8 thoughts on “General Comments?

  1. Too bad we don’t have nore Youtheran’s as they have contributed to the service at many times over a year. But not much can be done about that I know. Just have enjoyed them. Also enjoy the music Mary has done a remarkable job, but could use hymns we “oldies” know better.👏


  2. I, too, have a cordless electric lawnmower, which I have been using since 1998.
    Mary Hamp uses an electric mower with a cord.


    1. Ah, from my temple talk this morning. It feels good when you are saving Gods earth. As an engineer, a gas powered machine is more powerful and gives a better finish to your yard, but when it comes to emission of C02 we are being good stewards of the earth


  3. I agree with the scriber. I have recently switched to a battery powered grass/weed trimmer. Little by little I’m tryig to leave a smaller carbon footprint. it’s a small step but we have to start at some point. I believe it is our responsibility to care for the only planet that can sustain us.
    if we fail then we have failed God because our Earth is the only planet than sustains us. We have Earth, air, water, fire which keeps all of us in balance. If one of the elements get out of balance then their is disasters, disharmony, and deterioration of life.


    1. I just completed mowing the front and back yard using my cordless mower. Am I sure trying to save the atmosphere from excess carbon thus attempting to keep the air cooler. This action makes me feel good, which is a blessing from God.


  4. You need power for your battery, a little planning! But it’s like taking from Peter to pay Paul. It’s all economics and the health of the earth.


  5. The best example of spiritual growth I can think of was demonstrated by God himself, when he stopped requiring blood sacrifices. I don’t’t think I could be a Christian, if those were still a requirement!


  6. Was reading a book for my Master Gardeners book club entitled Gods, Wasps, and Stranglers by Mike Shanahan. In this book the author was focusing on fig trees. The speculation is that the “apple” tree in the garden of Eden could have been a fig (with respect to language translations). I’ve read the first two chapters and it’s interesting learning about the history of fig trees and their stranglers


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