Adult Sunday School Class

4 February 2018

Today we learned about forgiveness.  We were watching a film documenting the hostilities between the Irish Catholics and  Protestants.  We were very fortunate to have one of our members, who just returned from Ireland last week (who studied abroad of these concepts).  We had 23 people in attendance

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11 February 2018

Today, eight Church member view a video on forgiveness and the medical impact of not forgiving.  Discussed the Amish religion, Jew and holocaust, and some basic friendly acts of kindness we should be doing to others.


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18 February 2018


This morning we watched a film by Thomas Moore of creating a forgiveness garden after the terrorism of 911.  There was talk about forgiving ourselves.  We need to have the opportunity to release this BURDEN that we place on ourselves.  Film showed people on both sides of the issue, even with deceits body  (and belongings) moved into a “fresh kill” dumping ground in New York.   8 people in attendance