Review of Interrupted Silence by Walter Brueggemann

This book is going ot be studied in the Adult Forum at the LCGS for the Lenten Season.  The SGG has pages (attached to the site) of notes.  Would appreciate a comment or two about this book……Thanks  (just strike the leave a comment link below!)

3 thoughts on “Review of Interrupted Silence by Walter Brueggemann

  1. Don’t really understand (on page. 16) that Gandhi, Mandela, King, and Gorbachive are historical alternatives to be Bible cast? Though, I guess it’s a fair interpretation. 😦


  2. Laban was Rebekah’s brother – Genesis 27:43.
    Deuteronomy 29 speaks of the Book of Teachings & Deuteronomy 31:9 states Moses wrote the Book of Teachings.
    In Mark 12:26, when Jesus answered the Sadducees, Jesus says: “Surely you have read what God said about people rising from the dead IN THE BOOK IN WHICH MOSES WROTE about the burning bush (reference note to Exodus 3:1-12 in the Old Testament)” Most Bible references refer to Moses writing down the 1st 5 books of the Bible.


  3. This is not what I expected this book’s perspective to be – in fact it is a 180 degrees from that. The only thing that the introduction & 1st chapter have been successful in, is to force me to “break silence”.


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