Notes for Last Monthly talk – Jan 2019

As of Jan 19 the site has had;
• 431 visitors
• 535 comment
• Was view by 9 countries (that includes the US)
Studying the numbers;
o Viewed by the scriber 1015 times
o Means over 1,900 views by people
 For our nine countries
• Canada (46)
• China (33)
o For our congregation figuring a 70 person (sample size). We had 30 members participate (not bad…wish it was more)
o We had 11 non-members
o RememberI’m a number guy, which tells me that LCGS had a 43% participation
o For those who do not have computer access I entered 4 comments for members
o For non-members;
 Relatives
 Friends of my nieces at college
 Past members
• Comments;
o There has been 535 comment
o scriber accounts for at least 365 (synopsis for each bible reading for year)
o his leaves 170 other comments (beside me)
o that’s sharing Gods love about once out of two days
o these comments are about the love God share
• As the SGG gives up his seat (my choice) would like to let you know the WLFSG site will be active for another year.
o Please use this site
o Share to love of God (invite others to hop on this bus)
• These numbers tell me it’s not that bad of an idea
• My annual report is posted on the site
o There are some “issues” with these number
o Let’s fix ‘em
Comment for a pen goes to Mike Knipprath
Also; One person in Chicago, Two people from U or I
Please remember…. Be that “spark” sharing God’s love