BRFTD, 9 September, with SGG notes

9 September
1 Timothy 1-3

More talk from Paul; beware of false teachers, beware of speculation. Follow the divine training of faith. Be gratitude of grace through faith. Use your faith to fight the good fight. Prayers are acceptable for all people. There is one God and one intermediate which is Jesus Christ. Talked about rules for women (no fancy cloths…etc.) DON’T KNOW HOW THIS WOULD APPLY IN TODAYS TIME. Rules to become a Bishop, who needs to handle his own “stuff”. They all need to be noble.
Gracious God, I ask for some dialogue with others to share your Good News.

2019: Paul, an apostle of Christ says: beware of false teacher who have speculation. It all comes from Love. The law is made for bad people. It’s for the unholy people contrary to the blest God. Christ Jesus came in this world to save sinners. So fight the good fight. There is one God and also a one mediator (Jesus Christ). Woman should be dressed with good works. A Bishop should only be married once. Decans must have a clear conscience, married only once.