Reading Bible in One Year

bible reading plan


Myself I have a Bible on a fire tablet, and that’s how I’m going to access the data. Going to email this table to Pastor for prep for announcements the 4th of February

Note: The scriber (ME) started reading the 29th of January. Why? That’s my MO. I want to lead people through this reading journey. Once this is brought up at the church council, I’m going to request that the monthly reading list gets posted to the Rod-N-Staff. This process is strange for me to accept too. Though it does seem that we are limiting access to those who don’t have, or have access, to a computer. So that’s why posting in the rod-n-staff is a must.

The reading process looks enjoyable, and maybe this will interest more people to come into “our tent”

If you have access to the internet go to, go to the reading the bible in 1 year page, read, and post a short 2 line comment. You could wright “cool” or “wow”, or don’t understand. This will send a message around “our tent” which will begin the fellowship process.

If you don’t have access keep a record, maybe the rod-n-staff page, and make a short note of what you read.

Remember…the scriber is not a motivational speaker (though I wish I the was!). If you keep a good record (that’s visible) good things will happen.


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