brought back from the dead, was given back all he properties. For the death of Ben-hadad they sent 49 camel loads of goods from Damascus to the man of God. Did Hazel kill Ben-hadad…..looks like he suffocated him. They were followed by evil kings who were not following God. Anointing of Jehu King of Israel. He chased King Ahaziah. Massacre of over 70 sons of Ahab, the Kings sons were sent to Jehu. He killed everyone from Ahab. There was also slaughter of worshiper of Baal., “check to make sure only worshipers of Baal are present”. Then his army destroyed Baal in Israel. Jehu ruled over Israel in Samaria for 28 years.



    1. 2019: The miracle of the ax head, while cutting down wood for a house by the water, the axe had that ax head fell into the river, thus the ax head started to float for ID purposes. Dung was sold for 5 shackles. Give up your son and we will eat them WIERD??? the people of Aramean were starving. The Lord called a famine on the land of the Philistines. The sons heads were put into baskets. Jehu had set up 80 men to destroy all the people and temple of Baal.


  181. 6 August
    Leviticus 13-15

    The Lord spoke to Moses about the different types of Leprosy and what to do is it occurs. PRETTY DETAILED! and if you are bald with no spots on your head, you are considered clean. Even talks about burning cloths. Wash twice for leprous. The process of a using a bird to become clean of leprosy. Spreading of the blood of the guilt offering. It’s just a ritual. There is also a ritual to cleanse the house of a leprous. The is a ritual for a bodily discharged, all are unclean until the evening. Make on offering of two doves or two turtledoves, for a sin offering.



    1. 2019: If you have a leprous disease you are unclean. The priest will do the study of all leprous. WHAT’S A RAW FLESH?. Also, white does WHITE mean? Black hair and yellow hair….what does this mean? Is the priest the primary care physician of out=r time. If you have a disease you are to live “outside the camp”. The disease is to be isolated for 7 days. To purification of the Leprous person and their houses. They need to shave and clean themselves. Give birds and lambs to the front of the tent of meeting. The blood goes on the “big tie”, on the head, and on the right hand. If the person is poor a smaller amount is good for a guilt offering. The offering of cleansing. A discharge is totally unclean until evening. He needs to wait 7 days to be clean.


  182. 5 August 2018
    Colossians 1-2

    Paul and Timothy are on the stage again. Hope of the truth. We pray you lead your lives in accordance of God. All thing were and is from God. In his fleshless body he has forgiven you. Paul wants the name of Christ to be fully known. Paul is struggling to let everyone have the fullness of life in Christ. You were circumcised with Christ through baptism. The substance relies on Christ. Look I-out for false teaching. They are no value in checking your self-indulgence.



    1. 2019: Paul thanks God for the Colossians. We ask for the knowledge of God, and have patients while we wait for it! All things are “with him”. Keep your faith! Teach everyone the knowledge of Christ. Know Gods mystery. He is with you in spirit. Don’t be taken in by philosophy. Watch out for false teachers.


  183. 4 August
    Luke 17-18

    You might stumble. If someone sins, and if it’s repeatable, you must forgive. Even if it’s seven times a day. I WOULDTHINK IF IT’S THE SAME SIN AFTER THREE TIMES IT WOULDN’T BE REPENTABLE (DISCUSSION TOPIC). The apostles asked the Lord to increase our faith”, and the Lord replied “If you had faith the size of a mustard seed…” CAN YOU MEASURE FAITH? REMEMBEER I LIKE NUMBERS, AND WOULD LIKE TO DEFIJNE (IN NUMBERS) HOW THIS COULD BE MEASURED? OR CAN IT? PLEASE RESPOND! To continue: Jesus also cleanses ten lepers. Only one leper went back and thanked Jesus. WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER NINE? When asked when is the kingdom of God coming? Jesus answers: not with ting that can be observed. You must go through some suffering. They were building stuff. For those who try to save their lives will lose it, and for those who lose it will save it. The parable about a widow and a unjust Judge. Keep praying and don’t lose heart. The unjust Judge folded and the widow got justice. Parable about Pharisees and tax collector: A good person was boasting and the tax collector was beating his breast for being unworthy. WHICH OF THESE TWO WAS FOUND WORTHY?. The rich man has done has followed all gods “rules” about having eternal life, but Jesus say ONE MORE THING….sell all your possessions and give the money (distribute) to the poor. It’s tough for rich people to enter the kingdom of God, like the camel threaded through the eye of a needle. What is impossible for humans is not impossible for God. Jesus even heals a blind beggar, “have mercy on me”, the beggar wanted to see again. Son of David. Your faith has saved you!



