BRFTD, 11 September, with SGG notes

11 September

I Chronicles 5-9
The descendants of Reuben was documented along with the descendants of Gad and Levi. God stirred up the spirit. DON’T UNDERSTAND THE “MEANINGS OF THIS CLAN?” Musicians were put in charge of song in the house of the Lord after the arc came to rest in Jerusalem (where Solomon built the house of the Lord). Aaron made offering on the alter of burnt offering and incense to make atonement for Israel. Talk about pasture lands. DID THEY HAVE MANY HERDS? Also the descendants of Issachar and Benjamin (they were warriors who had many wives). Listings of descendants of Naphtali, Manasseh, Ephraim, Asher, and Benjamin. DON’T UNDERSTAND “THE FAMILY TREE” THAT’S DECLARED. Israel was thus enrolled by this massive genealogies that’s written in the book of the Kings of Israel. Some of these people (and clan) lived in Jerusalem. Priestly families were declared, service to the house of God. The gatekeeper of the entrance to the tent of meeting. The family of King Saul was stated.
Lord, help me and other understand the genealogy of “our ancestors” and help provide meaning.

2019: Reuben lost his birthright to Joseph.. More talk about the descendants of Levi. More talk about the Pasture lands. The descendants of Issachar was documented along with Benjamin. All had many wives and sons. Also, the total count was given.. Descendants of Naphtali, Manasseh, Ephraim,, & Asher. The number of all the descendants of warriors were given. Lots of genealogy information. [ What does this mean for the Bible?]. Judah was taken into exile because of their unfaithfulness. Listed the Priestly families. Even mentioned the gatekeeps of the camp and the tent of meeting. Guards for the house of the Lord. In charge of the treasures in the house of God.