Agenda for (2.26.19) Theology On Tap

I. Start at 7:00 (have beer ready)
II. Short prayer (1 min)
III. Review agenda (2-4 min) AND WLFSG web site!!
IV. Give everyone the opportunity for a max 5 min talk, with follow-up comments. (45 min talk)
V. Discuss topic for next month (5 min)
VI. Closing prayer (1 min)
VII. Dismissed no later than 8:15
II discussion questions
For discussion:
• Looking at the caravan happening in South America, what Bible reference (scripture) “appeals” to your overall thought as this issue progresses?

III Introduction:
We are going to go around the table and if you would like to participate in this discussion by answering the above one (1) questions. This would be much appreciated! Please share “hypothetical” situation as an example of your answer. The old Who, What, When, Where, and Why.
(will pass this sheet around and please write a quick note that will be included in the monthly write up). It’s always posted on line. I don’t want your names …. just a DNA sample😉.
IV I’ll start with my view of the question above:

Comments from the Group;