Bible Reading for the Day question?

bible reading stats 1.17.20

First of the year is here!!!
Read the Verses and answer the given question for that day

with a correct answer for the daily question, your name will be put in a bucket
only one answer per question is allowed
will do a weekly count (probably on Saturday)
all remaing questions will be closed during/after the count
a name will be picked the last Sunday of the month from this bucket
the winner will receive a $30.00* gift certificate to the Olympic Tavern
You must be present at the time of the drawing (OR you will forfeit the prize)
these questions (study) will last for 3 month – (then the scribe will review & evaluate)

1. there needs to be at least 3 people participating in Jan, 4 people in Feb., and 5 people in March. (if not…the game is not be valid)
2. You must answer the questions (for the past 7 days) before my official count.
3. For those with no computer access maybe a question will be in the bulletin.
4. If someone is “gaming” the system (and identified) the questioning will stop at the end of that particular month.
5. The Scriber is also going to play too6. will develop some type of chart to show the reading progress/process
7. Cost is privately funded

8.  If scribe wins, the certificate will  be redeemed at the TOT monthly meeting

Questions from the BRFTD for 2020 begins @ midnight (answer if you like)

Just read the BRFTD (on website) page for each day.

*note: might change (12/31/2019)

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