Beyond Maintenance to Mission (chapter 3)


first we must pay attention to Jesus. and develop self understanding of Jesus
God is near and merciful
second, find the real presence of the Word and Sacrament
third, life lived in a community to the way of Jesus (Christ is the cornerstone)

is the kingdom the dream of God?
does the kingdom show Gods activity?
fairness yieldsto mercy in the kingdom

Two thoughts:
God is near
God inmerciful

Jesus had a life of prayer
is wealth a sign of Gods favor

is wealth a sign of Gods favor?
or is poverty a sign of divine absence?
religion seeks purity
in the kingdom true wealth comes from
the trust of God
the greatest must be servants to all
after Jesus died:
the rich got richer
poor poorer
axes to Caesar
Sin is broken by the love from God
we don’t seek Gods favor
being recreated by Jesus Christ
Show the weight of the Holy Spirit in Baptism
bread and wine represent the body and blood of Jesus
If you commune, you are reassuring Gods forgiveness, but not forgiveness from the community!
It shows that God is the most important actor
Now is Baptism the “golden ticket” to heaven?
We are not free from sin, ujt through baptism we are then abled to be “transformed”
discussion questions
1, be good to one another. Save the Earth protest this weekend
2. trouble could come from heat, transportation, and security
3. Do what I so (or did)
4. caring for the community of the west side of Rockford
5. ????, the Holy Spirit keeps me motivated to keep working on the WLFSGwebsite