BRFTD, 8 September, with SGG notes

8 September
John 3-4
Nicodemus visits Jesus, a leader of the Jews, being born from above. Born of water and the spirit. The son of man must be lifted up again too. For all who does evil hate the light, but those who do truth come to the light. Jesus and John the Baptist, who was in the Judean countryside, was baptized. Whoever disobeys the Son will not see eternal life, but must endure Gods wrath. Jesus disciples were baptizing people in Judea. When Jesus was at Samaria, the women gives Jesus some water. She asks for water for eternal life. He was a prophet. God is Spirit. The reaper is getting eternal life. Jesus heals a son in Cana.. It was learned that Jesus (2nd sign) removed the fever from this boy.
Lord, help us share! Amen

2019: Nic. was a leader of the Jews. Is this the origin of being born again. Born from water and the spirit. Born from above. Jesus was talking about “heavenly things”. All that are evil stay away from the light!. No one can receive anything that is not sent from heaven. Gives the spirit that has no measure. Now the issue with a Jew and a Samaritan where Jesus wants a drink. We don’t share!. Then the talk of “living water” arose. Drink L.W. and you will never be thirsty again. The L.W. is a spring of water for everlasting life. Jesus recalls that this women had 5 husbands. Worship the spirit (who is God).. The reaper is gaining food from the harvest (maybe eternal life?). Look around and see the fruits are ready. Jesus then goes to Galilee. He then healed an officials son.