January Month Review

Are meeting last night was successful, but a little a little bit longer that or T.O.T. rules call for.  It all had to do with this “pie thing”.  Next month, after some corrections, we should be OK (about an hour).

So look at question #2 on the theology of tap page and lets start sharing our insights.



5 thoughts on “January Month Review

  1. To answer this question please refer to the Is Jesus God? |Link by Matt Slick. This Trinity stuff is difficult to defend without the gift of faith. During our last TOT one person proclaimed that with Jesus, Christianity now has “skin un the game”. This is something that the other religions listed as “most popular religions” do not have.

    Now my thoughts; did God become Jesus to address what’s not going correctly in our spiritual souls? (though it seems that he predicted this in the old testament). Maybe it’s the same correlation to the trillions of insects in the ground, that makes plants grow, that MAYBE was not loaded on Noah’s Arc? It doesn’t seem factual to me, though, it causes some questioning. Maybe these questions are TO TEST/MEASURE OUR FAITH.


  2. I started my “Journey” today and have read Romans chapter 1-2. Here we are listening to Paul. Ya know, Archie liked Paul. Anyway, I’m about a week early from our official start. Again, that’s how the scriber is. So, if you are reading this start getting ready for 4 Feb. when the kick off begins. NO….it’s not the Super Bowl it’s about reading Gods word. Only 364 more days:)


    1. I must continue and say that only 364 days left does not mean I’ll be done with the Bible, it just means that following the yearly “journey” I’m heading in the right direction. I don’t know how you can measure, I say again, MEASAURE, you growth without having any applied data


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