Situation Report for Movie Night

I. SITUATION: It does not appear that the Lutheran Church of the Good Shephard is using “our” property to best share the Good News with others. We own a big building that is only used every Sunday morning. RALM uses the church for a storage and distribution facility (with volunteers) for prom and homecoming dresses. This is all good new stuff. We need to consider all the talents and blessings our church members have and give them the opportunity to share their own blessing. We need people at the LCGS more often. Build the environment…. people might come!

II. MISSION: Our unofficial December Theology on Tap decided that we are going to start a movie “club” that is first going to meet the 25th of January 2020 @ 2:00 (maybe the last Saturday on the month).


o First movie is going to be Thunder Heart
o Movie is going to be shown from a DVD in fireside room
o Possible breaks in film for discussion


o Mike K. is going to lead the first movie night (unlock door)
o Cookies and brownies will be provided by Jana Mueller
o Movie club flier should be distributed in bulletin the 19th of January
o Bring your own drink….no ALCOHOL
o Ron Hendrickson & Mike K. will ensure the cleanliness and security for the area

Our plan is to watch a show on the fourth Saturday of the month (could change). After 3 showings the original 5 people who wanted to have shows at church will assess the history of this endeavor

Synopsis of film: by Mike
Thunder Heart is a murder mystery starring Val K., Sam Shepard, Graham Greene and chief Ted T. The story takes place in the 70’s on an Indian reservation. Kilmer plays an FBI agent from Washington DC because of his Sioux ancestry to investigate a murder He denies his bloodline at first but gains a new respect for it and loses his arrogance while unraveling a complex series of events with the help of the residents including a strong female that is also digging for the truth. Warning: there is profanity and some hard scenes in this story. It was rated R in 1992. Therefore, it is not for children. There aren’t any sex scenes, however.

As of 12/28/2019