Beyond Maintenance to Mission (Chapter 2)


1. Gods parables shows His involvement in everyday life
As a congregation we need to discover what the kingdom is
God is near and also merciful
2. Jesus Christ is here to meet us when we worship
3. the Gospel is paraenesis; a life live in correlation to Jesus Christ (A life lived in Christ)

Is the kingdom Gods interaction with human life?
talk about the dream of God or his culture
does the kingdom relate o success and power?

Kingdom refers to your activity
the kingdom is the single most important reality determining human kife
As per Luke 17, are we in the midst of Gods kingdom?

God is the origin of mercy?????
two central convictions:
a. God is near
b. God is merciful
don’t understand by saying Abba brings God closer???
God invites sinners

Three groups of people
hard living
desperate poor
going to church and loving your country is important for the cycle off life
Cultures can be divided up in:
importance to have a job.
Jesus taught God’s kingdom
God gave the Holy Spirit to the church so it could “follow the way”
Our mission is to share the good news with others.
seek people throughout the globe
be generous and peacemakers
The church responds to bad world deeds??? WHO?

1. fell more “involved (looking into the speakers eyes)
2. financial issues
3. re-organized budget
4. clothing and food needs
5. difficult question??? As a business (church) we need to limit spending, but as a member thinking back to the parable of talents (are we hiding some of these talents?)