Bible Reading for the Day question?

First of the year is here!!!
Read the Verses and answer the given question for that day

review the guidelines (look under pages to the right)

551 thoughts on “Bible Reading for the Day question?

  1. 11 September
    I Chronicles 5-9

    2020: . David and Samuel were in charge of the gates of the House of the Lord (the House of the tent). Who were the gatekeepers? (9:26)


  2. 2 July
    Exodus 37-40

    Who brought “The ARC” was brought to Moses for his blessing (made by who). (39:42).


  3. 25 June
    Exodus 33-36

    For the covenant that was written; what happen if any work is done on the Sabbath? (35:2).


  4. 21 June
    Job 41-42 (I missed this on my first round)
    At the end of this testing, what happened to his resources? (42:10).

    Proverb 1
    My child, do not walk in their ways (1:15). What ways?


  5. 4 June
    Exodus 21-24

    If a slave loves his master, after 6 years of service, what will the master do to the slave (to keep him)? (21:6)


  6. 6 May
    1 Corinthians 13-14

    Verse 13:5 says Love is patient, but it’s not envious or boastful or _______?


  7. 28 April 2018
    Mark 5-6

    Jesus was met with a man with an unclean spirit from Gerasene. Thus how many swine did the unclean spirits enter? (5:13).


    1. 2021: Who proclaims “the one who is more powerful then I is coming after me…I am not worthy to untie the sandals……” ?


  8. 1 April
    1 Corinthian 3-4

    We need to build on the foundation of Jesus Christ. Thus, making us Gods _______? (3:16)


  9. 23 March
    Isaiah 34-39

    During Hezekiah had illness, he prayed to the Lord for a little more life. How many years of life did he tell Isaiah to report to Hezekiah? (38:5).


  10. 22 March
    Job 15-16

    Eliphaz, Jobs friend declares that he needs The need to escape from darkness. People who conceive mischief brings forth what? (15:35).


  11. Judges 12-16
    20 March

    Delilah wanted to know what makes his strength so good….so how many locks of hair did Sampson have? (1619


  12. 17 March
    Matthew 17-19

    During the transgression, Jesus took Peter and James up a high mountain. How did Jesus face shine like? (17:1)


  13. 26 February
    8-10 Matthew

    fill in the blank

    Jesus tells his 12 Apostles before they were sent out:
    Whoever welcomes you welcomes _________? (10:40)


    1. 2021: Now this is a questions that’s very debatable. (Thus remembering this was before Jesus!) Can human beings be pure before their maker (4:17). Please explain your response:


  14. 29 January
    Exodus 33-36

    When Moses was “hanging out” with God, could he see Gods face? (33:20) but review (33:11) where the Lord used to speak to Moss face to face. Please answer yes/no and tell the scriber why! A little speculation?


    1. no, tricky question. My speculation is that God was there in a cloud and was present (to Moses). Don’t know the English term for this fact (if it is a fact?). So what is Gods face? Does It matter? The viewing, my speculation, was not eye to eye. That’s how I define face.


    1. 2021: Was Paul was one of the first ambassadors for Jesus? .

      He was being sent to open their eyes so they may turn from the darkness to light (26:18)


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