    1. :2019: Jesus mentions occasionally stumbling….be on your guard. But remember to repent. Faith the size of a mustard seed. Jesus cleanses ten lepers. One person returned and praised God, but not the other nine. Son of man compared to Noah (and the Arc). The parable of the widow and the unjust judge talks about the judge her justice so the widow won’t wear him out. SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??? (next round). Another parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector. Are you righteous?. “for all who exalt themselves will be humbled, but all who humble themselves will be exalted. Jesus blesses the little children: whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will never enter it. Story of the rich ruler. The ruler declared that he was “walking the walk” but was told by Jesus to sell everything, distribute it to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. So it’s difficult if you are wealthy (like a camel going through the eye of a needle). Following God will give you unbelievable results. A blind man pleas for his sight, thus by Gods grace he could see again.


  184. 3 August
    Ezekiel 19-24

    Israel is degrade, story of a lion, and devoured people. Your mother is like a vine in a vineyard, has been transplanted into the wilderness…this is a lamentation. Israel continues to rebel. Even though /he said, “I am the Lord you God” He gave them everything they needed (in the wilderness) he said he is not going to deliver them to the land of milk and honey. Don’t worship idols and keep the sabbath. Now God will restore Israel. Have judgement face to face, if you don’t listen to me go back to your idols! The sword of God is drawn and it will separate from all people the righteousness and the wicked (all flesh). The sword is polished and put into the evil ones hand. The Lord says he will judge you. You have a bloody city abominable deeds. Don’t forget the Lord, his deed are great….the word of the Lord (in his wrath). You have unclean priest working for dishonest gains. Oholah and sister were whores. She did not give up her whoring. Even polluting with a cup of their idols. The also committed adulty. Blood is on their hands. Their families shall die. God put blood on a rock, the Lord had fury….He ill judge you. Ezekiel has his sight and will profane my sanctuary. I AM THE LORD!



    1. 2019: Israel is degraded. Story about the lion in the pit. Israel continue to rebel. The Lord promised tp bring them out of Egypt, but they needed to get rid of their idols. Even with the rebellion, God will restore Israel. Remember your ways of all the evil you have committed. (you have polluted yourself) The Lord is going to cut off both the righteousness and the wicked. Story of the sword that is polished for slaughter. Thus, the final punishment will be given. The sword is polished to consume I WILL JUDGE YOU.. Comment about not observing the Sabbath. God’s wrath is going to melt the evil people. Need to be cleansed. Gods issues the fire of his wrath. Two sisters who like to be whoring with must lusting. Will cut off your nose and ears for punishment for your whoring. Your fine jewels will be taken away. The two whores were stoned.. Boil the pot of water, there was also cleansing, (????)


  185. 2 August
    Proverbs 8-9

    Gifts of wisdom, speak noble things…only truth. Wisdom is better than jewels. God has wisdom and strength. His fruit is better than gold. NOW WHO WAS BROUGHT FORTH? Now, happy are those who listen to me. Those who don’t love me love death. The feast o wisdom: teach the wise, and “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”. Walk in the way of insight.. You are wise to yourself



    1. 2019: Wisdom (spirit) is for those who live, All the words from me (wisdom) is truth. We live in prudence. I have insight and strength. Seek me and you will find. I walk in righteousness. I (wisdom) was crate before the earth. Happy are those who listen to wisdom. Find wisdom and find life. All who hate wisdom love death. Wisdom has seven pillars (????). Walk in the way of insight. Watch out for stolen bread and water because you are eating with the people of the dead.


