BRFTD, 11 August, with SGG notes

11 August
Luke 19-20

The Lord hosted Zacchaeus. The parable of the ten pounds where you find out about investing in GOOD things. To all those who have money, more will be given, for those who have nothing, even that will be taken away. Then a colt was untied for the Lord. Jesus weeps over Jerusalem because they did not see the Lord. The authority of Jesus was questioned. Then a parable about a tenant at a vineyard. They killed the owners son. Now a question about taxes? whose head is on the denarius? Give to the emperor what is his, and do the same for God!. Question about the resurrection. Even when the scribes get denounced from Jesus who liked to be respected in the marketplace and wear long robes…they will receive the greater condemnation.

2019: Zacchaeus was a sinner and a tax collector (he was rich). He was short and climbed a sycamore tree. He will give 1/2 of his wealth to the poor, He called 3 slaves to find out what they did with their pound. Talk about a bank and interest. Even if you have nothing, even that will be taken away….WOW! (what does that mean?). Jesus wanted peace in Jerusalem. Gods temple is a house of prayer. The parable of the wicked tenant. The heir of the vineyard was killed, and the vineyard became a corner stone. Talk about paying taxes from the emperors. Those in the resurrection are children of God and will not have to be married.. Scribes want the best seats in the house.