BRFTD, 10 September, with SGG notes

10 September
Numbers 1-4

Started taking census in Israel, directed to Moses from God. Why? to go to war. Enrolled if you were 20 years old or older. Most enrollments of tribes were over fifty thousands. Thus, gave quantity going into the books of Numbers. Was given the location of each tribe to camp in reference to the tent of meeting. Gave the “numbers” of the clans of Israel. Enroll all the first born of the Israelites as the Lord declared. A census was taken of people between 30-50. WHATS THE STANDARD? Then, the Kohathites might look at a holy thing and die!. Looks like duties were assigned for the tent of meeting and the arc, frames of tabernacle. and etc. Commandment from the Lord through Moses.
Lord, teach us the “measures” in the book of Numbers.

2019: The Census was determined in the house of meeting. A person was designate “by tribes” to assist in the collection of the “numbers” of the census. Only people of at least 20 years old. Able to go to war. The whole number of Israelites were 603,500 people. Talk of who the Israeli tribes were supposed to camp.. If you are a Levite the census (registration) started after being born 1 month, total (7,500) people. They were to be in charge of the arc, table, lampstands, the alter, etc. They did service on all this property. The Lord took the evites for the first born of the Israelites. Then the Kohathites were setting up the altar, frame, utensils, the poles, with a blue cloth. They are b=not to touch anything from the tent of meeting. “the Holy Things”. The Levites census was 30-50. All who qualify for working at the tent of meeting.