Our next T.O.T. meeting will be the 26th of March @ 7:00pm at the Olympic Tavern

We decided to discuss the bondage that we all face in our everyday life and how can “work” THIS issue.

7 thoughts on “Our next T.O.T. meeting will be the 26th of March @ 7:00pm at the Olympic Tavern

  1. I was reminded this winter that physical pain can hold us in complete bondage to itself. I wasn’t able to do anything without experiencing excruciating nerve pain. Pain medications dulled the sharp pain and helped me to get by, but my bondage only ended when I experienced healing. And once I was healed (over 40+ days after my pain began) it was difficult to even imagine that pain.

    Neither bondage not pain knows middle ground.


  2. Another thought today, it’s really a question, is this boiler problem the church is having…does this mean we are “bounded” to worship in our activity center? So, what’s the boiler issue really telling us? We will discuss Tuesday night,


  3. Just completed my 31 day (24hr.) Rhythmsrtar heart monitoring. So I was “bound” by 4 wires (attached to 4 electrodes attached to my chest). Having these wire was sort of like a physical bondage


  4. In the past month I have taken up learning to play the harmonica. Do I ever fell bound in the ability to inhale/exhale thru the harmonica to play notes….leading to a song! I have documented breathing “challenges”, so I’m taking “the next step” to help free me from this breathing bondage.


  5. After my head injury in the early 90’s, it sure seems that “rapid movements” create some sort of anxiety in my nervous system (causing me to tremor). This is the “bondage” that’s affecting me. If yo read this, please post and share your own story.


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