T.O.T. April Agenda

22 April
I. Start at 7:00 (have beer ready)
a. Short prayer (1 min)
b. Review agenda (2-4 min) AND WLFSG web site!!
c. Give everyone the opportunity for a max 5 min talk, with follow-up comments. (45             min talk)
d. Discuss topic for next month (5 min)
e. Closing prayer (1 min)
f. Dismissed no later than 8:15
II discussion questions
For discussion:
We are going to discuss the “non” bondage we feel in our relationship with God
III Introduction:
We are going to go around the table and if you would like to participate in this discussion by answering the above one (1) questions. This would be much appreciated! Please share a “hypothetical” situation as an example of your answer. The old Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

***Note:  (will pass this sheet around and please write a quick note that will be included in the monthly write up). It’s always posted on line. I don’t want your names …. just a DNA sample😉.
IV I’ll start (it’s easier going first) …

.I’ve been confused with the “subject” of our discussion.   Initially I was thinking that a “non-bondage” (or freedom from God) was good.  I asked many people for an example of this…and I just didn’t understand the discussion topic.  So I’m going to say that as q Christian you seek creating a bond with  God.   I personally have started a new relationship with God through my BRFTD (bible reading for the day) web page that’s published at 11:59PM the night before the BRFTD is published.  So, having some type of bondage with God keeps HIM in your life (physical, mental, and SPIRITUAL).  I know that this is one thing (BRFTD) that I can do that keeps me bound to help serve HIM.

Notes from group:

  1.  I feel I never can be without God.  I don’t want to be without Him.  I  know it’s  a choice, but I choose Him to  be with me.
  2. The Christian person is fully free and yet bound to God’s love  in Christ.
  3.   I feel that I am bound to God but am not in bondage to Him.  I am totally free to depend on Him without boundaries.   (whether I) To need him  or not.  To be bound to Him is intimate and fulfilling when I chose to listen.
  4. I want God in my life.  I asked Him to please join me on my journey through life.  It feels good to know (or at least feel) God is with m
  5. God is in us  – he is part of us;  free from sin, free to love & serve your neighbors.
  6. God left Gods word with us and written in the hearts of others,  Living  within Gos love means being free from guilt, shame, anxiety, doom, and free to care for others.
  7. Having a relationship with God can be difficult especially when you don’t see God.  What we need to have is faith in God in order to have a special bond with everyone including God.