Beyond Maintenance to Mission (chapter 4)

chapter 4
Is imagination more important than knowledge?
do we change with our dreams?

two elements of faith:
1. trust
2. belief

for truth we rely on Gods goodness

third is faith and it’s imagination
Is imagination the lost dimension of faith? ((for the kingdom of God)

When we come to church on Sunday morning we must “imaginate” the kingdom of God

our lives are full of rituals…like table prayer, bedtime prayer…(Questions???)

is imagination a ritual?

relation: que
structure-communities-rituals-ordinary world

liturgy is the work of the people
is imagination missing from worship?

we need to serve all people
For the bread at the common table, Jesus will forgive
remember the poor and keep sharing the good news
be ready for the interruption of the spirit

do we need hymns to corelate to imagination?

it’s not a matter of what we do, it’s all about what God has done!
Christ is for:
1. forgiveness
2. Hope
3. wholeness

Worships important for Christian identity

is baptism our passport from church to everyday life? I don’t think so!

Humanity is the ability to live “together” in a community as family

the church domesticates the volatile wisdom of Jesus

forgive as you have been forgiven

Worship makes us evangelists…spread the good word
worship activates social ministry
look at the way things are to what things could be

through worship we receive our identity and mission
discussion question:
1. Just Cause & accident
b. Importance & reality
2. what you would like to see happen
b. designed an electric car, nano information
3. Not that I can remember
4. Reading the new/old testament led to BRFTD posts
5. Following the “golden rule”