Adult Sunday School Class

4 February 2018

Today we learned about forgiveness.  We were watching a film documenting the hostilities between the Irish Catholics and  Protestants.  We were very fortunate to have one of our members, who just returned from Ireland last week (who studied abroad of these concepts).  We had 23 people in attendance

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11 February 2018

Today, eight Church member view a video on forgiveness and the medical impact of not forgiving.  Discussed the Amish religion, Jew and holocaust, and some basic friendly acts of kindness we should be doing to others.


DSC04582                          DSC04581


18 February 2018


This morning we watched a film by Thomas Moore of creating a forgiveness garden after the terrorism of 911.  There was talk about forgiving ourselves.  We need to have the opportunity to release this BURDEN that we place on ourselves.  Film showed people on both sides of the issue, even with deceits body  (and belongings) moved into a “fresh kill” dumping ground in New York.   8 people in attendance


25 February 2018

More talk about forgiveness where two parents shared forgiveness of the death of a son and for the shooter.  Also, ;earned that for Buddhist you are only allowed to grieve for 40 days.  Any longer you are holding  the  dead person from “moving on”.    [12 people attended].  To share forgiveness you must forgive yourself first.



4 March 2018



[15 people]

Review of forgiveness

working through it

  • meditation
  • journaling
  • clean/organize
  • make noise
  • time
  • empathize
  • listen/communicate
  • being native/outdoors/ will energise
  • need to show mercy
  • big issue….forgive yourself

11 February 2018

(11 people)


18 February 2018

theme:  woman at the well

(14 people)

Who is invisable imn todays society:        DSC04626

  • people in nursing homes
  • homeless
  • cashiers
  • people with disabilities
  • service jobs
  • church visitors
  • person at a car repair shop
  • you get more invisible as you get older
  • migrant workers
  • people who were in prison

We then “role played” about:

  1. waiting for an appointment
  2. a stranger coming on a bicycle to church


25 March 2018

watched noona????

(13 attendees)  No meeting next week. (4/1/18)

15 min documentary

This documentary basically said that the Good News (Gospel) was a new way of life.

Had good discussion on Constitution VS Ten Commandments, military service, and service support



8 April 2018

Had 16 people for attendance.  We discussed (or reviewed) Pastor Bobs sermon today.  Some talking points are listed below:


  • Why was there a locked room for the disciples?
  • Redemption
  • A personality test (Neograms) [?????]
  • What was Thomas  thinking?
  • talk of transformation
  • issues with March for Our Lives

Next week we will be view a movie about the Mirror of Privilege.


15 April 2018

[10 personnel in attendance]

We watched a film titled whiteness

basically with race – it’s one vs. another






22 April 2018

[this morning we had 12 people]

main issue:  no sound from the DVD.

little review that whiteness is earned

there is an arrogance, but it’s also a privilege.  Initially the original peope were the English, Scots, and Dutch.


We closed down, and the DVD will be addressed for next weeks study.

29 April 2018

[12 people in attendance (1 new participant)  and yes

Same  film about whiteness,  and  yes  the DVD worked today.


This  includes “being left out of the house”

Do we feel  guilty of belonging to the white club?

For guilt we don’t invoke.  We also must wake up to our responsibilities.

This also creates a culture wore  between different interest.


Next week the talk is about the  author Baldwin  and a book “……….you negro”.   It’s something like that.


6 May 2018

14 people attended

Film By Baldwin….”I’m not your negro”


Watching the DVD there a song:

“If you’re white…. you’re all right

If you’re brown….you’ll stay around

If your black…’ll get back”.

It was a good jingle of the film

13 May 2018

Film By Baldwin….”I’m not your negro”  second part

12 people attending

I was surprised with the two different thought between MLK and Malcom X

Heard a jingle that the scriber will share:

If your white….its alright

If your brown… can stick around

If your black……get back


20 May 2018

Finished watching Baldwins film

11 people in attendanceDSC04690