  186. 1 Aug
    Psalms 78-80

    God is good to Israel, but they don’t appreciate his works. Need hope in God and follow his commandments. There is also Gods law. Showed many miracles, even talked DIRT against God. God gave the people what they craved. These people still sin. God being compassionate and he always would forgive hem. God would punish, but would also forgive by following his laws. God was like a warrior. There was a plea for mercy for Jerusalem. They ask, how long before you ‘re going to deliver us? Please save us God. They pleaded for the value of Gods creation. The people plea “give us life, and we will call on your name.



    1. 2019: Plea your ears to my mouth says the Lord. Make your spirit in line with Gods law. God gave the people what they craved. God is their rock and redeemer. God remembered that the people were “of flesh”. God had wrath and plague followed. God was provoke to anger, thus wrath came out. The birds were eating the fallen people of Israel. They asked for Gods help.


  187. 31 July
    II Kings 1-5

    Elijah says that Ahaziah will not recover because Baal-zebub is not the god of Israel. You will surely die. Elijah heard this from a hairy man (belt around the waist). God sent fire against the 50 people to retrieve the man on God. The third messenger pleaded with Elijah to live. Elijah goes to heaven in a whirlwind. Elijah spreads the water at the Jordon. Elisha asked for the spirit of Elijah. Elisha preforms miracles by making water wholesome (to this day). Jehoram reigned for 12 years over Israel. Then war with Moab the sheep breeder. After marching for 7 days there was no water. They then called Elisha to help getting them water. After some music, the wadi was filled with water, people and animals can drink. God will also hand Moab over to the kings (Israel). Elisha and the widows oil, filling vessels, sell the oil and pay you debts.. The staff of the man of God didn’t work and Elisha brought to child back to life. Elisha purifies the pot of stew by throwing more flower in the stew to purify the “death” in the stew. Elisha also feeds 100 men. They called them all to eat and have some left. SIMILIAR TO THE 5 LOAVES OF BREAD. They also tear there cloths…I don’t understand???? The leprosy cure, wash 7 times in the Jordon, in which Naamn became very angry, asking why the Jordon? The profit was right, and he was clean. The Lord did not accept a present. “Go in peace”. Elisha sent his spirit with Gehazi the servant, but because of his greed Gehazi and family will have this leprosy gene with him forever.


    1. 2019: Moab rebelled against Israel. Elijah called for the fire to God (to consume 2 out of the groups of 50) to live. The Lord takes Elijah away from Elisha. Elisha asked to inherit a double share of Elijah’s spirit. “Go away baldhead!” was the chant. The three kings asked Elisha the word of God. Moab will be turned over to them. A creditor wanted to take the widow’s two children as slaves for the debt. The vessels that were brought to her was filled with oil, that would be sold, to pay off her debts. The Shunammite woman got on a donkey to see the man of God at Mount Carmel. Elisha brought the dead child back to life. Elisha feeds one hundred people with the sack of twenty loaves on bread…and yes, they had some left over!….sound familiar? Elisha did not want anything to “repay” him. Lesson…GO FORWARD IN SPIRIT in some circumstances it is not ok to accept money, food, clothing? Go in peace!


  188. 30 July
    Leviticus 10-12

    Aarons son tried to use incense, and the unholy fire killed the sons. Distinguish what is good and what is not good. What is most holy! Now there was clean and unclean food. divided hoof, chewing the cud, etc. listing what is clean, even fins or scales. Also some birds of any kind. Should not touch the carcass will be unclean until the evening. Moves on belly or any swarming creature. A women being clean after giving birth to a son or daughter.



    1. 2019: Aarons sons offered fired to the Lord, in which the Lord did not ask for/ Thus the sons were burned by fire. Distinguish between the clean and unclean people. DO THINGS THAT ARE HOLY!. The ID of animals that could be eaten. Make sure it chews the cud. Anything that does not have fins or scales are “detestable” to you.. Even talked about unclean insects. Need to have cleaved feet to be eaten. Don’t eat creatures that swarm on their belly. This is the law pertaining to land animals, birds, and any living creature that swarms upon earth.


