Movie Viewing Club


While attempting to keep our social interaction low, the movie club will not meet in March.  Any changes will be posted or given to the church office


I. SITUATION: It does not appear that the Lutheran Church of the Good Shephard is using “our” property to best share the Good News with others. We own a big building that is only used every Sunday morning. RALM uses the church for a storage and distribution facility (with volunteers) for prom and homecoming dresses. This is all good new stuff. We need to consider all the talents and blessings our church members have and give them the opportunity to share their own blessing. We need people at the LCGS more often. Build the environment…. people might come!
II. MISSION: Our unofficial December Theology on Tap decided that we are going to start a movie “club” that is first going to meet the 25th of January 2020 @ 2:00 (maybe the last Saturday on the month).



10 thoughts on “Movie Viewing Club

  1. The Second Movie is Erin Brockovich
    Our second movie is about Erin Brockovich. This movie is a real story of a mother of three convinces an attorney to follow a law “case” against a utility company. The film is entertaining and inspiring. The movie is 2 hours and 15 minutes long. The DVD also has special features….come and find out what they are! This movie occurs in a small town.

    Movie will be shown the 29th of February at 2:00 pm


    1. We had a total of 6 people attend. Two of these people were newbies. Total count of “new” people is 12.


    2. have a question about the film. Erin Brockovich was courting a Harley Davidson biker named George. The film showed George leaving Erin because he was getting “no respect” (so he rode off on his bike). At the end of the film, he rode to one of Erin clients. This was where Erin reported that the client was going to get 5 million dollars form the utility. So…..what then happened to George?


  2. First Movie is Thunderheart

    Synopsis of film: by Mike
    Thunder Heart is a murder mystery starring Val K., Sam Shepard, Graham Greene and chief Ted T. The story takes place in the 70’s on an Indian reservation. Kilmer plays an FBI agent from Washington DC because of his Sioux ancestry to investigate a murder He denies his bloodline at first but gains a new respect for it and loses his arrogance while unraveling a complex series of events with the help of the residents including a strong female that is also digging for the truth. Warning: there is profanity and some hard scenes in this story. It was rated R in 1992. Therefore, it is not for children. There aren’t any sex scenes, however.


    1. There is a relieving transition of the protagonist as he comes to respect the Native Americans and sees the conflict from the perspective of the ARMS.


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