4 thoughts on “26 June Theology On Tap

  1. From my reading the bible in a year:

    2nd Corinthians 6-8

    Don’t accept the grace of God in vain. Paul is Speaking to the Corinthians. So touch nothing unclean! Do we need a Godly grief? Be generous, in accordance to your means!! Testing you to excel. Your gift is in reference to what you have. God loves a cheerful giver. Will give thanksgiving to God by our gifts.


  2. Again form 2nd Corinthians 9-10 (reading the bible in a year); verse 6: “one who sows sparingly will reap sparingly, and the one who sows bountifully will reap bountifully”. This includes time, talents, and $$$$


  3. The scriber has something strange to declare!

    I’m out to save the Earth! Reason: I have purchased a cordless electric lawn mower to limit the CO2 that most internal combustion mowers (no carburetor) spits out into our atmosphere. This is a very debatable topic because:
    1. it employs people
    2. Uses mineral of Gods earth
    3. ….have to charge the battery
    4. Have renewables like wind turbines or even nuclear (H20)

    Haven’t done the math, but for a year (1) of using this machine might be decreasing the CO2 by 1X10(-23)%. Anyway, it’s a start.

    Now, do you think God appreciates my effort? (a little cocky eh?) Or better yet….I think I’m doing the right thing for the earth.


  4. Reading the Bible (daily readings) in reference to Exodus 29-32

    The half shekel offering for the sanctuary (ransom of their lives). This was done during the registration. This is to make atonement for their lives

    The rich will not pay more or the poor less. Does this apply?


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