  189. 29 July
    Philippians 3-4

    People, rejoice in the Lord. Beware of evil doers who destroy the flesh, for we are following the spirit. Everything is lost for knowing Jesus Christ. It’s all about Christ….we need to be like him! We all need to be in the same mind. Be like Paul and imitate his following of Jesus Christ. Beloved what is true and honorable. Keep doing the good thongs you have (from Paul) and the spirit will be with you. Verse 23 The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.



    1. 2019: Paul declare “rejoice in the Lord”. Beware of those who do evil to the flesh. Know Christ and be like him! Forget what lies behind and strive for what’s a head. Imitate me! You mind should not be set on human things. The book of life was discussed.. Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer. Whatever is awesome, think of Christ. Be content with what you have.

      check out link below 🙂


      1. I have the sheet of paper made up for the year that I use. Also like the added verses you put in the Sunday bulletin. Thank you.


  190. Hi SGG!
    It’s so fun to read the comments and see the pictures on this site. Thank you for all you are doing – we need to be doing something like this with our church website, at least in the blog section.
    One question: It’s not always easy for me to find where to see and leave a comment – it seems like you have to search and find this specific comment and thread:
    I am just wondering if there might be a way to make it more clear on the front page of where to go for the Bible reading conversation.
    Again – thank you SGG – you are inspiring us!


  191. 28 July
    Luke 15-16

    Parable of the lost sheep: Starts off with the tax collector! HMMM..what does this mean about taxes? Do you search for a lost sheep? More rejoice for finding the one lost sheep than the rest of the (herd?) which represents sinners!. It was followed by the parable of the lost coin. Again, angles like the “lost coin” who repents. Another Parable of the prodigal son and his brother. His son then repents as the father is now happy. NOW YOU ARE ALWAYS WITH ME. Then parable about the dishonest businessman, who made “the art of the deal” to all debtors of his masters money. Then “whoever is faithful in very little is faithful also in much, and whoever is dishonest in a very little is dishonest also in much.. The Pharisees heard this and they ridiculed him. Though God knows your heart. Then the story of Lazarus. Lazarus is now in pleasure.



    1. 2019: Tax collectors goes back to the bible! Rejoice when ONE person repents. Parable of the Prodigal son. The story: the sons takes his half of the inheritance, wastes it in WILD living, becomes in need, goes back to his father to work as a hired hand. His father was full of compassion. His father took care of him (He was lost but now he is found). The parable about the dishonest manager. This businessman was faithful to the people who was is debt with his master. God knows what’s in your heart. The parable of the rich man and Lazarus with Abraham in Hades. The rich man was pleading to go back to his brother “to repent”. He was told to listen to Moses and the prophets.


  192. 27 July
    Ezekiel 13-18

    The false profits are condemned. They prophecies with their own visions. Its all false. God is against false profits, they mislead the people. God is after the wicked people. Some people take their idols into their hearts and come to a profit to enquire about the Lord. The word of the vine, he will give up the inhabitance of Jerusalem. RINGS ON NOSE? EWWWW. A person becomes a whore, she was a little different, I will gather all your lovers and will bring you wrath and will judge you.. Talk about people who were not that giving to others. Keep the everlasting covenant with you…personally!. The Lord plants a tree for all birds. God sets the rules and judgement in verses 14-18. If you sin you shall die.. Is the way of the Lord fair?. God will judge you in accordance to your ways.



    1. 2019: To the prophets follow the word of the Lord. There were many false visions that the Lord opposes. Some prophets were going o build a wall (maybe southern border?). God’s judgment is justified with those who have taken their idols into their heart. The Lord brings evil to Jerusalem. God compare the wood from the vine to the people of Jerusalem. THE LORD PUT ON THE RING NOSE EWWWWH. to the wicked people. These people multiplied their whoring!. Therefore, O whore! be ashamed of what you have done. You must bear the penalty. Story of the eagle going to the top of a cedar tree. Little gardening lesson about transplanting the vines (like the people in Babylon). So be righteous and follow Gods statues, don’t abuse the needed….if so, they will die. The parent or child will not be punished for the others works. So, turn away from your transgressions that you have committed. Do the right thing!


