Review of Interrupted Silence by Walter Brueggemann – Chapter 3

p. 36

Silence Kills – Chapter 3

The author state  “we need

  • God
  • reliance of God
  • confidence in God’s goodness

Gave 7 palms: 6, 32, 38, 51, 102, 130, and 143

these were critical for Martin Lither insight

  • full of grace
  • generocity

Plasms 32

  • silence
  • concerning guilt
  • a personal decision for repression

I Kept Silence

Why did the speaker keep silent

  • awareness of sin?
  • iniquity
  • his own life

Is silence because of social shame

  • peer pressure
  • social expectations

Silence could mean (staying away from)

  • rejection
  • punishment
  • betrayal
  • fear of God
  • because of moral insensibility

“It is too embarrassing  to name and own one;s deep failings; as long as they are unvoiced, we may be allowed to pretend it is not so”.

Silence Kills

Our bodies suffer in ways we eventually notice when they must become the carriers of such denial. and deception

it is the sound of the body that finds ways to make its own sound of protest and pain

  • are body movements God’s doing?

p. 39

I will Confess; I will not Cover up

Psalm 32:5

  • It seems that the speaker is breaking this silence (don’t understand)  talk about following first-person????
  • It’s thought that the silence was broken was worse than the guilt or alienation of keeping it within.
  • Big question:  what is sin?
  • Question:
  • Are we always supposed to be honest before God?
  • Are we loooking for a pardon  from God u=in the hopes of salvation?


  • suck it up
  • gut out the guilt
  • deside to speak out
  • truth must be spoken
  • says that God is ready to forgive
  • attention trned for “I” to you”

God, The Faithful Listener

The key insight is that honest talk transforms and emancipates when it is received in faithful seriousness.

p. 42

  • what’s the pastorial care movement?
  • has a theological reality been transposed to a psychological transaction?

Testimony, Pedagogy, Doxology

  • transition from silence to speech
  • three responses to  the Psalm
    • testimony
    • wonder of the transition from silence to speech
    • doxology (praise)
  • practical theology?
  • “the way”
  • What’s the deal?  “those who have broken the silence, and come face-to-face with the generous, faithful /god live unencumbered live”
    • these people shout for joy
    • rejoice
  • These people are not dried up