BRFTD, 13 August, with SGG notes

13 August
Leviticus 16-18

Be noble toward the mercy seat, and obey the sin offering and than burnt offering. Bring incense through the curtain to the mercy seat. For the uncleanness’s of the Israel. Talk of blood from the goat and bull into the tent of meeting. It’s quite a process that Aaron needs to follow. Talk about dung again! Be clean before the Lord. The Lord put a process of slaughtering animals. They need to be offered as sacrifices of well-being. THIS IS WHAT THE LORD COMMANDED. otherwise you are committed to bloodshed. LIFE FROM THE FLESH COMES FROM THE BLOOD. Do not follow the statues as in the land of Egypt. Follow my statues. Do not uncover the nakedness of any family member. Beware of any sexual relation with other and/or animals. The Lord says be holy, keep my sabbath, don’t turn to idols. THIE IS LIKE THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, No witchcraft, and no tattoos.. An alien should be treated well. Keep all my statues.

2019: The Lord spoke to Moses to tell his brother Aaron to not come into the temple by the mercy seat (ark) or he will die. He is to bring a sin offering and burnt offering. Lists a specific procedures, if not “he will die”. This is to make atonement for all the people of Israel. He is to bring a goat who is then let go into the wilderness (many procedures). This is a statue forever. The slaughtering of an animal you must bring the animal as a sacrifice of well being to the Lord…statute forever. BLOOD MAKES ATONEMENT. Sexual relations…keep my statutes. Don’t uncover the nakedness of any family member.