Review of Interrupted Silence by Walter Brueggemann – Chapter 7

Truth Speaks to Power – Chapter 7

p. 84

  • should always be praying
  • does the Lord’s prayer make us dependent of God for life in the world?
  • the Father will give the Holy Spirit to those who ask
  • A prayer is simply asking
  • is prayer courageous?
  • 😦 “the act of prayer is itself an act of resistance against discouragement and defeat
  • we need to rely on Gods obedience to sustain a good life

The Judge abd the Widow

  • this Judge didn’t fear God, or care for his people
  • Was the judge a stand-in for God?
  • So, was God indifferent and unresponsive
  • the widow is resourceless
  • how was the womn victimized?
  • being active in transactions will fend off despair

Breaking the Silence of Conformity

  • 3 parts to ordeal
    1.  the widow “asks for justice”
      1. others thought she wouldn’t speak
      2. entitlement?  WHAT
      3. she kept coming to see the judge
      4. she was nagging her case
      5. she filed claims continuously
    2.  the judge was unresponsive to her bid
    3. To much for the judge to bear (so she gets justice)

Wear God Out in Prayer

  • Do we want to wear God out, just like the widow, in prayer?
  • ;( it reads that God will grant justice for those continueong to persist
  • there will not be any long delay for helping
  • remember “don’t lose heart”

p. 89

  • think of the bodily truth of the widow
  • Does power have to answer to truth?


  • In the case of the widow, faith came from seeking the Judge
  • to fight back on her injustice
  • Is prayer an active quest for justice


  • Is the Lords Prayer a jubilii prayer thar od’s jubilee will be comiong soon
  • call for the forgiveness of debts
  • care for the “left behind” and people with debts
  • some people need debt cancellation make societal future possibke

Luke Echoes the Elisha Story

  • the parable come in memory of Elijah and Elisha
    • Elisha had ministered to wealth women
    • had lost her property after being away for 7 years
    • se even restored “the dead son”
  • calls out for her lost property
  • The King then restoress all her properety (2Kgs 8:6)
  • ts Jubilee for the woman
  • the woman seeks justice and reestoration
  • Thus, the powerful (Judge & King) didn’t need to heed the truth from either woman, but result were found by praying always,