Review of Interrupted Silence by Walter Brueggemann – Chapter 4

p. 46

Jesus Rudely Interrupted -Chapter 4

  • was in Jew country
  • with farmers
  • the Roman empire
  • soliders
  • Jesus was with his “own” type of people


  • Mark 6:30-44 similar to Exodus 16:13-21
  • p. 47
  • feeding the five thousand compared to the bread from Heaven
    • asked for by Mosses
    • the lord heard their complaining (Israelites)
    • the bread had worms that weren’t collected
    • remember the sabbath
    • some looked on the sabbath and found no bread
    • they at mana for forty years
  • talk of purity?
  • In Mark 6,  anon-Jew showed Jesus hospitality
  • she then spoke about her possed daughter
  • Who should get food first?
    • children first
    • crumbs go to the dogs
  •  Symboltic allusion is clear:
    • the children are the Jews
    • the dogs are the “others”

Jesus is Challenged

This hospitable woman;

  • Intudes
  • interupts
  • contradicts
  • tells otherwise

w/there were some reeducation of Jesus?????

What Would Jesus Do

  • he has no ministry to the dogs
  • verse 29 end comment

In Mark 8:1-10:

p. 53

  • another feeding mircle
  • seven loaves seven baskets!
  • seven baskets-seven nations’
  • Jesus is there to fill the people with “food” from /gods regime
  • 12 baskets of bread for the 12 tribes of /israel
  • are children “the ones chosen?”

Silence Protects Privilege

  • from Jewish feeding Mark 6:30-44 to the Gentile feeding Mark 8:1-10
  • Is there a debate between Paul and “this” woman
  • Israel purity codes
  • “what God has made clean, you must not call profane
  • Peter acknowledges that God shows no partiality
  • Jesus experienced that his own people were deprivileged
  • Consensus always protect privilege
  • Good thing seem to happen when the silence is broken