Theology On Tap [October 23rd at the Olympic Tavern @ 7:00 PM]

We are going to discuss why people are not searching for any type of spiritual growth!  This is a very open topic, so please start with a comment and lets build some dialog for discussion.

4 thoughts on “Theology On Tap [October 23rd at the Olympic Tavern @ 7:00 PM]

  1. Younger, new people, looks for an experience. I think, these people would like to “hang out” with nice people. So the question is: “How do we create this experience?”


  2. Now I have heard thru the “grape vine” at church that they do not want to hear “statistics” of our membership. I can agree with that BECAUE….the statistical method has been used for almost 30 years. Nothing has really happened, except declining attendance, during these years. So what do we need to do?? Let’s try to establish a “pose” of new people who just like to hang out and be with NICE people. We are hear to spread the GOOD NEWS….so we need to come up with some processes to do this. i.e. church time, music, and even literature. We have boards for these functions, and maybe we need more discussion of change?


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