Review of Interrupted Silence by Walter Brueggemann – Chapter 5

Casting Out Silence – chapter 5

p. 58

Refer to Mark 9:14-29 where you have a contrast between the power of silence and the power of speech.

  • done through the body of a boy
  • the boy has been silent

The Cast

Consists of:

  • the boy
    • seeking help
    • mute
  • the crowd
    • only witnesses
    • overecomed and awed
  • the disciples
    • front and center in narrative
    • was questionable about Jesus??
    • couldn’t deal with the spirit
    • their lack of faith
    • Jesus rebukes them for their lack of faith, he was provoked to talk about the faithless generation
  • the scribes
    • appears only for an
    • are argueing
    • regulations
    • was here to supervise
  • the venue of the contest

p. 60

Jesus silences the Demon

  • was Jesus the “real doctor”
  • faith to bring the boy to sppech
  • unfaith of the disciples
  • “have pity on us…and HELP US!”
  • Jesus masters the destructive spirit
  • all can be done for the one who believes
  • Jesus says:
    • for mortals it is impossible, but not for God
    • for God all things are possible (Mark 10:27)
  • possibilities is for the person of faith
    • or…
    • is it only from God?
    • Ref: (Gen 18)
  • for this to happen, God must be at work
  • Jesus tells the spirit “come out of him, and never enter him again!”
  • The boy was healed and freed
  • Jesus can restore
  • We don’t know if the boy can speak
  • he is raised up as like Easter

Who Caused this?

  • What caused this “issue” for the boy?
    • his mutenesss?
      • reducd in the U.S. society???????????????????
      • white racism
      • discrimination of colored people
      • sees themselves as less than fully first-clas human persons
      • could not benefit from American capitalism
      • what does “this boy” mean to colored people
      • is he ruthlessly reduced to silence
        • by power?
        • rule?
        • religion
      • Was his father like MLK?

The Need To Believe

  • Is Prayer a refusal to settle for what is
  • an act of hope
  • Jesus say “and fasting”   Verse 28….In Mark
  • More talk about bread
    • yeast of Pharisees and Herod
    • the “one loaf”
    • being nourished by the broken bread of life

Being “defiled”

  • robbed of distinct identity

Jesus Breaks Silence

  • did Jesus distance himself from Rome by fasting?
  • the boy can now stand
  • not immobilized by feae
  • no longer powerless
  • Jesus though disciples could share in emancipatory actions????
  • Does this boy represent the power of being forced to be silent?
  • Thus, Jesus breaks the silence.