Review of Interrupted Silence by Walter Brueggemann – Chapter 6

The Crowd As Silencer – Chapter 6


  • blind man begging for food



crowds were attracted to Jesus because of his works

  • Bartimaeus knew of Jesus with his “power”
  • So he sought Jesus out
  • he was a helpless man
  • depending on generosity from others
  • he wanted restoration and rehabilitation
  • He tells Jesus to “have mercy on me!”
  • was hoping for attention for /gods healing capacity

The Crowd as Silencers

  • Jesus has a big crowd while ineracting with Bartimaeus
  • many of th crowd ordered him the quiet
  • we are not told why the crowd ordered the blind man to be silent
  • was it to protect Jesus?
  • Then the crowd was mobilized for silence
  • it was the same crowd where the judge needed people permission to release Jesus
  • was silence a political consequence?
  • Jesus also “stirred up” the crowd

In the scene above, the crowd wanted Jesus permanently silenced


Bartimaeus Persists

  • Jesus did not hear him because of the crowd
  • 2nd attempt:  “son of David, have mercy on me”
  • he was honest, even “raw”
  • used a louder voice

Jesus Calls, Bartimaeus Jumps

  • his loud cry caught the attention of Jesus
  • The call verb was explained
  • Is the blind man being recruited for the Jesus movement
  • Bartimaeus was lost in the crowds shuffle
  • Story of “do not quit”
  • hw is hoping for healing and restitution
  • He trusts that Jesus is the Lord of mercy
  • the crowd did not want Bartimaeus to miss the opportunity of Jesus
  • he had to make the first move!

Sight Is Restored

  • he had to verbalize his need
  • he even expected to be healed
  • “My teacher, let me see again”
  • he is breaking the silence with /juesus
  • Jesus says “call him here”
  • coming to Jesus helps his sight….HMMMMMM
  • he continued being poor, but was following  Jesus

Transformative Mercy

  • being included in new company – restoration
  • Jesus only responded when he called out loudly
  • Almsgiving leading to salvation in the early church
  • or was this store up treasures in heaven?
  • Bartimaeus sought restoration…not alms
  • ref to New Testimat (Acts 3:10),,,what he has he will give you
  • Is this saying we don’t need money, just the restoration of following Jesus
  • Alms giving might sustain the beggar when silence is never broken
  • Thus, the way to restoration is to break the silence
  • Jesus, the greaat silen000breaker, “broke the silence to offer new life”.