  193. 26 July
    Proverbs 7

    The false attraction of adultery: Keep my word and commandments!, keep my teaching in your heart. An altruist have a sly voice (even “decking out” like a prostitute). They have seductive talk ( that could cost you your life) SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? THE SCRIBER THINKS BEWARE, AND KEEP EVERYTHING, I MEAN EVEYTHING, IN ORDER.



    1. 2019: Keep my teaching as the apple of your eye. Watch out for the feet that doesn’t stay at home. Don’t be like an ox going in for slaughter. Adultery might cost you your life, Don’t let your heart turn against you in your ways. Don’t stray into the evil path.


  194. 25 July
    Psalms 75-77

    Thanks God for your wonderful gifts. He will judge in equity. Do not boast. God will lift those who have repentant. “Human wrath serves only to praise you”. Has God lost this grace thing? No, he works wonders!



    1. 2019: God, we thank you, now don’t boast. God executes judgement. There is a cup (maybe righteousness). Human wrath is just to please you personally.. In the day of trouble I seek the Lord. Remember the wonder of old!


  195. 24 July
    I Kings 19-22

    Elijah flees Jezebel because he had killed all the prophets. Elijah had a vision with God, who had been very zealous to God and is on the run from the people of Israel. Then King Ahab as Israel and Ben-hadad mustered the Aramean foot soldiers, and made treaty to let him go. Naboth was asked for his inheritance of a vineyard (by Ahab). THERE WERE CHARGES BROUGHT AGAINST NABOTH BECAUSE HE WAS STONED. These people affended go because Israel was forced to sin. Ahab was humble and the bad tidings were coming to Ahab’s house. The Lord put a lying spirit against Ahab. He had an ivory house


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    1. 2019: Elijah flees from Jezebel. Elijah asked God for him to die. The angel of the Lord came to him. Elijah was in a cave to hid from people who opposed God. Elisha becomes Elijah’s disciple. “One who puts on armor a=should not brag like one who takes it off”. Remove the kings and put commanders in their position to be ready for war. Sake cloths were put around their waste to seek mercy. Then the prophet declared that since you did not obey the voice of the Lord you will be killed by a lion….and it happened. Did the prophet die?. Naboth, the owner on the vineyard, was stoned by two scoundrels for cursing God and the king. Was evil provoked by Jezebel?. Micaiah was a prophet only said disastrous things towards the king of Israel/Jehoshaphat. A lying spirit was set out in front of the prophets. King Aha0 (Israel) b died in the battle over Samaria


  196. 23 July
    Leviticus 7-9

    The guilt offering is described. Further instruction of well being. LIKE RULES FOR THE GIFT TO THE LORD. It’s like being saved from this offering of well being. TOUGH RULES, YOU MIGHT BE CUT OFF FROM YOUR KIN. The rites of ordination: the lord wanted Aaron to be washed and then anointed him with oil. Then the Ram was then offered to God. Blood was splashed on alter, their toes, and their palms. Moses did this with direction from God. Talk about offering a sin offering, then the burnt offering, the peoples offering, grain offering, and offering of well being.



    1. 2019: Ritual of the guilt offering, where the sin offering took place. The process was define along with the guilt offering. Also offer a cake for well being. Don’t touch anything unclean, you’ll be cut off from your kin. Bring your offerings by hand to the Lord. Ritual for all offering was discussed. Moses did what the Lord commanded him to anoint Aaron and his sons. QUESTION: What’s up with the BIG TOE on the right foot? It took seven day to ordination to be complete. QUESTION: why seven? The blood from the burnt offering was put all over the alter (“dashed”)


  197. 22 July
    Philippians 1-2

    Letters from Paul; Salutations on prayer to God for the Gospel of the good news. Get more knowledge to determine what is right. Speak the word of God. Paul was even imprisoned for speaking the Word. To remain in the flesh is for the community. You are also given the privilege to suffer with Christ too. Be in the same mind of Christ Jesus. “Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit,….but be humble in regard to others”. Look out for the interest of other people. “WORK OUT YOUR SALVATION WITH FEAR AND TREMBELING”. Be blameless. Talk about risking your life to pass on the Good News.



    1. 2019: Paul was hanging out with Timothy. Paul’s imprisonment has worked towards spreading the GOOD NEW! Live your life with the gospe